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Scotland: Church minister and worshippers leave Church of Scotland in gay clergy row

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Reader comments

  1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaa… It is only a matter of time, and ye will all be gone. Reason will survive over religion.

  2. “It’s quite simple – the bible is very clear that same-sex ordination…….”
    So does this mean that men/women can not ordain other men/women?? I’m confused!!

  3. Ah, Bless. I hope they will be comfortable in the hotel. So childish. LOL

  4. Good, the more the bigots splinter the better.

  5. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one offended last night during BBC Question Time from Stirling, when MSP Humza Yousaf repeatedly avoided David Dimbleby’s question as to Yousaf’s personal position with regard to Same Sex Marriage, and Yousaf repeatedly barked on about how important it was that the legislation “PROTECTS” mosques, synagogues, and churches from performing Same Sex Marriages.

    His repeated use of the word “protects” made it pretty clear that Humza Yousaf, despite his excellent mimicry of his leader Alex Salmond, thinks of homosexuality as an evil from which mosques etc must be “protected”!

    And on his website Humza Yousaf dares to claim that he’s pro “Civil Liberties”!

    Quote: “Humza’s interests include tackling mental health stigma, poverty, civil liberties, issues affecting young people and international affairs.”

    1. And it was just as much fun watching Dame Brian Souter choking on the same old homophobic drivel about needing to protect teachers (from what?) and children (from what?) In other words, Souter wants prejudice and hatred for gay people to be entrenched in law.

      1. I’d never seen him before, though of course I’ve heard a lot about his anti-gay efforts throughout Scotland, so it was fascinating to observe the weasel-like body language and how his hatred of gays got squeezed out of his frame.

        Wasn’t the young female with the short bleached hair and the cutting voice a joy? So articulate and so strong. I’d move to Scotland to have her as a friend!

        1. What is a hateful bigot like Souter doing on a programme like QT anyway? If his views and his “referendum” had been racist or anti-Semitic rather than homophobic then he’d have been shunned by the rest of society. But because he only hates us gays he’s fawned over by the BBC and politicians and given a bloody Knighthood! Absolutely sickening!

    2. That There Other David 8 Feb 2013, 12:57pm

      Having watched the programme I think he was trying to express that whatever peoples’ personal opinions nobody has a right to inflict those onto how others live their lives. His point about the communion wine was left half-formed because Dimbleby kept interrupting him, but it was along the right track.

      I have no problem with others holding religious views and living their own lives by those religious views. It’s only when someone attempts to force others to live by their religious views that we come into conflict.

      1. David, people are responsible for the words they choose.

        The Oxford English Dictionary defines “protect” in the same way that we all do, that is: “To defend or guard from injury or danger; to shield from attack or assault; to support, assist, or afford immunity to, esp. against any inimical agency; to preserve intact, or from encroachment, invasion, annoyance, or insult; to keep safe, take care of; to extend patronage to.”

        Ergo, Yousaf believes that same sex marriage is a danger.

    3. Humza is supportive of marriage equality –

      1. I think Humza may sing one hymn here and one hymn there, or, to put it another way, he runs with the hares and with the hounds.

        1. I just hope that all the MSPs who’ve signed the pledge actually vote for it. I just can’t forget the Lib Dems signing a pledge on tuition fees prior to 2010 general election, and we all know how that turned out! I know that the equal marriage Bill is very likely to be passed in Scotland, but it will be very telling which MSPs vote for it, against it, abstain or don’t turn up. I’d also like to see it pass with as many votes as possible, so that a large majority of MSPs are in favour of equal marriage.

  6. essexgirlbecky 8 Feb 2013, 12:45pm

    “Same-sex ordination in the ministry is something that God would not be happy with”?

    The Bible frankly has very little to say on the subject of ordination at all; this attitude owes more to dogma which has developed over a period of time. And as for ‘same-sex’ ordination, I think the poor chap is confusing this issue with equal marriage.

    Or maybe he is just being obtuse?

    1. I can’t work out what “same-sex ordination in the ministry” could possibly mean, let alone figuring out if the Bible is clear (highly unlikely in any event) about it.

  7. “…..same-sex ordination in the ministry is something that God would not be happy with”
    How presumptuous of these loons to declare what their imaginary friend wants.

    1. Liam the God 8 Feb 2013, 12:51pm

      … And isn’t it odd how “God” always seem to think the same way THEY do? You might almost think they’re MAKING IT UP!! But of course *ahaha* they would NEVER do that!! *I think my head has exploded with Irony*

  8. Have they got enough members to set up a coven?

  9. Auntie Babs 8 Feb 2013, 12:52pm

    “He added: “It’s quite simple – the bible is very clear that same-sex ordination in the ministry is something that God would not be happy with and so that’s what we also believe.”

    OK, sorry if I don’t take your word on this but please point me to exactly where in the Bible it says that.

  10. Sounds like a win-win all round!

  11. Hands Up!! Who is happy that the demise of organized religion may be a byproduct of this Equality Rights Issue…

  12. Robert in S. Kensington 8 Feb 2013, 1:36pm

    Are we to assume that their God didn’t listen to their prayers when the equal marriage bill was approved by a large majority this past tuesday in Westminster? Obviously God approved! What will they do when it happens in Scotland? I’m sure God will be happy about that too, poor delusional fools.

    1. Yes, I wonder how the Northern Irish MPs get their heads round that one! By sheer determined self-delusion, I suppose. David Lammy reminds them that Jesus was illegitimate and one of them assured him that that was not so, that Jesus did have a father: God in heaven!

      I ask you!

      From grown, adult, men! With responsibilities!

  13. As a proud Protestant ( kinda like a catholic than can read and write and baths regularly) you catholic priests are the biggest bunch of bloody hypocrites out there , the Pope is actively working to make the work a safer place for his pedophile priests ….you religious fanatics are fucking up everything for the rest of us decent normal hard working people…..

  14. Organised religion is rapidly disappearing up its own bigotry. What I will never understand is why these quaint ‘believers’ are so selective in their use of the bible to ‘tut tut’ at homosexuality. Have they not read it? Why don’t they campaign to burn witches and re-introduce slavery – both of which are condoned in the bible.

  15. Joseph oz 8 Feb 2013, 2:36pm

    Sounds like a bunch of spoilt children to me, we don’t like the new rules, we don’t like change, we’ll never accept change… never, never! We’re going to start our own club… so there!

  16. The Kirk is now a better place without them. Mind you, I feel sorry for the older members of the 300 congregation who will most likely be expected to subsidise Smart; probably drinks like a fish, they all do.

    PS: I also thought Souter looked half jugged on QT last night.

  17. The nutters are on the move..

  18. “It’s my ball and you’re not playing.”
    “But we’ve always played with you.”
    “Well, we only want to play with ourselves now.”
    “But darling, He picked the teams.”
    “If that’s true, why would He choose you?”
    “To beat a loser like you, of course!”

    At the rate bigots are leaving them, soon it’ll be good to go to a church.

  19. Wow. That hotel is going to be some bundle of fun on a Sunday.

    1. Joseph oz 8 Feb 2013, 4:05pm

      I wonder what the other guests will think, when on Sunday morning… they’ll hear lots of hymn singing and praying. I wonder if the bread and wine will be included in the breakfast menu?

    2. Yep! And some bundle of sin on a fun day! :-)

  20. Mmk bye. I’m certainly not going to miss bigots and ignorant, close minded pastors.

  21. Where in the bible does it discuss same sex ministries. What a load of rubbish.

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