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Comment: Equal marriage means gay relationships will stop being dismissed as inferior

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Reader comments

  1. A gay couple were due to be interviewed this morning on BBC Newsround about the Commons equal marriage vote, but the BBC cancelled their appearance at short notice. So it looks like there’s still some way to go.

  2. stephanie 6 Feb 2013, 8:53pm

    i like it when someone doesn’t talk bollox. x

  3. Indeed. I was glad to hear Ms Featherstone get several shout-outs in the debate.

    And let’s not forget the people in the community who contributed to this, particularly Peter Tatchell, Ben Cohen & PN, and C4EM.

    I wonder how much of a role Nick Herbert had in developing David Cameron’s thinking in this direction. In the debate on Tuesday, I noticed that Mr Herbert spoke in terms reminiscent of Mr Cameron’s conference comments in 2011, articulating the “Conservative case” for marriage equality.

    Whatever Mr Herbert’s role in the decision to press ahead with this, he has given some solid performances on marriage equality both in the media and in the House. I expect he will now be swiftly forgiven for his sulkiness after being denied a place in Cabinet in September, and will return to the government asap.

  4. I think the BBC’s reporting of this issue-and also their numerous “debate” programmes on gay “marriage” deserves greater scrutiny. It was almost propaganda for the anti-gay marriage cause at times-and I was consitently amazed at the totally biased approach.

    It was almost as though the BBC was acting as a mouthpiece for the roman catholic church at times.

    1. The BBC’s anti-gay bias was blatantly obvious on the R4 Today programme at 0709 on Wednesday morning.

      If you missed it, visit then click on the loudspeaker symbol with “Listen now 180 mins” and wind it forward to 1:09:00.

      In the headline spot straight after the news bulletin, Justin Webb mentions the 400/175 vote, notes that most Conservatives did not back the Bill and then asks the notorious Roger Gale “Can you stop it happening?”.

      Webb then fawns over Gale and gives him a highly sympathetic hearing as he spouts his usual bile. There is no pretence whatsoever of any sort of balance because there is no other guest. Webb would have rolled out the red carpet if it hadn’t been radio.

      No wonder they’ve hidden Evan Davies this week ! If someone from the BNP was being interviewed, the BBC would probably go out of their way to find a black reporter to confront them, but Evan seems to be banned from covering any news story with any gay component.

    2. its amazing because if you look at other websites with a more conservative stance they are absolutely convinced the bbc is very biases in favour of gay marriage

  5. We still have a long, a very long way to go before society at large considers us equals. it’s an absolute disgrace it still is not the case in this day and age, but our foes are formidable. The Church, in its many guises wields enormous powers of influence in Westminster, and society at large is still poluted by its venom. Gay teenagers commit suicide at a still alarming rate, bullying is rife in state schools, discrimination in the workplace still happens. This piece of legislation, if passed, goes in the right direction, but it is not the tidal wave of change some would have us believe. We’re at war with those who hate us for being us, and this is only one but many battles to come.

  6. “More than being about a wedding, genuine same-sex marriage will mean gay relationships will stop being dismissed as inferior”. This is precisely the point of ‘equal’ marriage. What’s the point of being ‘equal … but different’? This was the status bigots wanted for people of colour when racial equality was first proposed. And ‘equality’ MUST be discussed in schools .. otherwise homophobic bullying will continue unabated.

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