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Kent MP Sir Roger Gale: ‘Why not allow incest as part of equal marriage plans?’

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Reader comments

  1. Another religious nutjob saying ‘first equal marriage, next it will be incest’. Gays never debated heterosexual marriage, nor did they say ‘why not include polygamy for straight men and women?’ Even so, it wouldn’t be my place to judge. Heck, Solomon had, what was it? 800? 900 wives? Anyway, back to the homophobic MP… 3 words… What an idiot.

    1. Another one who is divorced. I don’t know how they even sleep at night exhibiting such hypocrisy.

  2. Garry Cassell 5 Feb 2013, 3:12pm

    Sir Gale…have you ever considered as to why you are so f****** stupid?…You should really take some time and reflect and also in that time of reflection consider why all the divorces…do u think those women saw something that needed getting away from…and so should everybody else…Why in the hell are u in politics? Not to serve for sure…more like what you can get out of it…idiot!!!!!!!!!

  3. The answer is, quite simply, that this bill is for same sex marriage equality. If Sir Roger wants to have a bill for allowing incest he is quite within his rights to propose one. Got some mummy issues, Rog?

  4. jbears mama 5 Feb 2013, 3:21pm

    what a complete and utter fool. and why is a twice divorced idiot being allowed a say? he obviously doesnt understand commitment from any angle.

  5. The incest comment is crap; marriage is not about sex…ask my parents!
    Marriage is a financial arrangement and if I have money to bestow upon someone, why shouldn’t I be able to decide who it is that gets that benefit? Maybe I want my tax and death benefits to go to my brother, or sister or cousin or neighbor; my partner is doing fine financially so someone else could better use it.

    1. That’s not the point: you can leave your money anywhere you like. The point is, this bill is not about changing consanguinity laws.

  6. Dan Filson 5 Feb 2013, 3:32pm

    Thanet Council is saying something to Roger Gale – come in, your time’s up.

  7. Ric Depavie 5 Feb 2013, 3:36pm

    Because an incestuous marriage will create a legally-recognized relationship between two people who already have a legally-recognized relationship. Why is that so hard to grasp? (Slippery slopes and red herrings do not make for logical arguments, anyway.)

  8. Dave North 5 Feb 2013, 3:40pm

    I wouldn’t worry about it.

    The silly old coot is getting laughed at on twitter.

  9. How many times has this guy been divorced and remarried?

    1. Dave North 5 Feb 2013, 3:42pm

      Twice divorced, thrice married.

      1. Liam the God 5 Feb 2013, 4:04pm

        “What did these women think they were getting? I mean you can SEE a train coming!” – From “Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell” by Keith Waterhouse. Sums this bloke up in a nutshell

  10. he is a great believer in marriage, so he seeks to do a lot of it

  11. How do people like this even learn how to walk? Seriously it must be an exceptionally challenging task for them to put one foot before the other one.

    1. Supporting their torsos with their knuckles helps.

  12. … so … he supports civil partnerships … but not gay marriage? Errmmm – is this man a total twunt or just a total Tory …?

  13. Carry on with your bigotry and insulting behaviour, Rog. It will be an own goal. Many MPs sitting on the fence are being driven to vote for SSM because they do not want to be associated with the poison of many in opposition to it.

  14. Robert (Kettering) 5 Feb 2013, 4:25pm

    Nasty old bigot about time this homophobe retired from politics sseing his views are well entrenched in 19th century values!

    I note he’s twice married so the institution of marriage he’s banging on about clearly doesn’t mean much to him does it!!

  15. Dave North 5 Feb 2013, 4:26pm

    I see our old homophobe boozy friend Edward Leigh has also lost the plot.

    Keep it up chaps, you are doing our side a power of good.

  16. You couldn’t make it up. What a complete buffoon.

  17. What, so he can molest his children or grand children – vile human being –

  18. If these so called peoples representatives whish to use the church in argument as the way life should run why has the church whom we hear so much about been allowed to hide peodiphilia. Do these people think they are better than the average man or woman, most probably. Remember the church the same as all religions does not form British law.

  19. Robert in S. Kensington 5 Feb 2013, 5:58pm

    I heard this vicious mendacious bastard this morning. He was spewing all the nonsensical red herrings after the consultation finished. Same script, same babble. If I’d been an MP sitting there, I would have nailed him with his three marriages and subsequent adultery.

    Edward Leigh followed on with the same fallacious crap and hysteria. Another nasty old Tory bigot.

  20. How desperate the bigots get when they know their hate is transparent. It’s like comparing Jews to rats. What has same sex relations got to do with incest?

    1. poo eating is moral say homodeviants.... 11 Feb 2013, 11:30am

      It is part of the gutter morals which you espouse when you say that what happens in the privacy of the bedroom among consenting adults is nobody’s business. There are a number of consenting adults that would like to practice their incest legally just as your own consensual adult deviance is legal.

