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More Conservative MPs voted against same-sex marriage than for it

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Reader comments

  1. David Cameron and those tories who voted in support deserve our support. It was a test of integrity for them and they came through with flying colours.

    1. Indeed.

      But no LGBT person should vote for any candidate that voted against equality.

    1. Thanks for that list. I wasn’t that surprised to find my MP listed. Now I don’t have to feel bad about my conviction never ever to vote for him.

    2. Liam the God 5 Feb 2013, 9:55pm

      Quite shocked NOT to see my local MP, Charles Walker, on that list….

  2. It was a free vote after all.
    If there had been a whip and they had still voted against then that would be

  3. This was still progress despite a few more Conservative MP’s voting against than for. Who could have imagined not so long ago that the Tories would be pretty much evenly split on same-sex marriage.

    At the end of the day, the support is only going to continue to grow. Equality has already won.

    1. Indeed.

      And we must ensure that we do NOT vote for any candidate that voted against equality at the next general election.

      It’s time those homophobic dinosaurs were removed from public life. Their bigotry renders them unsuitable for public office.

  4. I do not want to be bad. But who cares, more than half of them both for and against, lost their accents for a MP labor that is likely to be pro-gay marriage.

    There no is a chance of the Conservatives win majority in 2015

  5. I have a wonderful gay relative and I am delighted that common sense prevailed. Ridiculous it took so long. The majority of straight people support equality for all and rightly so.

  6. Liam the God 5 Feb 2013, 9:52pm

    Maybe the ones that voted against are worried their Gay lovers will ask them to leave their wives and marry them, like Female mistresses do?

  7. Old school Tories are wasting their time. By 2015 nobody is going to even care about this anymore, which is why Cameron pushed so hard to do it right now. Even though it passed mostly because of Labour, Cameron still gets to keep this as his victory. Which means he can devote the next two years to the economy and Europe, issues he is much more willing to face off against Labour over.

    1. It’s going to be very difficult for Cameron to persuade LGBT people to vote for Tory candidates who voted against equality.

      And rightly so.

      Those who voted against this are revolting, bigoted scum.

  8. Liam the God 5 Feb 2013, 9:59pm

    Looking through the various lists my local MP doesn’t even seem to have turned up. He is a Closet Homophobe, mind you….

  9. Watching the BBC coverage now. SO negative, they just focus on all the negative

    1. Newsnight is being slightly more rounded but still focussing on Tory problems rather than celebrating a moment in history.

    2. can we all suggest that the stonewall bigot of the year award goes to the BBC.

      1. Seconded.

  10. Vulpus_rex 5 Feb 2013, 10:16pm

    The fact is we have gay marriage in the UK because of the commitment of a Tory prime minister.

    Well done David Cameron.

    1. theotherone 5 Feb 2013, 11:01pm

      surprisingly yes.

      i hate much of what you docallmedave but i’d buy you a drink over this

    2. Not yet you don’t, long way off, more consultation on it, and then the Lords. Hopefully they will reject it.

      1. Ah the lovely old parliament act can come into play if they do try to reject it :)

  11. Edmund Rodgers 5 Feb 2013, 10:20pm

    A lot or rabid mad dog Tory MPs like Stewart Jackson in Peteborough, and the barker for Gainsborough that started quoting the catechism of the catholic church. Still the nasty party!

  12. To quote the BBC’s Nick Robinson – “The real reason for the anger directed at David Cameron is that many Conservatives have realised that they and their attitudes are the dragon their leader has decided to slay.”

  13. Pavlos Prince of Greece 5 Feb 2013, 10:47pm

    Very sad for Mr. Cameron. If Conservatives will loose elections 2015 or David Cameron – the leadership in his party, this will be bad signal for others, that same-sex marriage still is very risky issue, without any political benefit. However, I am very positive surprised that Chris Skidmore has voted with ‘Yes’ – I still remember until now his some homophobic remarks from Oxford.

    1. If they lose the election it will be less to do with Cameron backing equal marriage, and more to do with the economy, the NHS and education. Anyone with a brain will see that and thus it will send no such “signal”.

      1. Pavlos Prince of Greece 6 Feb 2013, 2:15am

        Very true. But right wing in the Conservative party (and some political commentators in the media) will blame on this same-sex marriage too, I suspect (as it was even after not very big victory of Cameron`s party 2010).

        1. I said “anyone with a brain”, the “right wing in the Conservative party” don’t fit that description.

          1. Pavlos Prince of Greece 6 Feb 2013, 6:23pm

            Oh yes, sorry, darling. Of course.

  14. Fabulous to see that my MP voted against it, we here in the Town are delighted with her, she truly did work for the people today.

    1. Ah hello troll :)

    2. Thank you so much for making the effort to log onto a gay website to share your thoughts with us.

  15. TheStowE17 6 Feb 2013, 12:05am

    Of the 22 Labour MPs who voted against, 16 are Catholics according to The Tablet newspaper, marked * below. Three others sit for West of Scotland seats.
    Joe Benton* (Bootle), Ronnie Campbell* (Blyth Valley), Tom Clarke* (Coatbridge, Chryston & Bellshill), Rosie Cooper* (Lancashire West), David Crausby* (Bolton North East), Tony Cunningham* (Workington), Jim Dobbin* (Heywood & Middleton), Brian Donohoe (Ayrshire Central), Robert Flello* (Stoke-on-Trent South), Mary Glindon* (Tyneside North), Paul Goggins* (Wythenshawe & Sale East), Dai Havard (Merthyr Tydfil & Rhymney), Michael McCann (East Kilbride, Strathaven & Lesmahagow), Jim McGovern* (Dundee West), Iain McKenzie (Inverclyde), George Mudie (Leeds East), Paul Murphy* (Torfaen), Stephen Pound* (Ealing North), Frank Roy* (Motherwell & Wishaw), Jim Sheridan* (Paisley & Renfrewshire North), Derek Twigg* (Halton), Mike Wood (Batley & Spen).

