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All but two of Northern Ireland’s MPs voted against equal marriage for England and Wales

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Reader comments

  1. Well what did you expect from a place that’s been fighting over religious issues since the 1600s. It’s hardly ‘progressive’ is it?

    1. Thank You for that well informed piece of racist information, and no doubt it is of note that the rest of the UK has NEVER been involved a fight over religion. History will inform you that its because Ireland was invaded and the land ‘given’ to British gentry that the fight in Ireland was started in the first place. God give me strength

      1. that was factual, not racist.

  2. That There Other David 6 Feb 2013, 2:32pm

    Although I get their ideological stance this is an example of how Sinn Fein’s refusal to attend Westminster actually hurts the impression most people have of Northern Ireland. 5 more NI MPs in the Aye lobby wouldn’t have affected the result, but it would have worked wonders for Sinn Fein’s image here in Great Britain.

    1. How can you work wonders for A party who murdered and bombed their way into politics? Their image will always be tarnished by the blood of the innocent men, women and children murdered by them and their comrades in arms.

      1. Violence in Ireland is not the sole prerogative of the IRA or Republicans the Loyalists are just as violent. And they have their allies in the Unionist parties.

        1. Totally Agree and I apologise if it seemed like I was blaming 1 side over the other. They are all as much to blame. I was merely pointing out that the comment made regarding Sinn Fein’s image was wrong

      2. That There Other David 6 Feb 2013, 4:14pm

        Because I’m ready to forgive the past and move on with regards to Sinn Fein for the sake of a better future. South Africans have learned to get past their previous National Party vs. ANC grievances, why can’t we?

  3. I loved how Ian Paisley Jnr was laughed at when he commented that in other countries where they had introduced same sex marriage, the number of heterosexual marriages had declined – “facts speak for themselves”.

  4. Backward place with a backward mentality.

    1. Is that true of all people in Northern Ireland? Including those of us who are gay?

      Please remember that whilst the rest of the UK will have equal marriage, Northern Ireland will not and the gay community of Northern Ireland will be treated as inferior UK citizens compared to our gay brothers and sisters on the UK mainland. The gay community of Northern Ireland face a very uphill and difficult task to try and have not only equal marriage but also equal citizenship rights. Yes, that IS because most of our politicians have a backward mentality but it would have been nicer if you had commented in a way that could be seen as standing in solidarity with the plight of gays in Northern Ireland.

      Human Rights should not be a devolved matter for each of the constituent parts of the UK to decide upon. The vote at Westminster should apply to all of the UK.

    2. 4 people on this forum thought that this was worth giving a thumbs up to this comment and thought it was right to do so!! WTF!!!

  5. I wish we could kick NI out of the UK without resulting in even more bloodshed.

    1. I wish people like you would shut up. We are descendants from people from the Mainland and will fight to remain British. We deserve respect from those we would call Brothers and Sisters on the Mainland without twaddle being spewed from people who no nothing about the place. We have put up with enough to solidify our place in the UK.

      1. well said Michael . CTW that is a highly offensive comment that shows a complete lack of education or understanding of the situation . Just for the record several members of my family have given their life defending this country ,while many others including myself have or do work as public servents.

      2. Well if you want to remain British you should stay in keeping with changing attitudes as a country and a culture. It is sad to see that is not happening.

    2. I for one am more than willing to be kicked out….with all due respect given to the others on this comment who wish to remain part of GB. Mine is just an opinion, no more and no less valid than theirs. I can see why they feel betrayed by some of the comments on this page, they are nothing less than racist.

    3. That’s a very simplistic view, CTW. Northern Ireland should just be “kicked out” of the UK??! The people of Northern Ireland are just as much a part of the UK as those in England, Scotland or Wales. The people in Britain do not ‘own’ the people in Northern Ireland and therefore cannot just “kick” them out of the UK! However, Northern Ireland is free to leave the Union just as Scotland, Wales and yes, England, are free to leave the Union. That cannot be forced upon them, just as Scotland cannot be forced to leave or England and Wales for that matter.

      I had hoped for more intelligence on these pages but unfortunately there is still bigotry, something which I thought we, as gay people, should reject.

  6. I still feel that it is wrong that MP’s for Scotland and Northern Ireland are able to vote on something that will not affect their countries.

    1. True, but is equally wrong that such a human rights issue as equal marriage has been devolved to Scotland and Northern Ireland. The Scots will get equal marriage but the gay community in Northern Ireland will not, because of the ultra-conservatism of the unionist politicians. Due to the set-up of the Northern Ireland Assembly, a vote can only pass into legislation if it has the support of a majority of both unionist and nationalist politicians. Therefore, the gay community in Northern Ireland will never get equal marriage rights. That means that they will never have equal citizenship rights compared to gay people in England, Scotland and Wales. It’s a disgrace, yet I don’t hear anyone on the UK mainland willing to listen to us, never mind speak up for us.

