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Live Blog: MPs debate same-sex marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Nadine Dorries talking about adultery and marriage – something she should know about

  2. bobbleobble 5 Feb 2013, 2:07pm

    Perkins is absolutely right. If Dorries has a problem with the mechanics of the bill then she should discuss them at the committee stage and not simply vote the bill down. Her objections have nothing to do with consummation or adultery, she just doesn’t want gay people to have equality.

  3. bobbleobble 5 Feb 2013, 2:18pm

    The arrogance and hypocrisy of THREE TIMES MARRIED Roger Gale is overwhelming and NO ONE has picked him up on it – disgraceful.

  4. bobbleobble 5 Feb 2013, 2:52pm

    Interesting point I’ve seen raised elsewhere. Why wasn’t Cameron, Hague, May or Osbourne there to support Miler as she gave her opening spiel? At least one senior Tory should have been to send a signal.

  5. Ron Moule 5 Feb 2013, 3:45pm

    Great to see a Live Feed in Pink News

  6. bobbleobble 5 Feb 2013, 3:59pm

    One minute we’re being told that there is no time to deal with this, the next we’re being told that they want more time to deal with this issue, make up your minds!

  7. i’m confused. I thought MP’s were meant to convey the wishes of their constituents, not their own opinions. They dont get paid nearly 70k a year to give their opinions, of which no one particularly cares. Especially when most of them have been found to be adulterous, fraudulent or dishonest in some way! Heterocentric rubbish being spouted by many who have no moral/spiritual leg to stand on.

    1. Worse.

      One MP came right out and said he takes his orders from Rome!

  8. Robert (Kettering) 5 Feb 2013, 4:29pm

    Peter Bone is MP for nearby Wellingborough and is a known nut case. He’s simply one of the vilest MPs in the House so no surprise he’s also a bigot and a homophobe!

  9. bobbleobble 5 Feb 2013, 4:30pm

    I don’t know why they feel they need more time to prattle on when they’re all pretty much saying exactly the same thing.

  10. To those MPs opposing who talk of their gay friends, I say that I would NEVER include amongst my friends anyone who opposes equality on this issue. There is no reason whatsoever why anyone should feel threatened by this piece of legislation. Those who vote against are bigots in very case.

    1. I’m opposed to gay marriage. My best friend is gay. Yet he sees no need for gay marriage. I don’t see why you feel the need to be so closed minded?

  11. I note all the anti lot are making a point about how horrible it is to be called a bigot or a homophobe.

    I wonder if there was a section in their briefing notes marked ‘Poor me’ that was underlined three times and marked in bold?


    1. bobbleobble 5 Feb 2013, 5:25pm

      The second vote is to limit the amount of time that the bill will take to get through the Commons process.

    2. That article has an amusing, but possibly deliberate error.

      “MPs will be subject to a three-line whip. Less MPs are therefore expected to defy the whip, although strong opposition is still expected.”

      At first, I thought they meant to write “fewer MPs”. On reflection, “less MPs” seems quite accurate in context!

  12. bobbleobble 5 Feb 2013, 5:25pm

    Why have we been subjected to the ramblings of 4 members of the DUP?

    1. They really are a nasty bunch, but I found it rather funny when David Simpson (DUP) said, “in the garden of Eden it was Adam and Steve, it wasn’t Adam and Eve, it wasn’t Adam and Steve”

      1. Yes, and I wished I’d been there. Would definitely have yelled out “Exactly!” immediately after his “in the garden of Eden it was Adam and Steve . . . “!

  13. Just been listening to some of the opposition debate comments on BBC TV News

    Disgraceful, what a bunch of selfish prats living in the past

  14. bobbleobble 5 Feb 2013, 6:59pm

    Here we go, fingers crossed everyone!

  15. bobbleobble 5 Feb 2013, 7:15pm

    225 majority in favour! That’s not at all bad!

  16. I was irritated when Tim Loughton said, “Is not the problem a lack of equality in the law that we need to address, but a lack of equality in some people’s eyes in society?…” In some people’s eyes?? Meaning society’s not actually unequal that’s just the way some people see it?
    Or am I reading too much into it? I don’t see what else he could have meant, though.

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