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Tory MP: Same-sex marriage will damage youth who will grow out of a ‘normal gay phase’

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Reader comments

  1. It’s certainly a normal phase for boys who go through the public school system, which is the only teenage life “Sir” John Stanley knows about.

    1. Lynda Yilmaz 10 Feb 2013, 3:09pm

      Damn you beat me to that comment!

    2. Just another old white men as we call them in the USA. BIGOTS. and people who still long for the days of slavery and segregation.

      PLS bnote – i’m not sure that many in the USA realize that Public schools are actually pvt schools as we call them here. Most of which are run by the church of the endless hidden molestation of children by their sex starve priests

      Someone over there -pls send him a bottle of butt lube

  2. Just after that he received a text reminder to meet his rent boy (allegedly)

  3. Why are these ‘commentators’ always so damned fugly? Not that it matters, but!

    1. Read The Twits by Roald Dahl, you’ll see why :) xx

    2. Must be a prerequisite for the job? Have you ever noticed that these, “people” always seem to have something rather odd about them… perhaps they are manufactured in the same factory?

  4. David Holland 10 Feb 2013, 3:11pm

    Glad he is in England, we have to many idiots over here already.

  5. Yes, because teenagers going through a Gay phase always want to get married immediately.

  6. Yet another silly old man peddling his ignorance in public!!!

  7. bobbleobble 10 Feb 2013, 3:24pm

    Why are people who have no clue about sexuality always the ones who have so much to say about it?

    And why do these people think that heterosexuality is so pathetically weak that it will be immediately overridden by the existence of gay married couples? If these kids are going through a phase then they’re going to grow out of it whether same sex couples can marry or not.

    There’s just so much idiocy and pseudo scientific nonsense in what he says that it actually hurts my head. I suppose he thinks that soundly vaguely scientific will make his argument sound more rational – never mind Sir John, must try harder.

    1. bobbleobble 10 Feb 2013, 3:25pm

      ‘sounding’ not ‘soundly’ oops!

  8. Jock S. Trap 10 Feb 2013, 3:30pm

    His retirement is long overdue me thinks.

    Yet against assumptions not fact.

    Just wrong and pathetic.

  9. Jock S. Trap 10 Feb 2013, 3:31pm

    Sorry mean yet again… Doh!!

  10. Old skool, misinformed, ignorant bigot…


  11. Robert in S. Kensington 10 Feb 2013, 3:58pm

    Now let’s wait and see if the British Psychological Society has anything to say about it, but I’ll hold my breath. These bloody fools get away with it, nobody bothers to counter them. He’s probably a believer in the ex-gay ministries, praying away the gay. By what authority does he make such an asinine comment? Where is the evidence?

    1. His own experience, perhaps?

      *feels queasy*

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 10 Feb 2013, 4:21pm

        Probably! Stupid bigot!

      2. Not perhaps, but most likely.^^

  12. Why, that’s another fine mess of a conclusion inside your irrational mindset you’ve gotten into, Stanley!

  13. These people act like the LGBTI community penalise people for being straight or something

  14. And tell me the difference between what he’s saying, and the thousands of men and woman who marry, to then realise they are in fact gay in later life… Does that mean straight marriage should be ruled out “in case” too??!

    1. Very good point!

  15. Sounds like someone experimented in their youth.

  16. As constant exposure to opposite sex marriage didn’t change my innate sexuality and make me straight, I find it hard to believe that SSM will make straight people gay.

    Why do all these bigots seem so insecure about their own sexuality??

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 11 Feb 2013, 12:38am

      Quite. Interesting isn’t it? We are the offspring of supposedly ‘straight’ parents. yet we’re gay? Do they really believe that we would choose to be discriminated against along with the stigma associated with it? They haven’t walked in our shoes for one minute. Instead, they go through life impervious to the trials and tribulations of others, especially gay people who have been the target of discrimination far more than any other, not that I’m trivialising the holocaust or anti-semitism, equally abhorrent. Typical bloody orthodox Toryism that Cameron had better do something about. If anyone or anything needs to be kicked into the long grass, it’s them, if he wants to be re-elected.

  17. Robert (Kettering) 10 Feb 2013, 4:31pm

    Well, I can remember my “Gay Phase” as far back as when I was probably 10 or 11 when even then I fancied men. I’m 59 now and still do! So then MR. Know it all Stanley when exactly am I going to grow out of my Gay Phase????

