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Lib Dem Deputy Leader Simon Hughes to vote against timetable for equal marriage bill

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Reader comments

  1. Pretty standard on-the-fence behaviour from a LibDem. Their colour is yellow after all. Can’t wait until the FibDims are wiped out in 2015.

    1. Simon a phony!! Well who would have thought it.

  2. PantoHorse 5 Feb 2013, 1:03pm

    “They don’t feel the same and I can understand people saying ‘actually, we want an equality’.

    What’s ‘an equality’? How does it differ from ‘equality’? Why is there a difference in your views Simon?

  3. Cottager69 5 Feb 2013, 1:04pm

    Simon, old chum, we’ll talk about this in the cottage later.

  4. What a surprise, “bisexual” homophobe Simon Hughes votes against equality for gay people. Looks like his ethics haven’t changed since his nasty campaign against Peter Tatchell. What a thoroughly despicable person he is.

  5. Amazing, he’s worried about offending bigots but not about offending gay couples.

    1. He’s going for the 100% of nothing vote.

      He’s pissed off the homophobes. He’s pissed off the poofs and friends of gays.

      What friends does he have left?

  6. He has always been a despicable person and there’s no change in sight.

  7. Jock S. Trap 5 Feb 2013, 1:16pm

    Two and a half years? How exactly is that rushed? Sounds like comments of a bigot to me. You either wish to see equality through or you don’t.

    Simon Hughes clearly doesn’t. Doesn’t that go against his party’s policy?

    Yes…. and disgraceful it is too!

  8. That There Other David 5 Feb 2013, 1:20pm

    Why doesn’t he debate this concept of “religious” people being all hurt by the proposals with some Unitarians, Liberal Jews, or Quakers? Or does he only care about his kind of “religious” people?

  9. This man is my MP. I emailed him yesterday to ask how he would be voting, no response yet.

    I will be contacting him again to let my disdain for him be know and will seriously reconsider about voting for him come the next election.

  10. What a pile of bullish.t. More consultation and a more leisurely timetable would have achieved nothing apart from creating more division (by giving the bigots more space to air their toxic views). Let’s get on with it.

  11. Rushed, rushed, RUSHED??? Oh for goodness’ sake! How much longer do you want to take, how much more support by the population do you want to “wait” for? Is sometimes next century still a bit too soon?
    This is not rushed, the text of the legislation is perfectly clear. Get on with it!

    Rushed. My foot.

  12. Mr Hughes, you are a hypocrite.

    Your dower public persona manages to co-exist with a man in private, who is happily to be, how shall I put this, more flamboyant and open about your sexuality. Particularly if you are surrounded by the local Southwark Lib Dem Gay claque that follow you around. The same Gay men, who excuse your homophobia with their trite catchphrase, ‘well, he’s a very good local mp’.

    Shame on you.

    You are my MP and I hope the local community come together at the next election and finally throw you out for your despicable and rotten views.

  13. Auntie Babs 5 Feb 2013, 2:15pm

    rushed?? Homosexuality was de-criminalised 50 years ago…..I’d hardly call this rushed.

  14. Many years ago I worked in Southwark. I had to go to a meeting with Hughes. All my male workmates warned me that he was very touchy-feely and I should expect hugs, a hand on the knee, etc.

    I went to the meeting with him and he didn’t touch me once. Obviously I went on a diet straight away – but I wasn’t particularly disappointed (he’s not pretty up close – his step-brother was far better looking).
    At the time, of course, Hughes was ‘straight’. He needed more time to come out as ‘bi-sexual’.
    Always needing more time, eh, Simon?

  15. So Simon Hughes has his knife in our backs once again. What a surprise!

  16. Self loathing closet – Bisexual my arse!

  17. Prats, like leopards, never change their spots

  18. Did anyone expect any better from this character? Look at his form. The way thngs are going the lib dems are lining themselves up for more ridicule. At least we now how they stand now prior to any elections. Funny what turns up when people are forced to put their cards on the table.

  19. Spanner1960 5 Feb 2013, 2:52pm

    I wonder if he still does that trick with a rent boy and a glass-topped coffee table?

  20. Dan Filson 5 Feb 2013, 2:52pm

    Hughes is an MP who plays a tricky game of sitting on fences, so I expect little of him. But he may be making a reasonable point, that the respectively roles of state and church with respect to marriage could be better handled. For example, in this country we permit churches to conduct marriages on behalf of the state, whereas in France first there is the civil marriage and then, if the parties so wish, there is a religious ceremony. But the marriage is not what the church celebrates. I wish the same happened here. The Bill forces the Church of England and the Church of Wales to bring in separate Bills if they should decided, even if in the next few weeks, that they did want to permit their respective churches to celebrate same-sex marriages even if whilst still protecting particular ministers from not having to celebrate a marriage in their church.

    1. Out of interest, how would you feel if the Church of England chose not to marry black people?

      Should this be their right?

  21. This news story is out of date.

    Simon Hughes has just annouced in the live “Parlimentary Debate” that he will be supporting the bill

  22. Robert in S. Kensington 5 Feb 2013, 3:11pm

    Rushed my arse! He’s so concerned about religious nutters being offended? What about the vile rhetoric they’ve been throwing at us for the past year, all of it lies and offensive comments?

  23. Is anybody suprised, This man lies all the time
    From ldenying his gay relationships to denying his homophobic leaflets against Peter Tatchel , This man is no friend of the gay communityT

  24. This man is a fool.

  25. Jon "maddog" Hall 5 Feb 2013, 5:13pm

    Five years ago I knew two gentlemen in their eighties who had been together for forty years. One was diagnosed with degenerative brain disease, given less than a year to live.

    They wanted to have their union blessed, but were denied. Now the one partner is gone.

    Yes, let’s wait….take your time you fool.

    1. Oh my, it’s maddog! I’m a huge fan!

  26. Stephen Frost 6 Feb 2013, 12:17am

    Simon, I don’t give a toss about your religion and it doesn’t give a toss about me. You are elected to represent the public; not your church.

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