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Tory MP Peter Luff: I received foul emails and was told to repent after voting for equal marriage

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  1. These people need to stop being so bloody righteous all the time. Not all of us believe in YOUR God or YOUR Bible. Take your supernatural nonsense elsewhere.

    1. oh the irony

      1. There’s no irony. In spite of what you might think, homosexuals do not ask others to become homosexuals or to marry someone of their same sex.

  2. Poor diddums. Wonder if he can imagine what its like facing homophobic taunting in a school playground when you’re aged 15 and don’t have a research assistant to open your letters and emails.

    1. Dave G, I don’t think you read the article closely enough. Mr. Luff doesn’t deserve the scorn that you have thrown his way.

  3. People who believe in illusions are mental patients, and should not be deciding how other people should live their lives.

    There is treatment for religious mental illness. That is one you were not born with and can change. I have successuflly help several see the light and turn away from such deprived and sinfun way of life. Forgiveness means to undo the power anything unreal has over you.

    Come all you religious, bring your children too, and I will raise you out of your misery and dellusions.

    Come follow me.

    ” If it was not so horrible what they have done to themselves, it would be funny.”

  4. Good to hear. The Tories who voted against were very quick to mention the angry and threatening letters they got from “Gay activists”.

  5. Robert in S. Kensington 8 Feb 2013, 4:02pm

    The important thing is he voted yes in spite of the hateful, homophobic emails and letters. Interesting that he said he also received a significant number from those in favour. I suspect most of those in opposition did but they’d never admit it, but instead used the negative responses to justify a no vote. Probably constituencies that weren’t safe for them. He deserves a thank you, anyway.

  6. Why are you being like that towards him, he votes YES, give him some support when he is under attack from the bigots.

    1. This was for Dave G

  7. When will people wake up to the fact that Christians are not nice people!

    1. I think it would probably be more accurate to say a lot of people who call themselves Christians are not nice people – and arguably are not ‘real’ Christians – and that generally decent people, Christian or otherwise, don’t get the same attention because reporting ‘being nice’ just doesn’t sell newspapers or improve viewing figures…Let’s not forget that even amongst ordinary Catholics the majority of them are in favour of SSM. It’s also worth reflecting on how corrupt and wicked people – power crazed sociopaths for instance – will tend to be seek to infiltrate powerful and popular ideologies and organisations in order to subvert them to their own ends. Orwell illustrated this in ‘Animal Farm’, the Roman Emperor Constantine corrupted true Christianity in the 4th century, and of course Jimmy Savile managed to manipulate any number of institutions to his own ends…,,,All somehow managed to sell the idea that black is white…

      1. It’s an old canard to say that ‘not nice people’ shouldn’t call themselves Christians. All sorts of people nice and nasty are legitimately called Christians because it is a complicated and contradictory tradition which accommodates all manner of perspectives – this is how old and popular religions survive in a changing society. If they made seamless unchanging sense at any one stage of history they would fall out of favour fairly quickly. Personally I think it’s time Homo Sapiens grew up and stopped depending for meaning and comfort on imaginary spirits. The Enlightenment is over two centuries old, folks. Some people need to catch up.

    2. Don Harrison 8 Feb 2013, 10:54pm

      You can not tar everyone with the same brush.
      Not only am I gay but I am christain too.
      I go to a bog standard C of E church in a village in Cambridgeshire.
      Most people there know I am gay and nobody is concerented.

      1. Nobody is concerned, you say. With my close knowledge of religious people of all denominations, I would dispute the truth of that statement. I wouldn’t be surprised if it looks to you as if nobody is concerned, however. But that’s a different thing. I live in a quaint countryside environment and I could also say that “nobody is concerned”. I would like to believe it. But if we look hard at the facts, examine the situation as a psychologist would, we find that about over half of the people around here, never mind the Xians, are firmly with the traditionalists.

  8. He did the right thing and wasn’t in a party that made doing the right thing the easiest option. Very commendable.

  9. Oh yes. There are an awful lot of ‘self-haters’ out there … people who use the bible to spew forth their revulsion at the same-sex attractions they’ve more than likely experienced. This is why homophobia IN SCHOOLS must be tackled. It’s where homophobia – particularly the religious-inspired type – begins.

  10. welcome to our world…this is what just about every LGBT person experiences throughout their lives and which was directly the cause of that young lads suicide ,Anthony Stubbs ..!!!!

  11. I’m sure he DID receive a flood of homophobic hate-filled emails and letters, because earlier this evening I wandered over to the Oxford Mail website for a look round and saw the comments attached to its article on the victory of Tuesday. I’d say something like 90% of Oxford Mail commenters were spitting homophobic bile. Shocking. Very saddening. And the Oxford Mail is, I understand, Oxford’s main newspaper!


    1. Gavin, I completely agree with your “Good ON YOU MATE!”.

      But I don’t agree with taking the stance of “letting the haters hate”. Where would we be if throughout history people had not stopped the haters hating? The UK, for instance, would have been under fascist control since the 1940s. Many more millions would have been exterminated in the Holocaust.

      One has to stand up against haters and stop them. One can certainly stop them from manifesting their hate. Of course, the hatred can continue to exist beneath the surface, hidden. But often hatred that can’t be exercised in action dies out, extinguishes itself.

      And at the very least we have to devise programmes to encourage everyone away from hating that which is good.

      Having said all of the above, I am with the noted psychologist Nick Bayliss on all emotions: they are ALL useful and powerful and vital to us, provided we direct them in the right away, towards the positive. Hatred CAN be used positively.

  13. Marcwebbo3 9 Feb 2013, 7:19pm

    He did the right thing…I do not ‘get’ religion….will never understand it….there is no such thing as God….and the bible is an evil piece of fiction…christians supposedly preach love but the truth is far more clear…those opposed are not fit to clean my shoes ….sorry but these last few months hearing such rubbish said have got me very angry

    1. Good for you. The Bible, The Torah, The Koran, and all other old collections of parchments are no more than imaginative bits of invention. Furthermore, morality pre-dated such religions. Religion has no monopoly on religion.

  14. teh old computer term garbage in garbage out applies here.

    the churches feed him garbage and he digests it and, well you know.

    Its all over for the churches of the right wing who hate gay people and equal marriage.

    Xtianity is dying in England as elsewhjere. C ouldnt happen to a more deserving group.

  15. the old computer term garbage in garbage out applies here.

    the churches feed him garbage and he digests it and, well you know.

    Its all over for the churches of the right wing who hate gay people and equal marriage.

    Xtianity is dying in England as elsewhjere. C ouldnt happen to a more deserving group.

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