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Tory MP John Whittingdale: ‘Same-sex marriage will cause distress to many’

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Reader comments

  1. Why is it, these idiots always reel off that they know several gay couples who are against equal marriage? I ask him to provide proof this of.

    You will be on the wrong side of history and you will be judged accordingly.

    1. Me too, I’m fed up of hearing this unsubstantiated rubbish.

      Digging their own political graves, It’s good that people can see these MP’s for what they are.

    2. It’s cr*p. While there may be some LGBT people against EM, there are far more in favour.

      1. And of course LGBTs who oppose equal marriage aren’t obliged to have one.

        1. PantoHorse 5 Feb 2013, 12:22pm

          I know a few who don’t want one. But there’s not a single person among them who thinks we shouldn’t be allowed to have one.

    3. PantoHorse 5 Feb 2013, 12:20pm

      I can’t imagine being a proud, out, happy gay person _and_ wanting to be his friend.

      What gay person in their right mind would sit around a table with him, after dinner perhaps, and say ‘yeah, you’re right Johnnie, you heteros are better than me. I don’t think my rights should be equal to yours.’

      It’s preposterous.

  2. Chester666666 5 Feb 2013, 11:07am

    Causing distress to antis and homophobes is no reason to support discrimination

    1. Dave North 5 Feb 2013, 11:45am

      We might upset the Ku Klux Klan. Don’t ban slavery!

    2. Would he use the same argument to oppose legislation that protects ethnic groups? “Not being able to discriminate against black people causes some racist people distress”.

  3. He votedd FOR Section 28!

    How much “distress” did that cause to gay and lesbian people?

  4. bobbleobble 5 Feb 2013, 11:10am

    It causes me distress that there are so many people who feel I am and should be treated as a second class citizen. They’ll get over their distress when the sky doesn’t fall down and it turns out they can carry on with their bigotry. I’ll get over mine when I finally get to say I do and everyone’s happy.

    I think we should start a game of ‘reasons to vote against’ bingo. We’ve nearly got a full house with Mr Whittingdale. I think someone handed out a menu of all the different nonsense reasons the antis have come up with and when writing a letter or giving an interview they just pick the ones they like at the time.

  5. What distress does it cause them? Mild annoyance that someone is getting something they dont want them to have? Boo freaking hoo.. Im sick of the Daily Mail set getting upset over something that doesn’t concern them. Mind your own damn business you bunch of self righteous nosey busybodies.

  6. Disgraceful.

  7. I’m pretty sure that the people who will be ‘distressed’ at homosexuals marrying don’t actually know any homosexuals. The only way they will know about the marriages and be distressed by them is if they linger outside registry offices all day every day.

  8. why is it that it is the ones from previous generations dictating or trying to dictate the laws of a current generation and of those to come….and they are so far out of touch with the current times and progress of society, I wonder if there shouldn’t be a law introduced that puts a mandatory retirement age for politicians

    1. I am of his generation and am appalled by such meanness of spirit.

  9. I along with millions of other LGBT people in the UK are now, and have been for our entire lives, deeply distressed through the law’s discrimination against us purely because of our nature-given sexual orientation.

    I welcome the fact that today the British parliament will start a process to dismantle some of that distress.

    And I look forward to living in a country where the hateful views of thoughtless (and totally unChrist-like) religionists no longer hold sway in our society.

  10. I’m sure there are gay couples across the land that are not in favour of marriage equality. There are probably one or two heterosexual couples who aren’t in favour of marriage at all. So what? No one will force them to get married – all that changes is the prohibition of same sex couples being able to get married. If someone with “strong beliefs” believes that equality should not be granted to their fellow citizens, that is for their conscience, not something that should be enacted in English Law.

  11. I’m ashamed to say he’s my MP as I live in Maldon and I’ve met him a few times for various policy meetings, etc.

    Not only have he proven himself to be a closed minded, expenses swindling, stuck in his ways and outdated politician, he’s also a bit of a douche!


  12. I reckon he’s one of the closeted MPs. My gaydar is off the scale with him!

  13. ALL civil marriages should cause ‘distress’ to religious people because they’re not ‘marriages under god’. Or could it be that that’s just an excuse from people who are only prejudiced against LGBT people?

    It’s ‘causing distress’ now, is it? I’m sick of these spurious reasons to deny us equality.

  14. Their bigotry is entrenched so we can’t expect their arguments to advance. My MP, Nicky Morgan, has prayed her religion in aid of her cruel position in the opponents’ camp. As my own small protest I shall address her by her “maiden” (silly word) name if I ever have to address her at all. If she can’t respect my relationship then I shall demonstrate my contempt for hers.

  15. Disgusting, the Nasty Party is out in force. Their continued existence is a crime against humanity.

  16. “I recognise that this will cause distress to many.”


    1. Good!

      I hope it causes these bigots to have heart attacks, frankly.

  17. If you are distressed by me and my boyfriend getting married, then you have some serious psychological issues.

  18. Oh, but persecution for being gay, homophobic attacks, murder, suicide and bullying doesn’t cause distress!!! Not to mention imprisonment and chemical castration years ago. Oh, and hanging gays in other countries. Now that’s what I CALL bloody distressing…….cretin!!

  19. Frank Boulton 5 Feb 2013, 4:39pm

    “Moreover, I recognise that this will cause distress to many, particularly those with strong religious beliefs.” I’m sure he’s right but he misses the point that homphobia causes much more distress to many more people, particularly those who are homosexual.

  20. My my the white colonialists are out in force today!

  21. awwww diddums we wouldn’t want tory back bencher getting stressed would we!!!!!

  22. Have they any idea just how “upsetting” relentless homophobia, day after day can be? Ditto eevated suicide rates among LGB and especially T youngsters. Give me strength.

  23. “I recognise that this will cause distress to many, particularly those with strong religious beliefs”
    As did Catholic Emancipation, abolishing slavery and giving votes to women.

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