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Uganda: British producer of gay play faces deportation

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Reader comments

  1. Moses walusimbi 8 Feb 2013, 2:20pm


  2. Uganda… what a miserable landlocked nation! Most Ugandans have nothing but Jesus! It’s funny how Jesus never really provides all the creature comforts to his most fervent bigoted believers in Uganda and much of Africa! I would self-deport from this hell-hole in a New York minute!

  3. Stop all funding to countries like this, they need to know their actions have consequences.

    I’ve had enough of this evil cesspit of a place.

  4. I have greatly divided feelings regarding the situation David Cecil has lived. I have on one hand to admire him because of his tenacity (a gamble or not) to take a stand, and boldly present the authorities with a challenge when he produced his play.

    He dared to make a change, and advocate by example in the face of adversity. For that I admire him!

    In light of the case being thrown out I am relieved. To learn of the Kill the gays bill being reintroduced, perhaps being deported will ensure his safety!

    Although he is not gay… to remain and speak out may be to his peril. Once safely out of the country he can help advocate change speaking as a voice of experience about authoritarian prejudices in Uganda.. Good luck David!

  5. GingerlyColors 9 Feb 2013, 7:55am

    At least deportation is preferable to ending up in prison (or worse) in that miserable country.

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