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Gay Cameroon asylum seeker assaulted by private security team at Heathrow Airport

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Reader comments

  1. Yet again we here of the ill trained ill equipped, holy than thou UKBA getting all high and mighty in the clover covered world

  2. Our treatment of LGBT asylum seekers is a national disgrace.

    LGBT people in many countries face terrible violence and persecution, and come here expecting justice and safety. There but for the grace of the Spaghetti Monster…

    Hopefully Mr Chelvan’s work will begin to draw attention to UKBA’s appalling conduct, and perhaps change a few minds.

  3. I know many people feel rightly betrayed by people like Sarah Teather on equal marriage, and although I absolutely support every advance in all fields, I think that LGBT asylum seekers have been most let down by the coalition.

    This is a group of people both Tories and Lib Dems pledged to help before the last election, and nothing has changed. And as for the usual argument about any old migrant claiming they’re gay in order to gain entrance to the UK – if you knew the lengths some LGBT refugees go to to prove their sexuality/gender identity in order to make it here to safety you’d know it’s not something anyone does frivolously. And I for one would gladly accept a few bogus cases if it made things easier for those in genuine need.

  4. Members of that security team were mostly UKIP voters …

  5. It seems that Honourable Cameron has become a gay icon for Africa

  6. DivusAntinous 9 Feb 2013, 12:56pm

    The UK Border Agency is incompetent anyway.
    Her Majesty’s Border Police should be brought back.

  7. Spanner1960 9 Feb 2013, 2:52pm

    This is one persons word against another’s.

    I for oner am sick and tired of people trying any way they can to get a foot in our door. Considering the amount of people they let out on bail that abscond, I would imagine the UKBA would have had a very strong case if they had actually got him on a plane.

    1. Why are you “sick and tired”?

  8. clearly gay people have a long way to go before we are actually accepted as humans. it’s too depressing to say, to see any gay person so categorically denied the most basic human dignity.

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