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Video: CNN host challenges defender of scouts gay ban who likens homosexuality to paedophilia

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Reader comments

  1. If I ever met this Tony Perkins character, I hope it would be possible to remove him from the sole of my shoes.

  2. Perkins, hate for hire with a chip on his shoulder so vast that it can be seen from space.

    Inviting Perkins on TV to talk about sexuality is like inviting David Duke on to talk about race issues. The TV companies should stop it at once – But in the modern world the news has nothing to do with facts and everything to do with sensationalised gladiatorial nonsense to generate clicks or win ratings.

    Shame on CNN. Perkins? Same old, same old – desperate to cling to hatred because it is worth a six figure salary to him.

    1. I disagree completely, CNN should show many more interviews like this, it show the homophobes up for the people that they are. I wish that she had been more forceful and challenging but we need people to see these idiot arguments and see how wrong they are.

  3. I thought the core of groups such as the scouts was to teach and build up positive and reciprocal community relations and to help individuals grow into well-rounded and tolerant members of the community.

  4. Liam the God 6 Feb 2013, 6:54pm

    “My brother is upset because they don’t allow Gay scout-masters, but I can understand that as a parent you’d want a NORMAL MAN that enjoys CAMPING WITH CHILDREN” – Emo Phillips (emphasis is mine)

  5. Tony Perkins said that the Boys would be in fear of having their bunk mates attracted to them. Gays are allowed in these children’s schools, in malls, and any other public area. These boys must live in constant fear. I feel so bad for them. “OMG! Does that boy like me? Does that one like me? How about that one?”

    1. Liam the God 6 Feb 2013, 8:50pm

      No, that’s more about Ego: “I dislike Gay people because I am SO GORGEOUS they will all obviously want to have SEX with me!”. Here’s the news: NOBODY FANCIES YOU!! “Your personality is as ugly as your face!”. I once caught a Homophobe out: He was saying he didn’t understand how men could find other men attractive, but soon shut up when I said “So why should WOMEN find men attractive?”…..

  6. He has a straight neighbor and wouldn’t let the neighbor go camping with his daughters for fear that the neighbor would molest his kids.
    With that rationale, shouldn’t all adults be banned from contact with children in non family settings?

  7. Daniel Moreau 7 Feb 2013, 12:32pm

    first of all…”immutable” means never changing…nothing in our universe possesses that quality…secondly: he is advocating the retension of status quo on the basis that the position has existed for 100 years…1) that isn’t true…the rule was introduced relatively recently in BS history…2) does this mean that discriminatory policies from 100 years ago should be re-instated? 3)why do we allow bigots a platform?

  8. Logical flaws in this scouting guy’s argument. Let’s say most people are straight, so most paedophiles are likely to be straight. Most child abuse happens within the family and is heterosexual. Are GIRLS in school not then at risk from male teachers who are paedophiles? Are lesbian teachers only allowed to teach BOYS? The APA defines normal sexuality as an attraction to living, consenting, nonrelated, adult human beings of either or both genders. Where people deviate, eg liking children, that shows abnormality and it is a desire for children not adults. Many paedophiles aren’t too bothered about whether the children they hurt are boys or girls. Dating a woman could just enable a man to get access to her existing or future children. Gay people are usually totally normal like everyone else. They are not to be branded paedophiles. In the UK sex is legal at 16, so even if you don’t like it a person has the right at 16 to sleep with an older person. Everyone of all ages can refuse.

  9. If 2012 has proved anything to me, it is that the right-wing fundamentalist religions consist of the most ignorant dolts of society. And it goes on and on. Really though, how can people in this day suffer from such idiocy!

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