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Update: The Boy Scouts of America delays vote on gay ban until May

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Reader comments

  1. Womandrogyne 6 Feb 2013, 4:48pm

    Oh yes, it’s *such* a complex issue… *rolls eyes*

  2. …“due to the complexity of the issue”?
    If they think equality over prejudice is complex, they certainly shouldn’t be involved in any way with the education of young people.

  3. Christopher in Canada 6 Feb 2013, 6:06pm

    Pure NIMBY-ism. Canada has no such ban in it’s Boy Scouts. It’s like Equal Marriage. Somehow these idiots think that so long as it doesn’t happen HERE (as opposed to THERE) it has been controlled. Amazing how ideas observe borders, eh?

  4. casparthegood 6 Feb 2013, 6:11pm

    It is complex. Acountants are very methodical and it is purely a financial decision that needs to be made here. Major sponsors are falling away and there doesn’t seem to be a rush of new money coming in does there?

  5. Stuart James 6 Feb 2013, 6:31pm

    How is it a complex issue? I expect 99% of the boy scouts are gay!?

  6. The votes for policy change may well have been there, but the Executive Board seems to have been frightened by recent renewal of dissent emanating from its church-sponsored scout troops. They’ve postponed the vote to the general assembly meeting, as there was an outcry from these groups – they’ll have all the time they need to mount a campaign against change. But the national BSA will be left to slowly bleed to death, as corporate funding continues to diminish.

  7. “The homosexual lobby is trying to get the Boy Scouts to change their policy — they’re constantly being attacked and bullied,” said Jonathan Saenz, of Texas Values, speaking to the Los Angeles Times. “A lot of people are concerned the Boy Scouts’ image will be tarnished.”

    If any one is tarnishing the image of the BSA, it is the organization itself. Because of it’s own bigotry and ignorance in the case of the the Eagle Scout Ryan Andresen, They initiated both the controversy and debate by refusing steadfast to give him the honor he earned. The situation is not complex… they are just making it so by refusing to evolve.
    they have intensified the debate and failing to realize why so many are indignant about the BSA stance.


    The following perspective representation was on the BBC Magazine site today.

  8. Julian Morrison 6 Feb 2013, 11:46pm

    They panicked and kicked it into the long grass. Keep the pressure on, then.

  9. douglas in canada 9 Feb 2013, 10:21pm

    Scout: “Should I help the old person across the street? I don’t know – it’s a complex issue. I know, I’ll be back in a few months to see what I should do.”

    If the BSA understands ethics and discrimination, they know what to do. Unfortunately, it looks like they are more concerned about how much money they will lose either way, so they are taking the time to figure that out.

    Too bad they simply didn’t just follow the lead of Scouting in so many other countries where there is NO discrimination.

    The US comes across as being more and more primitive and barbaric than they realize.

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