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Campaigners urge Australia to ‘catch up’ on same-sex marriage and follow Britain’s lead

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Reader comments

  1. Good luck to them in Australia.

    However, they did not follow the UK when Civil Partnerships were introduced and for as long as people like Gillard are sat in Parliament there, I fear that it will be a very long and drawn out battle.

    1. while Bruce’s post says little about his link (messages with few words but long links tend to be suspicious), this IS a link to an important moment in history.

      a brief description of the article to which it links:
      “This is the speech made by Paul Martin, PM of Canada when he moved the bill to legalise same-sex marriage, in the Ottawa Parliament.”
      Dated February 2005

  2. Criss Cross 8 Feb 2013, 1:15am

    Australia has consistently fallen behind on all areas of gay rights ever since it emerged as an organised campaign in 1970.
    Aus decriminalization of homosexuality was only fully achieved in 1997, a full 11 years after neighboring New Zealand had achieved it.
    When other countries were legalizing civil unions, Aus outlawed it.
    Now other countries are pushing for full marriage for same sex couples and Aus has abandoned it.
    The full irony is that Aus is home to one of the biggest celebrations of LGBT liberation in the world.
    Sydneys Mardi Gras is effectively a celebration of nothing but the right to party publicly. It is a lie presented to the outside world to make Aus look progressive and fair, when in fact Australia it is nothing of the sort.

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