    1. Paul Murphy (Torfaen) Labour (allegedly a socialist)

      On his website: “Murphy stands up to prejudice by signing Holocaust Memorial Day Book of Commitment”

      “Holocaust Memorial Day presents us with an opportunity to join with representatives of the persecuted and those who themselves experienced persecution, to remember the millions who died.”

      Karen Pollock MBE, Chief Executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust, said:
      “We are proud that Mr. Murphy is supporting Holocaust Memorial Day this year. It is vitally important that we both remember and learn from the appalling events of the Holocaust – as well as ensuring that we continue to challenge all forms of hatred and bigotry.”

      It’s a shame Mr Murphy’s commitment to fighting prejudice only extends to signing a book rather than using his power as an MP to deliver equality.

      1. I used to work for Paul Murphy funnily enough. He’s an extremely staunch Catholic, which puts him in the same group as tether – all for equality except when the Catholic church says otherwise….

  16. i couldn’t find nadine dorries under the tories that voted no, which surprised me a bit

    then i saw she is now listed as an independent – ha!

    but does that mean the tories have one less seat to their coalition based majority? just curious…

  17. For those MP’s who voted against marriage equality, all I can say is I hope they feel happy denying someone else’s basic human right to marriage, because their names will be eternally cemented on the wrong side of history.

  18. Interesting to note that there are quite a few Government front-benchers on this list – that’s going to make cabinet meetings awkward…

    1. Those are people who should be sacked.

      Their bigotry renders them unsuitable to hold ministerial positions.

      It’s absolutely essential that these bigots learn that their bigotry did not go unnoticed.

  19. barriejohn 6 Feb 2013, 7:45am

    What happened to the “200 Tory rebels” then? In the end it was only 136, and when you consider the Tory party that’s nothing! Daily Mail headline today: “Cameron humbled by Tory gay vote rebellion”. What utter rubbish – I’d say that he’d triumphed!

  20. I am grateful to David Cameron and those behind him; but, his party willl never get my vote. The party is a shameful pack of homophobes and will always be.

  21. I can’t believe Nicola Blackwood (Oxford MP) wimped out on this vote, especially after indicating that she had no objections to David Cameron’s bill. She’s such a disappointment and simply isn’t reflecting the views of her constituents, particularly Oxford’s academics and students but also townsfolk like me.

    I certainly won’t be abstaining when it comes to the next general election. Enjoy the job while you’ve got it Ms Blackwood !!!

  22. Looks like David Cameron has a big hill to climb. It’s not that long ago this bill wouldn’t even get a look in, so to get 126 conservatives is good and can only get better. Lets keep the pressure up, change is a painful process for some.

  23. Any LGBT person with self worth/respect will never vote for the evil bigots who voted against civil rights/human rights and in favour of apartheid of a minority . Remember the names of these enemies of equality and warn friends/families / anyone decent to shun them to oblivion at the next election.

  24. Peter & Michael 6 Feb 2013, 10:37am

    Our Edward Timpson MP abstained, shame on him !

    1. Write to him and tell him, they need to know that people are unhappy with their choice.

      1. Peter & Michael 6 Feb 2013, 4:43pm

        Hi David, We have written several times to him, on response to our first letter he stated that marriage was between a man and a woman only, we never received replies to letters later sent. We have written to him today expressing our disappointment at his decision to abstain. The MP for Chester voted Yes, and we pointed that out to him.

  25. For those MP’s who abstained, this is a waste of deocracy – get off the fence, consult your constituents who you represent and VOTE…..

  26. Sir Bufton Tufton feels it is his birthright as a heterosexual christian white male to beat his wife in the privacy of his own home, and he’s damned if he will extend that right to any lisping nancy boy who may be in the pay of the European Community.

  27. I have written to two MP’s, one who voted yes to say thank you and one who voted to no to express my dissapointment.

  28. Cameron is a decent chap all in all, but he has a nasty anti-Eu, anti-gay, anti-everything which smacks of 21st century behind him which is doing him no good.
    Tory will be split by troglodyte UKIP and Labour will get in. This is good news for LGTB but a little shame for the some Tories [some of them openly gay] who have tried to modernize their lot. Unfortunately they are with the wrong lot.

  29. I’m surprised at some of the MPs who voted against, given their constituencies. Does the idea of marriage for gays and lesbians really make the voters of Kensington, Harrow and Enfield froth at the mouth?

  30. Craig Denney 6 Feb 2013, 1:52pm

    Dear Tory (lead) Council,

    Soon the LGBT community will have total equality and council spending should reflect those equal rights.

    I’ve looked at the Councils Publication of the Council payments over £500 and I would like to draw your attention to the Councils spending on the Gay (LGBTQ) community or the lack of it.

    The gay Community has long suspected that funding for religious people in (your County) has far exceeded funding for the Gay Community and we would like to make two FoI Requests to prove it.

    FOI request 1:
    How much money has the council spent ‘directly’ on the LGBTQ Community ‘based within’ (your County) of the last Twelve months of the Council payments over £500?

    FOI request 2:
    How much money has the council spent on religious privileges ‘in’ (your County) of the last Twelve months of the Council payments over £500?

    I look forward to your answer.

  31. I watched most of the debate and it was heartening to see so many Tories speak with passion and conviction in favour of the bill. Sarah Wollaston (Totnes) was particularly good, as was Eric Ollerenshaw (Lancaster and Fleetwood).

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