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Obama criticised for attending prayer breakfast with group linked with anti-gay Ugandan lawmakers

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Reader comments

  1. Washington 8 Feb 2013, 9:44pm

    The so called Fellowship Foundation are a hate group dedicated to the destruction of gay people. This nonsense of a “prayer breakfast” needs to be dropped as soon as possible. No Head of State in America should be attending in an official capacity any such like event under the Constitution of the USA it is highly irregular and an unwanted left-over from the “cold war” years. ‘In God We Trust’ needs to be removed from the printed currency along with the above that sentence is undeniably unconstitutional too. Let’s have an end to pandering to the religious irrationals.

  2. Obama knows what he is doing. He’s playing the long game. They are clearly a bigoted outfit. Their first meeting in 1953 was probably segregated. As Jay Carney said, Obama has made his position on GLBT rights extremely clear. It would have been great if he had been more confrontational with them but I believe he has a plan and that may involve keeping as many people on side as he can in order to deliver his legacy – which does include us.

  3. Like hello… Obama is the biggest flip flopper since well….flip flops. Fraud.

    1. I’ve always supported the Obama presidency, however recently I’ve read things about him which has suggested to me that he isn’t the person I thought he was. In his second term he can practically do whatever he wants as he no longer has to seek re-election. The real Obama will be revealed in this last term of his presidency and he is intelligent enough to realise that, so his attendance at the Ugandan-linked Fellowship Foundation event without commenting on the Ugandan “Kill the Gays” legislation speaks volumes. The White House’s press secretary Jay Carney said that Mr Obama’s “views on these issues […] are quite clear.” Are they clear? Has he condemned the proposed death penalty for Ugandan gays? He is probably against it, but his views on it are obviously not strong enough for him to be open about them in the presence of an evangelical organisation that is linked to the Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

  4. Hold up everyone , maybe many of you don’t understand how American politics works, He has to play nice with people he does not like. And just because every person he shakes his hand does not make him a bigot or a fake every prayer breakfest him goes to does not make him a bigot of a fake. Every day he sit’s in his office with ears and eyes wide open for a threat coming from American soil or abroad off every type. He is not a flip flopper. He is my president he was the first president who stood up for gay rights and the republican party is failing their fans are dying. The future of america looks positive of the LGBT people. I feel it everyday i walk threw my town my state and when i visit other states.

    1. Ninth Sphere 9 Feb 2013, 3:59am

      Indeed things are improving for LGB persons in the U.S. . For Transgender persons…Not!

      1. Every battle has it day, Ur right Ninth Sphere. But democracy has it battles when it’s necessary. I hope that for every person who read this or is in the LGBTQS community that onces gay rights are established…we automatically fight to protect and fight for Transgendered rights. Im a gay 22 yr old gay guy ill stand up for a transgender person who wants to walk safely down the street if they know it or not. And i would hope that in the future when the LBGTQS community see hate of any kind we shut that shit down.

  5. Rather than condemning the President for this, understand that he has done more for LGBT rights than any President before him. Sometimes, as the President, you have to meet with people you don’t agree with – I am sure he washed his hands thoroughly afterwards.

  6. National, Prayer and Breakfast are three words that should never be seen together. 3500 smug fools stuffing themselves with sugar and milk in worship of Gaad, the very idea is ridiculous.

  7. Why is he being criticised for this? How is he supposed to sway them in any direction without first befriending them and gaining their trust? A smart move by the President, in my opinion.

    1. Har Davids 9 Feb 2013, 4:47pm

      Sway them in what way? Most of these people are ignorant bigots, or con-men filling their pockets at the expense of the gullible. As a second term president, he doesn’t need these people. I would really respect the man if he’d told all of them off.

    2. Master Adrian 10 Feb 2013, 2:06am

      Ah You mean something as in Share the principles and then fight the principles…. Or is it become part of the crime and then fight the crime?
      Or even getter…… kill the gays and then fight the killers of the gays…..

      Some jews joined the hitler gang during WW2, and ended up presenting the list of people who were brought to auschwitz and the other death camps, because they though that by becoming part of the system they could prevent worse……

  8. Verne Greenlee 9 Feb 2013, 2:23pm

    He is the President of all of us, like it or not. I’m an old ’60’s hippie and we said back then, “The problem with being a liberal is, we have to be so effen liberal.

    1. Verne, have you ever heard of the term ‘muscular liberalism’? Liberalism can have teeth and it shouldn’t be afraid about using them!

      1. …and – as I should have said – muscles, which liberalism shouldn’t be afraid of using against hate organisations.

  9. This criticism is penny wise and pounds foolish.

  10. This is a let down Obamah….& I’ve been a supporter of you too!

  11. Master Adrian 10 Feb 2013, 2:03am

    And rightfully so!
    Obama should not attend any organization’s meeting or gathering that supports the criminalizing of homosexuality, and certainly not attend a meeting were an org is present that supports death for being homosexual!
    As President of the USA he should fight that sort of orgs publicly, and certainly should ban them them from his schedule!

    1. Frank Boulton 10 Feb 2013, 2:53pm

      It’s very important for the LGBT community and our supporters to be clearly seen not to be the hate-mongers that the opposition is. Let the general public see that we and our supporters are not the initiators of the current antagonism between ourselves and the religious right-wing. It’s a PR matter and it will win people over to our side.

  12. This has been known for a long time. Very secretive organisation. It’s fine they say Obama isn’t responsible for the Family’s views, but it’s not compulsory to have an audience with them and dubious at best with respect to the First Amendment.

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