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Former Navy chaplain: ‘Gay equal military benefits will lead to heterophobia’

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Reader comments

  1. I…but… it… well… HUH?

    By the very definition, that can’t happen! Giving us equal rights is heterophobic? How on earth does that work?

    *head explodes*

  2. The “victim card” – always played by those with their in their hand but meaningless, irrelevant, boneheaded, dishonest BS.

  3. there is no such thing as ‘heterophobia’. Heterosexuals are not an oppressed class

    1. poo eating is moral say homodeviants... 11 Feb 2013, 5:57pm

      I suppose you think there is no such thing as claustrophobia since there are no oppressed closed spaces. Homosexuals routinely display hatred of heterosexuals. particularly the militant gays and tranny deviants on here

      1. Oh God! I’ve seen some bad examples in my tie, but that one tops them all!

        Hatred is not a phobia. Heterosexuals are not oppressed, they are not the minority, they do not have their rights denied or withheld or debated by another group of people.

        Heterophobia cannot exist because we are not the majority, your rights are not at our whim. Hating your oppressors is normal, it’s sane, it’s healthy.

      2. People would only hate heterosexuals because of the cruel treatment they have recieved from heterosexuals. In the same way a black an saying I HATE WHITE PEOPLE is him VENTING at his frustration by the cruel treatment he has been exposed to at the hands of white people.

        When someone kills themselves, is killed, beaten or excluded for being straight, then please come to me about tackling “heterophobia” because I will much like to take part in stopping it.

        I mean, the idea that a straight person would be persecuted by gay people to the extent they become an actual victim is laughable.

  4. Dave North 11 Feb 2013, 3:51pm

    When did desiring to be part of an until now, heterosexual institution, become heterophobic.

    That’s like saying that I wish to buy a Mercedes because I hate them.

    Clearly religion has addled his brain.

  5. How can granting someone equality be seen as discriminating against the group that already has privilege? It’s like saying that granting equality to women is somehow discriminating against men. It makes no sense at all.

    1. Unfortunately, many people DO BELIEVE that granting equality to women means discriminating against men. Just as they believe granting equality to racial minorities is “discriminating” against whites. These are people who are so blind that they either cannot see their own privilege, or they’re deluded enough to believe they somehow earned it and deserve it. We are seeing the same thing with Obamacare, wherein whole institutions are claiming that a woman’s equal right to birth control coverage regardless of who her employer is is somehow robbing those employers of THEIR rights. Whiny, privileged babies.

  6. His reason for this claim is “when I was dating my girlfriend — even when she was engaged to be married to me — she was not allowed to enter the commissary or even get on the military base until we were legally married”.

    The same would be true for the girlfriend/boyfriend of a lesbian or gay member of the military, you nobhead.

  7. Poor man, like the majority of religious people, is mentally ill, and he should be rushed to a lunatic asylum.

  8. Yeah Klingenschmitt, ummm… you had a girlfriend… …I believe you, really I do (excuse the laughter in the background)

    1. Don’t be so sarcastic… of course he had a girlfriend!
      Well he did… till she sprung a leak, then she flew
      around the room three times and jumped out the window!

  9. ‘Disgraced’ ‘Nuff said.

  10. Dave North 11 Feb 2013, 4:33pm

    When [Panetta] talks about sequester and cutting the Pentagon budget by 22 percent, apparently those cuts don’t apply to homosexuals, because they’re getting bonus pay and more benefits when all the rest of our troops are getting less benefits, less armor, less weapons and less ability to fight wars,” the chaplain reasons


    I think you will find that homosexual couples will also be subject to those self same cuts.

    He is incapable of “reason”.


  11. First, of all, what’s he afraid of? Does being the target of social-phobias mean you get treated like a second class citizen or something?

    And second, I love his sob story about not being able to access partner benefits for his imaginary girlfriend. My heart really goes out to him.

  12. The rampant bigotry and total lack of logic I can just about cope with. That’s par for the course with these types.

    But it’s FEWER benefits, less armour, FEWER weapons and a REDUCED ability to fight in wars.

    Such appalling crimes against English grammar merit nothing less than shooting at dawn!

  13. GulliverUK 11 Feb 2013, 9:50pm

    I’m glad PN published this.

    Makes him look like a dunce, makes me feel like Stephen Hawkins :)

    Always very good at scaremongering to try to paint us as the anti-heros and as vampires and monsters. But in reality, people aren’t stupid and see his remarks as silly, prejudiced and paranoid.

  14. I knew it was Gordon Klingenschmitt before I read the article. That guy is way off the deep end.

  15. I can normally argue anything black as white; but this man just leaves me speechless.

    I find it genuinely shocking that there are people who can actually believe this. That somewhere, in their tiny minds, they’ve come to this conclusions…

  16. James Savik 7 Aug 2013, 11:07pm

    It’s always the fat, bald, impotent ones.

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