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Russian appeals court supports decision to drop gay ‘propaganda’ case against Madonna

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Reader comments

  1. What a crazy mixed up place Russia is :) Drops a law suit for spreading gay propaganda while introducing new laws to prevent the spreading of gay propaganda. If only they could wriggle free of the dictatorship they are now experiencing and drag themselves into the 21st century, I’m sure we’d all get along …. eventually.

  2. It is so absurd to keep reading about the situation in Russia regarding gay propaganda.

    It’s interesting that they talk about this case against Madonna, brought by 9 people out of how many in the country?

    Why? “The plaintiffs said they were “desperate” to make the Material Girl pay for their “moral suffering” following her performance in the city during August”

    Ah! now lets think back to the days when it was the good old USSR. The days when every one was afraid to talk to any one because any one could be a threat. a time in history when propaganda was perpetuated because it helped feed people fears.

    Whilst they are inciting hatred with their anti LGBT propaganda bill, nothing can compare to the old photo of their former President Breznhev which they forget is still out there!

    If the material girl cause them moral suffering I wonder what the photo of their former president would do?

    1. Thanks for the brilliant photo, Steve R. They’re kissing on the LIPS !! It has certainly caused me moral suffering. To see these bloodthirsty old criminals snogging each other with such obvious relish, has made me question the very foundations of my own homosexuality.

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