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US: Illinois equal marriage bill passes first reading and will face full Senate vote

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  1. We don’t have “readings” per se in the American style of law making process. There are no preliminary votes, and committee assignments come first.

  2. Im aware then in the UK they are planing to legalize gay marriage which is great for them. I would of hoped that it would be that easy in the states. But thats the Key word is “states” each state is in independently different then the next for the best of reason but as the United States it has the exact same core values. It just takes time to go state by state to spread gay family values and equal rights to many who live in the heart land of america and the south. I think doing it this way thoe may take lots of time causes a shift of power of Conservative christian republican values to democratic American gay and straight family values. It weakens the right and strengthens the left. Thank you Mr. President for changing your parties platform.

  3. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 6 Feb 2013, 9:28am

    On word of advice to all lawmakers in the Illinois Legislature!


    Get on with it, you have a super-majority of Democrats in the Illinois Legislature – so there is NO MORE EXCUSES!


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