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Peter Tatchell: Commons vote a victory for equal marriage but the battle is not yet won

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Reader comments

  1. Craig Denney 6 Feb 2013, 1:40pm

    Dear Tory (lead) Council,

    Soon the LGBT community will have total equality and council spending should reflect those equal rights.

    I’ve looked at the Councils Publication of the Council payments over £500 and I would like to draw your attention to the Councils spending on the Gay (LGBTQ) community or the lack of it.

    The gay Community has long suspected that funding for religious people in (your County) has far exceeds funding for the Gay Community and we would like to make two FoI Requests to prove it.

    FOI request 1:
    How much money has the council spent ‘directly’ on the LGBTQ Community ‘based within’ (your County) of the last Twelve months of the Council payments over £500?

    FOI request 2:
    How much money has the council spent on religious privileges ‘in’ (your County) of the last Twelve months of the Council payments over £500?

    I look forward to your answer.

    1. I bet those gay friendly Tory councillors are fighting the right-wingers in the councils and this FoI request will give them something to fight them with.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 6 Feb 2013, 2:08pm

    I agree, CPs should be available for straight couples whether there is demand for them or not. Of course, the opposition will exploit this as a result of equal marriage legislation, just as they have with the nonsense surrounding polygamy and incest.

    As for the third and final reading in the Lords, I think it’s incumbent on all of us to not be complacent or apathetic after yesterday, but to embolden ourselves by embarking on a country wide campaign to contact the Lords because right now, the opposition, primarily the C4M gange are already mobilised to do just that. Let’s not see that ‘massacre’ of the bill in the upper chamber. Don’t let the bigots get the upper hand.

    I contacted StonewallUK about this several weeks ago and received no response. I urge everyone to get busy and start contacting every member in the upper chamber. We need to be louder than the opposition this time.

    1. As far as I am aware CPs were originally meant to be ‘marriage in all but name’ and that was the reason they were to only be available for same-sex couples. If gay marriage does indeed become legal then there will be absolutely no more need for CPs any more. I always thought changing CPs into gay marriage was only ever about semantics. I always hated the idea of CPs becoming available to straight people because it meant devaluing my own CP and comfirming that CPs were 2nd class unions and as a result ultimately lessening the chances of my CP being upgraded to marriage.

  3. Yes, Peter, there is indeed a long way to go yet.

    During the past six months the Same-Sex Marriage campaign has exposed the deep and widespread hatred of homosexuals that continues to exist in the UK despite previous equality legislation. That homophobia will continue long after yesterday’s Bill passes into law.

    Last night on BBC2’s Newsnight Kirsty Wark interviewed the world’s first lesbian bride, a citizen of the Netherlands. It was telling that this woman said that she and her wife and children still experience homophobia, particularly at times when it becomes necessary for them to reveal themselves, such as when their children change schools and the teachers expect to meet a pair of parents who consist of a husband and wife. Although the Dutch interviewee said “But it’s their problem, not ours”, such occasions are clearly occasions of embarrassment and pain.

    We have a great deal of work to do before the vast majority of people are entirely open to same-sex people.

    1. Dave North 6 Feb 2013, 4:01pm


      I object to having to “reveal” my sexuality to officials with the prospect of potentially being given poor treatment every time I state I am in a Civil Partnership on some form or other.

    2. Craig Denney 6 Feb 2013, 4:59pm

      “such as when their children change schools”

      It’s Councils that deal with that here.

      The last bastion of prejudice.

  4. Christopher Hobe Morrison 6 Feb 2013, 8:04pm

    Three cheers for Peter! He was a leader on this long before it was popular, people used to think he was a bit strange when he talked about it sometimes, but they couldn’t say anything to refute his arguments so he won in the end. Truth beats BS, love beats hatred.

  5. Mumbo Jumbo 6 Feb 2013, 8:09pm

    Thank you for all your work Peter. Truly, you have achieved much.

  6. Strange how we morph and change our views. When first the question of CPs for straight couples came up I thought they were just muddying the water and being a bit self indulgent. Why were they complaining when they could pop along to the Registry Office and get all the legal protection they would need? I have changed my view and think CPs for straight couples will be inserted into the bill at committee stage. I doubt whether there will be much call for them and see them gradually withering on the vine.
    With such a hefty majority the Lords is unlikely to reject the Bill. It is a much different place to what is was 10 years ago when I was involved on the repeal of Section 28. But the antis will be out in force. Stonewall are lobbying the Lords and have asked members to lobby too.
    Peter T has been fantastic over the years and never been afraid to tackle bigotry. HE is the one who has had to cope with real death threats and violence against him rather than the MPs getting a nasty email

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