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Ed Miliband celebrates equal marriage vote and says ‘this is a proud day for Britain’

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Reader comments

  1. Peter & Michael 6 Feb 2013, 11:18am

    Hopefully, Same Sex Marriage may become available toward the end of 2013. David Cameron has been courageous with this Bill, and in trying to modernise his party, pity some of his flock are still living in the Middle Ages !

    1. Dave North 6 Feb 2013, 11:26am

      At least these dinosaurs are now exposed.

  2. Congratulations from Germany to our British friends who have won the battle for their human rights. What a historic decision! In the meantime in Germany we have to wait for decisions of the German Constitutional Court to get more rights because the German government is not willing to act. Whatever, today is a day of celebration for the British gays and lesbians. Enjoy it.
    (Sorry for my bad English.)

  3. Yes great lets all pat ourselves on the back. Maybe now we can remeber the kids who are still feeling the heat on council estates and in inner city schools. did you know Damnilola Taylor was taunted for being gay before he was murdered? Do you realsise that these random kids not in gangs being murdered may have one thing in common?

    1. It is important to celebrate this. Marriage equality may help promote a greater tolerance for GLBTQ people. Sadly bullies will always target people who are different and we have life saving work to do – to prevent bullying of GLBTQ people – whether they marry or not.

      1. That word tolerance. I do not want to be tolerated like a fart in a lift. Acceptance, respect and equality are what I’, looning for.

        1. That word tolerance. I do not want to be tolerated like a fart in a lift. Acceptance, respect and equality are what I’m looking for.

  4. Why did you headline this news with a photo and quote from Ed Milliband? It was David Cameron who was responsible for bringing in this measure despite opposition from some members of his party and he deserves great praise for this not one line much further down in the article.

    1. Probably because if it was not for the Labour Party this would not have passed.

      Only a minority of Tory MP’s (a large minority, but a minority nonetheless) are in favour of equality.

      Equal marriage will be passed in spite of the Tory Party, not because of them.

      Well done to David Cameron.

      But the reality is that the Tory Party remains the most homophobic of the main parties.

  5. Ed Miliband looks more and more like a Prime Minister with each supportive statement he makes in favour of equal marriage. There has been a discernible impasse in the way Labour has responded to David Cameron’s brilliant but still utterly astonishing pursuit of marriage equality. It must have hurt the opposition (and Ben Summerskill) as Labour’s (and Stonewall’s) civil partnerships got the drubbing they always deserved. They seem to be over it now though and Mr Miliband’s visible and vocal support for marriage equality, particularly over the past week, has been fantastic. Thank you Ed!

  6. Pavlos Prince of Greece 6 Feb 2013, 12:53pm

    He has even not managing to resist against small Catholic minority of supporters of ‘free vote’ (what a strange definition: every vote of democratic elected Representative is free) in his party, and has making so this impossible in the Liberal Democrat party too. Meanwhile David Cameron has managed to resist against anti-gay marriage majority in his party. More questions, who is stronger politician and personality?

  7. Never thought I would congratulate any conservative PM but David Cameron is an exception. He has been bold enough to see the bill through even when surrounded by the old bigoted guards in his party and the ranting and ravings of the catholic church and c of e. Congratulations Mr.Cameron.

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