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Russian foreign minister: UK and France’s equal marriage laws will make it harder to adopt Russian children

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Reader comments

  1. Britain and France have enough of their own children who need loving homes.

    Russia should be seeking suitable homes in its own country before looking abroad.

    1. casparthegood 6 Feb 2013, 12:51pm

      They don’t so much look abroad as “westerners” go looking in such places as they see it,rightly or wrongly, as an easier option to adopting at home.-And it gives them a warm cuddly feeling I suspect. Why the hell not adopt the kids at desperate need at home first and if you are not deemed suitable then so be it.

      1. People who are hoping to adopt will just go to other places. If one country insists on making it difficult if not impossible, then why would anyone want to fight against wind mills when there are kids who are desperate for good, loving homes all over the world? This Russian guy sounds like a right ijit.

        The rights for adoption by same-sex couples here in the UK is now much better, but the whole system is really terrible: too many councils are not making children available (who can be adopted) by opening up the selection process and they put potential parents through a prohibitively long and arduous process. Surely it is more important that kids find their permanent homes and don’t have to endure the system overly long? And the worst outcome of the current system is that way too many kids end up ageing out. Completely unacceptable.

      2. PS: I seem to recall that David Cameron wants to take away the ability by councils to wield power in adoption and instead form national agencies that are supposed to be more efficient and will get more kids adopted.

        Emphasis on ‘supposed to’ I’m afraid.

  2. That’s a great shame for those Russian kids. It won’t at all help Russia if they hoard their orphans when these kids could’ve had a really good chance elsewhere.

    This isn’t a punishment for British and French smae sex couples, but it is for the kids having to stay in Russian orphanages.

  3. Yes, sad that the children will grow up to be homophobic and transphobic bigots in Russia.

  4. Unfortunately Russians will have to drag their own country into the 21st century on their own. As there is not much that can be done from outside influence.When so much homophobic behavior permeates Russian society from the top down. Sad for the children who are pawns in a political game. Of one upmanship.

  5. Sarah Springham 6 Feb 2013, 12:37pm

    They don’t call it “Mother Russia” for nothing as you can see!

  6. “Mr Dolgov wrote: “The British and French parliaments have legalised same-sex marriages. This narrows the chances of the citizens of these countries adopting Russian children”

    Why? Does that mean Russian children can only be adopted by couples in homophobic countries? You know the likes of Uganda and Saudi-Arabia are perfect for Russian children but not the UK and France? Welcome to Russia in 2013.

  7. ok, so don’t adopt Russian kids.
    go somewhere else.

  8. How disgusting is that? This moron would rather see a child brought up in some terrible State Institution rather than in a loving home? Just shows how powerful religious mental conditioning can be. This nob would rather condemn a child to a life of torment to ‘punish’ France and Britain for adopting a fundamental human right .. equality. But then, freedom and equality are not issues the Russian state regards very highly, are they …?

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