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Gay Saudi prince convicted of murder will return home to serve his sentence

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Reader comments

  1. What are the chances of him being released from prison back in Saudi because of who he is?

    1. Every chance.

      Many politicians on both sides of the political spectrum are in the financial thrall of Saudi bribery.

      He served just over two years of his sentence is now going back home. Simple as.

    2. He’ll be out in a flash (if he ever goes in) and will be spirited away into what will probably be a very welcome exile somewhere like Barbados.

      Mind you, much depends on his immediate family I suppose – he could just as likely be done away with, discreetly, in an “honour” murder.

      1. Rehan have you been drinking?

      2. He is a prince, nothing will happen to him except a luxury life style.

  2. I didn’t see that one comming. This country is a joke where money is God and he oly killed a negro so it does not matter. I remember Martine Magnassun who got murdered by some playboy prince too. Justice for some.

    1. But if he’d murdered the man in Saudi he most probably wouldn’t have been held accountable at all, let alone be imprisoned. And why should the British taxpayer fund his imprisonment?

      1. What? Are you insane? I want to live in a country where a murderer is punished. Now this guy got off I imagine the Edgware Road will be a dangerous place to hang out

  3. I wonder if any guarantees have been given to the British authorities about his sentence being carried through. I doubt it. The Saudis get what they want or they just withdraw lucrative business.

  4. If he’s sent back to Saudi Arabia, he will probably be executed. As a matter of human decency, I don’t believe in the death penalty for anyone, not matter how depraved their crime. The government of the U.K. should not extradite anyone to their deaths. Let him serve his sentence where he will remain alive.

    1. He is a prince, nothing will happen to him, absolutely nothing, they are above the law in Saudi and his crime is nothing over there.

  5. He will be set free as soon as his luxury plane lands, what a joke.

    (For anyone not quite up on their Middle Eastern politics.)

    The likelihood is, because the story has been widely reported, that the Saudi’s will make an example of Prince Saud.

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