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Anti-gay evangelical group receives funding from the Canadian government

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Reader comments

  1. That is truly despicable!

  2. I don't want to live on this planet anymore 11 Feb 2013, 2:15am

    what the flying f***. I had high respect for my country but after hearing this was going on behind everyone’s backs? I want to f****** punch the government in the face for this…. Now I feel disgusted for living here….

    1. Welcome to life under Harpers “Conservatives” who are really Reformers painted blue, this is no surprise to me

      1. less we forget the Alliance Party…

        1. Seriously “I don’t want to live on this planet”? Our government takes strong views against countries that have policies of homophobia. This is obviously a case where it has slipped through the cracks because it was funding a project that was about rebuilding schools and feeding starving children. Once it has been brought up to their attention, they took action on it.
          I am proud to be Canadian and to what our government, whether, liberal, Conservative, green or whatever stands for as a whole and as a concept. Don’t mistake bureaucratic errors as policy or views.
          Want to punch our government in the face, really? Lost respect for your country with some of the best human rights polices in the whole world? What country do you want to go to?

          I’m military and I fight for this country, I fight for your right to be a douche and say what you want but at least make it more mature than wanting to take your government out in the schoolyard for a punching in the face

  3. jamestoronto 11 Feb 2013, 5:59am

    As of today, funding by the federal government to this anti-gay group has been halted and an investigation has been ordered. How this happened in the first place should really be looked into seriously. We are a secular society and funding of this nature has to stop.

    1. Good.

      The Harper christians are seeded throughout the Canadian government. They are hateful wolves in sheeps clothing.

      1. As i said before, you have locked yourself in a system of self-perpetuating lies, and thrown away the key.

  4. I truly hope this is addressed immediately, learning of this is a major conflict with recent Canadian foreign policy denouncing the Kill the gays bill and human rights.

    I used to live 1/2km from Crossroads – 100 Huntley St, program studio’s. I suffered great distress through a couple of their programs to gain a distaste of what they represent. It hit home immediately who these people, their opinions and choices are when I read the article.

    I hope this embarrassment makes our Canadian government react quickly to stop this any kind of aid to Uganda. until they react to international pressure to address human rights.

    The are the people mentioned.

    1. Sorry I neglected to mention if you click on the link… open the “Relief and Development” tab to discover the relationship of the Canadian government grant to this organization.

  5. Religious colonialism. Doesn’t work of course in developed countries with a reasonable level of education so these organisations focus on the more vulnerable.

  6. “….focussed on specific goals, and were not linked to its anti-gay stance”
    Yeah right. More like missionaries hiding behind charity. Canada, get your act together. Don’t give money away without investigating who is really getting it.

  7. Jock S. Trap 11 Feb 2013, 11:10am

    I see the bigots Pope is retiring at the end of the month…. oh the delights of wondering what bigot will take over!

    1. ninth Sphere 11 Feb 2013, 2:21pm

      Agree with that! some of the best news I have heard in a while. I do take umbridge with the way that his resignation is being touted however. They state that he is a gentle humble man yet he advocates violence against LGBT, (not to mention violence towards children by pedophile priests) and he says he was forced into Hitlers youth. I have heard that actually Hitlers Youth only recruited those who were the most enthusiastic towards joining. Good news for sure.

  8. What with Harper’s reputation of holding transparency in Canadian politics in contempt, we may never know what tipped off Julian Fantino to stop funding CCC/Uganda missionary work.

    How many religious groups are still receiving Canadian taxpayers’ money to undermine human rights is another question whose answer will likely remain illusive.

    On the other hand, cutting aid to developing countries whose human rights record islamentable does reflect the efforts of the Commonwealth to be relevant in today’s world.

  9. Canada is ruled by the anti-gay Conservative PM Stephen Harper, who tried to take away gay equality when he first got elected. He also created the new “Ministry of Jesus” to protect religious bigotry. The good news is Liberal Justin Trudeau is currently polling at the next likely majority PN in Canada. He will have a lot of damaged to undo.

    1. Considering Pierre Elliot Trudeau was the PM who changed the way Canada thinks with his “Canada has no business in the bedrooms of the nation” speech, we have much to be grateful for to the legacy he left behind.

      Keen observers have watched Justin Trudeau throughout the years and hoped he would be inspired to become his fathers political protege.

      Canada has a love – hate relationship with the Trudeau family, they have been both revered and and reviled depending on ones politics. Justin could bring younger generations to the polls just by running.

      If he ever wins, I will live in hope he he acknowledges Stephen Harper’s
      legacy with his fathers symbolic and resounding “Fuddle Duddle” (flipped the bird) because a change in direction is surely needed!

  10. I thought Canada was supposed to be LGBT friendly?? xx

    1. Canada has was progressively liberal in dealing with LGBT affairs until our current PM ran for office. His mandate included restoring the traditional definition of marriage. He was unsuccessful, some said he was advised to avoid political suicide by not revisiting the issue.

      The PM who rarely ever takes a step back, but has been see to do so and let his ministers deal with LGBT issues. Canada continues to make progress in many area’s of LGBT issues, but unless they are earth moving monumental pieces of legislation we won’t ever see our PM step forward to steal to steal the lime light and thunder on these issues from his ministerial departments.

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