  7. One of those from the DUP voting against the bill was their posterboy, Sammy Wilson. You may remember this moralist running through the forest naked with his then girlfriend in full view of passerbys, incuding, …..children

    1. And there was the scandal over the 60 year-old wife of Peter Robinson (First Minister) alleged to be having an affair with a 19 year-old. So much for the ‘sanctity of marriage’ that they’re all so keen to protect. Hypocrisy rules …

  8. I tried to write an ironic and light-hearted comment about this, but couldn’t.

    That performance by the DUP made it clear that they still reject equal treatment in goods and services or by public servants such as Lillian Ladele.

    Nothing the DUP MPs said was surprising, but being reminded that the rest of the UK has moved on so far made me think very hard about whether it would be irresponsible for me to try to bring up children in NI, and whether I should leave permanently as soon as I can.

    The DUP are not protecting the Northern Irish way of life with this sort of attitude. They are killing it. They are ensuring that professional, creative people will leave at 18 and never come back.

    I remember on my first day in NI, I asked a colleague (also a non-native) if he had any advice for me. “Yes,” he said. “Leave. Get right back on the boat and don’t come back.” Rev McCrea made me wonder if that colleague of mine was right.

    1. I have a DUP MP!! How lucky am I?!

      1. Most unlucky.

        I couldn’t live there, James. I really couldn’t.

      2. Me too!!!! Woo Hoo……… Good to know i’m represented by the Drop Ur Pants party eh Iris and Sammy lol

  9. Amazing, how the DUP can stand up and claim anything will destroy society, ruin lives etc, when they urged their supporters to take to the streets to object to the Union Jack not being continually flown on the Town Hall.

    Consequently, there’s been running battles with the police, petrol bombs and many police officers injured.

    Yet, two people of the same sex who love each other and want to make a lifelong commitment will supposedly tear apart society as we know it.

    I grew up in Southern Ireland and remember only too well, Paisley’s infamous hate speeches. The ones that rallied thugs to arrive at the door of a randomly chosen Catholic and either beat him or shoot him dead. Many of these killings took place in front of the man’s terrified wife and children.

    So much for their support for ‘traditional marriage’ and family values.

    I see Sinn Fein as being similar and recall their campaigns of punishment beatings of those they suspected were queers.

    Both are scum, in my view.

    1. Sinn Fein are now pro-equal marriage. All of their members in the Northern Ireland Assembly voted for equality in a recent vote.

      However, when the Assembly was created it was decided that each member has to ‘designated’ him- or her-self either ‘Unionist’, ‘Nationalist’ or ‘Other’ and votes can only be enacted into legislation when they are supported by a majority of both ‘Unionist’ and ‘Nationalist’ members. The ‘Others’ votes don’t appear to count!

      Whilst Sinn Fein and the other ‘nationalist’ party, the SDLP, did vote overwhelmingly for marriage equality in the Northern Ireland Assembly, the ‘Unionist’ camp was overwhelmingly against it. Even if Sinn Fein and the SDLP had a majority of Assembly members and the vote for equality had a simple majority, it still would not pass into legislation because it didn’t have majority support amongst those members designated as ‘Unionist’.

      1. James,

        I’m very much aware of Sinn Fein’s revised stance in relation to same-sex marriage. That wasn’t the case back in the 1980s when anyone suspecting of being queer was subjected to a beating in an effort to keep ‘sodomites’ and ‘child abusers’ off the streets of Ireland.

        I remember those days well and I remember when the Sinn Fein boys issued threats to Senator David Norris, the only out-gay man in the whole or Ireland at that time.

        David Norris’s reply was to walk into one of Dublin’s known gay drinking haunts and advise those gathered that if he didn’t get a retraction of the said threats, that he’d be naming names of all known gay IRA boys to the media the following morning.

        Sinn Fein are the political wing of the IRA – always have been; they’ve operated with a ballot paper in one hand and an armalite in the other.

        We don’t need murders or those who condone the killing of police officers on our side.

        1. James take your lies and bull shit else were! Sinn Fein have always supported LGBT right

          1. Michael it appears it is you who are full of lies and BS. I can’t believe that in this day and age there are still people who see Sinn Fein as whiter than white………

    2. Just a thought but it appears the DUP don’t want Gay Unionists to vote for them nor the UUP……. Guess I won’t be voting in the next elections then.

  10. Some of the comments in here display pure ignorance.

    Policitics in NI is very different. I know many people who vote dup, an many of them support equal marriage.

    People here vote on a purely unionist/nationalist basis (for the most part). Don’t assume that northern Ireland is a country of homophobic morons (not ignoring that we do seem to have a disproportionate amount of them, but I blame the culture of hatred/division for allowing this to manifest).

  11. Leon Ards 6 Feb 2013, 9:30pm

    Given the fact that NI MPs got to vote on an equality bill for England and Wales, can all UK MPs now vote on a bill for NI?

  12. Please stop calling NI a ‘backward’ country.

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