    1. Next week

    2. When you turn 60. It comes with your free bus pass. ;)

  18. The reconstructed, 21st Century Conservative Party…

    1. de Villiers 10 Feb 2013, 10:55pm

      Hardly. He is about to retire and is one of the old ones.

  19. Helge Vladimir Tiller 10 Feb 2013, 5:25pm

    Very ignorant and somewhat silly. Why not go and visit a library -and acquire some real facts, Mr. John Stanley. Be sure to choose the correct shelf.

  20. He’ll soon be dead!

  21. Christopher in Canada 10 Feb 2013, 5:36pm

    Unless this guy has a degree in psychology or sociology or social anthropology, he should shut the f*ck up!

  22. This comment by the Tory MP is ignorant and bigoted.

    It is true that young people who have a heterosexual orientation usually go through a “gay phase” in early puberty.

    But sexual orientation has no relationship to that “phase” .

    People develop orientation way before puberty and not during puberty. Whatever the orientation is it remains the same and can never be influenced by gay marriage.

  23. You have to laugh though…

    All these old Tory boys remembering fondly their youth in some private boarding school bashing up the junior boys while having a hanky panky with their housemasters and then later in adult life passing this off as ‘normal behaviour’….

    I love the Tories, they always come up with the funniest lines.

    As the Irish singer Christy Moore infamously remarked – some of the best music was written during the Thatcher years as there was so much to f**king rage about.

  24. David Cary Hart 10 Feb 2013, 6:06pm

    Why are these crackpots usually wrong and never uncertain?

  25. He’s clearly talking with a great deal of passion and assurance. Maybe he’s talking from experience? When Section 28 was going through, I remember one Tory saying it had to be passed because in his experience at school it was often “touch and go” whether a boy would drop his homosexual ways!

    So perhaps our Stanley here knows personally how desperately “touch and go” it can be?

    But why this terrified obsession with ensuring that every boy and girl grows up heterosexual! Why have they all GOT TO BE heterosexual?????

    Bit of a smack in the mouth for the likes of us, in’t it?

    1. Liam the God 11 Feb 2013, 11:00am

      My late uncle always claimed that by being Gay he was part of Natures own “Birth Control Program” ;)

      1. That’s what I’ve been saying for years…
        We can’t all breed like rabbits or indeed…
        Like Michelle Duggar…!

  26. And I suppose he will be off to the House of Lords to air such ignorance there, after his retirement?

  27. A clear vote of confidence in the British (and American) education systems: (wiki)
    “Stanley was educated at two independent schools: at Copthorne Preparatory School near Crawley in West Sussex and Repton School in the village of Repton in Derbyshire, followed by Lincoln College at the University of Oxford, where he read Modern History. He also studied at Syracuse University.”

    I always wonder when people with higher education say stupid things whether they really believe it or whether they’re playing to their (knuckle-dragging) audience.

  28. FFS this is the same rubbish churned out when the law to decriminalise homosexuality was debated.

    1. Yes, it’s quite an eye-opener, isn’t it. So many people have been assuming that attitudes to homosexuality in the UK have changed much more deeply and widely than they actually have. Well, at least now we know.

  29. Stephen Frost 10 Feb 2013, 8:24pm

    You mean the vast majority of homophobia is based on misinformation and complete rubbish? Never! Always a little funny coming from a Tory MP. If we ALL lived a life in the closet, there wouldn’t be any rent boys for you, dear.

  30. The views of this bigoted MP belong to the dark ages so thankfully he will retire at the next general election. Good riddance. I’m sure David Cameron will also be glad he’s retiring.

  31. The reality is that lots of gay people are forced by society to pretend to be straight in earlier life only to end up totally miserable and confused and only later at the age of 30, 40 , 50 etc to be brave enough to come out.

  32. Gosh this takes me back … I was 15 in 1974 when John Stanley was first elected and I at that time the line about it being a ‘perfectly normal phase that many boys go through” was absolutely standard.

    Lets see what sort of candidate the Tonbridge & Malling Conservative Association choose to replace this man.

    1. Hopefully someone that is not brain dead!

  33. Paul Essex/London 10 Feb 2013, 9:17pm

    I was educated in a system restricted by s28, couldn’t legally sleep with another male when I was 16 and 17, had no legal direct legal remedy for being discriminated against as gay at work until I was 23, had no means of legally protecting my relationships with other men until I was 27, and almost 6 years on I (along with thousands if not millions of others) am still not out of this ‘phase’. So forgive me Mr Stanley if I think you haven’t got a clue.

