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Sweden: Gay couple married in Sweden say their families back home are being harassed

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  1. Oh that’s Christian values for you. Harassing an elderly lady because her son is gay and he’s married his partner. And his marriage has brought shame to the country (Uganda) One would imagine the shame was the ‘Kill the Gays Bill’ which could still be made law.

    My best wishes to the couple and I hope that ultimately they can live a happy and peaceful life together.

  2. Now that they are in a safe place, they can fight to change the laws in Uganda. So many people are needlessly suffering because of the hatred that Christians instilled in the people of that country.
    We need to combat the religious extremists at every turn including the Muslims.

  3. Staircase2 7 Feb 2013, 10:04pm

    What a brave man
    Good luck to them both
    I wish them all the best

  4. These guys are so brave I can barely imagine it. I hope one day they are able to be as free as they deserve to be.

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