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Ellen DeGeneres criticises Boy Scouts of America for stalling on removing anti-gay ban

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  1. I watched ELLEN and saw when she did this. It was honest and right. THANK YOU ELLEN !!! I was a scout and i quit because being young and gay i felt alone. Life is good now thoe.

  2. grrr arg to modernity! say the po-faced looneys of the BSA. well done to ellen again.

  3. douglas in canada 9 Feb 2013, 9:46pm

    If the BSA is stalling, it means that the answer is not clear cut to them.

    It means that they are weighing their decision in terms of dollars, rather than what’s right or wrong.

    Discrimination is wrong, but the BSA are willing to be wrong, if it means that they get more money from right-wing haters.

  4. The BSA’s dilemma is that they are steadily loosing $ and public support because of there current policies but are scared of alienating the providers of their meeting places (mostly churches) and remaining members and supporters. They have only themselves to blame for not doing the right thing years ago.

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