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Kent: Bisexual councillor receives death threat letter

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Reader comments

  1. John Worrow, people who make threats like this are sad sick individuals, and cowards. Keep that in mind. And don’t let them frighten you. So glad you’ve gone public with this. That should help to put the perpetrator on the run. I hope the local police are being supportive?

  2. Oh, dear. The mad old goat in Rome has just resigned! That’s knocked your story out of focus, unfortunately, John. What damned rotten luck! The Jesus Freaks of Thanet will say that it’s God working in his mysterious ways to support their battle against the promotion of homosexuality in Thanet.

    I feel for you in Thanet. Used to live close by myself some years ago. East Kent is home to some real red-necks. They’re too much on a limb out there at the end of that peninsula.

  3. Robert A Cuthbertson 11 Feb 2013, 2:16pm

    Ah yes….those bible toting right-wing fanatics at work with their love and understanding.. It is so refreshing to see.

  4. john lyttle 11 Feb 2013, 4:28pm

    Hand written in crayon I presume

    1. No finger painted… crayon is far too advanced for such a moron, bigot and homophobic piece of sh!te.
      Don’t give them too much credit… they’re not as bright as you think!

  5. With the majority of MP’s in Kent voting against equal marriage, some coming up with the same ridiculous arguments touted by C4M, and a couple of stories like this one. Kent is increasingly looking like a rather homophobic county.

    I have lived in Kent all my life, and part of me thinks move away. The other thinks f*** the bigots I am not moving.

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