  21. Lol whenever I hear an argument like this (same sex relationships compared with incest, zoophilia, etc.) I can’t help but think of Ellen’s tale about Billy the Goat, and especially the part with “That’s what they go to right away. These people scare me and they think we’re weird” :D

    Think again, Rog :)

  22. Wow, I didn’t realise he was that progressive.

  23. Why does ink news all ways print photo that are 20 or so years out of date for all these old fools ? This bigot Sir Gale is way more haggard than the above (old) photo

  24. I think maybe this Idiot has hidden desires to have sex with his children. Well it is not hidden anymore.

  25. Is that what your into mr gale ? You ?

  26. HPV comes from poo on pthe penis 11 Feb 2013, 11:27am

    The homo’deviant community assert that whatever consenting adults do in private is their own business. The law disallows incest yet the homodeviant mantra I just stated mantra allows it amongst consent adult incestuous.
    Furthermore,take away the risk of inherent birth defects due to interbreeding by by allowing only homosexual family liasons and liasons where there is no pregnancy risk and
    the homodeviant= community have no basis to object to such liasons and marriages due to their own insistence that the government should stay out of the bedroom.
    By their own principles, the homodeviants= would support non birth risk incest and non birth risk incestuous marriage!!!
    hey would probably consider such support as being on the right side of history, morally bankrupt as they are!

  27. lol Some of these comments are hilarious. Horribly negative though… Well, if he was cussing it earlier, and now is saying that the its not the way forward, perhaps we should allow for full marriage equality. I mean incest is not as bad as everyones initial reaction when you logically think about it. The only 2 arguments against it is the genetic deformity issue and the “destroys family unit” one. But when you think about it that’s BS. Although increases of deformity are increased, if you do not have a hereditary genetic condition, you can’t magically create one and pass it to your children… duh. Secondly if there is a genetic defect and say both family members have it, the percentage of increased chances are (get your punnet squares out!) 1 in 4 of having a deformity, 2 in 4 (thats one half for you idiots out there) chances that it’ll be a carrier, like the parents, and 1 in 4 that the child will actually rid the family line of the condition! Hang on ill wait for next comment…

  28. So it’s funny when you think about it. A lot of people bring up the royal family, but thats like over 16 generations of inbreeding, and though you probably know someone who has been in an incestuous relationship and it is more common than you think, just because it’s legalized doesnt mean everybody will start doing it. Most people have the Westermark effect kick in, which occurs with whomever youre raised with, even if you’re unrelated. However another thing people are going to have to figure out about, is a phenomena called Genetic Sexual Attraction. It’s where you’re attracted to those genetically like yourself, and it is real. People experiencing GSA say that it is the most intense feeling they have ever had. It happens all the time because of parents that give their child up for adoption. They reunite later, and fall in love. So the “breaks up the family unit” argument here is BS. There never was a family unit. Hang on more to come–

  29. Worse yet, imagine the legal system when all these cases pop up when people born from a man who visited a sperm bank fall in love and have children, then go to get married and find out they’re related. Incest is punishable as a felony in most states, serving an enormous amount of time. So it’s ridiculous that 2 people who didn’t grow who have had perfectly healthy children get their new family ripped apart and the parents thrown in jail and the child torn from the parents and put up for adoption. Think on that. Another thing against the genetic argument is that when you add the percentage of the possibility of the child being deformed with the probability of the number of genes that may be damaged to cause it, it is only about a 2% increase on top of the usual 3%. So 95% of the time it’ll be healthy.

  30. Women over the age of 35 and smokers have that same 2% increase, yet they are allowed to procreate, and so are people who DO have a disease and WILL pass it on to the child. Yet there are no restrictions on them marrying, and they are NOT PUT IN JAIL FOR IT. Does any of this make sense to you!? Why do we criminalize this between consenting adult family members!? INCEST does NOT mean that there is rape or child molestation or any other type of abuse, though it is commonly associated with them in the news. Heck, they may not even want kids anyway, or maybe they are a gay incestuous couple. Try figuring that out. AS LONG AS IT’S CONSENTING ADULTS, REGARDLESS OF ORIENTATION, GENDER, RACE, ETHNICITY, ANCESTRY, HOW MANY PARTICIPANTS, WHATEVER, THEY SHOULD BE FREE TO MARRY OR HAVE SEX. It’s none of your business. Heck, if anything it’d cut down on the amount of intrafamiliy abuse, because they would be free to go to police without fear of being arrested as well!

  31. And regarding the “destroys family unit” argument, the only reason it destroys anything is because of the family gut reaction and how our society programs people minds to react. What if it’s 2 siblings close in age of say 28? and the rest of the family is gone or dead? There wouldn’t be a unit. In the case of adoption, there never was a family unit to begin with. What if they were 40? 60? It blows my mind that a 18 year old girl can have sex with hundreds of old stinky men at the same time on the same day she turns 18, yet 2 sibling who’ve never known each other who fall in love can be thrown in jail and prosecuted as if a murderer. And normally they are BOTH thrown in jail. Even if they both are consenting adults, rather than just old kinky people. Wanna know more about this stuff? There’s a site called Full Marriage Equality on Blogspot, go search google. They’ve got some good info for you, and by the time your done, you’ll think it was you who was the weirdo, not them. ;D

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