  34. An ‘antique’ MP who should retire!

  35. theotherone 10 Feb 2013, 9:29pm

    he must cry himself to sleep at nights remember that golden summer with david when he was in his first year at university (alegedly)

  36. Edmund Rodgers 10 Feb 2013, 9:46pm

    The only consolation is that the old buzzard is retiring at the next election. Hope Tory HQ ensures that his replacement has views worth of the century we live in.

    1. bobbleobble 10 Feb 2013, 9:49pm

      If their candidate for Eastleigh is anything to go by then I wouldn’t hold your breath.

  37. Liam the God 10 Feb 2013, 10:45pm

    Looking like that I’d say he’ll be hard pushed to even PAY someone to shag him! And that’s before he even speaks and becomes UGLIER!

  38. Don Harrison 10 Feb 2013, 10:50pm

    He now throghing his rattle out of his pram

  39. Back in the days not so long ago when you could be thrown out of the armed forces in disgrace for being gay. Or even suspected of the same, there was a defence.
    That was a defence of ‘youthful experimentation’ which was often decided by a sympathetic senior officer.
    This saved the careers of many a young serviceman who would otherwise have had the corner cut off his discharge documents and had little or no chance of future employment.
    This was not so long ago but something younger contributors will have little knowledge of.

  40. Thank goodness Stanley he is retiring at the next election, although we’ll have to see just what his replacement is like.

    No sign of Fallon retiring from neighbouring Sevenoaks, unfortunately.

    Kent seems to have had more than its fair share of Tory bigots, although thankfully Maidstone is no longer blessed with Ann Widdecombe !

    Cameron really deserves better than to be lumbered with all these disloyal dinosaurs.

  41. So basically he’s admitting to enjoying his own ‘normal gay phase’, but doesn’t want anyone else to!

  42. Robert in S. Kensington 11 Feb 2013, 12:30am

    Sadly, the Lords are stacked with Tory bigots like him. Lords reform above all elected or not, should not allow one party to hold sway over any other. It should all be equal numbers so they can’t gain the upper hand. Right now, it’s beyond undemocratic because of it. No party should have a majority in the Lords. That’s not what democracy is about. It will be interesting to see who replaces him upon retirement. If he is replaced with another bigot, then we’ll know the Tory party hasn’t changed much. Until then, the nasty party as it’s always been and will be.

  43. “Enshrining gay marriage into law will be unhelpful and positively damaging to young people going through the perfectly normal phase of being attracted to other young people of the same sex before arriving at a heterosexual orientation subsequently.”

    Translation: mildly bi men and women that we used to be able to coerce into marriage because they thought they had no other choice will realize that they do and follow their hearts instead of social dictates. (Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!)

  44. Just another old white men as we call them in the USA. BIGOTS. and people who still long for the days of slavery and segregation.

    PLS bnote – i’m not sure that many in the USA realize that Public schools are actually pvt schools as we call them here. Most of which are run by the church of the endless hidden molestation of children by their sex starve priests

    Someone over there -pls send him a bottle of butt lube

  45. What he said, to no surprise made no logical sense.
    If “gay is just a teenage phase” to a lot of kids, who’ll find themselves subsequently attracted to the opposite sex later on, what does that have to do with same sex marriage for those who don’t move on to the opposite sex attraction phase? And those that do go through that phase, will with or without equal marriage.

  46. Every one I know has been bent out of shape somewhat by daily living.

    in that sense, we are all a bit damaged, innit.

    Should that stop us from being who we are?


  47. Oh yes, indeed, because no straight people have ever entered into a marriage while emotionally damaged, or didn’t get damaged if the marriage ended less than amicably.

  48. Every time I read or hear a comment made out of ignorance by people who one wouldn’t expect to have a lack of knowledge, I smile and remember the reaction I had to seeing a textbook “Sex for Dummies” on the store shelves. Perhaps there is a market for it after all!

  49. Retire gracefully Sir, and stop talking drivel.

  50. Katie kool-eyes 11 Feb 2013, 12:20pm

    Just a phase is it? Wow, I know alot of people who are going through a bloody long “phase”!

  51. Look forward to his account of his normal teenage homosexual experiences then

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