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Head of Christian law firm: ‘Satan is bullying the Boy Scouts into including gay members’

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Reader comments

  1. Replace a christian totem with any other fanciful invention and people would dismiss them as the ridiculous paranoid freaks that they are.

    All I can do is laugh at these absurd snivelling pant-wetters.

    1. “Replace a christian totem with any other fanciful invention and people would dismiss them as the ridiculous paranoid freaks that they are.”

      Or Russell’s teapot orbiting around the Sun.

  2. The really scary thing is that this guy probably believes it’s true. That Satan actually exists as something real rather than a fairy tale. Scary, scary, scary. If people like this are allowed free reign we get women stoned to death for being raped and witches burned at the stake.

  3. Don’t worry, Matt Barber, he can’t be, see, he was on Being Human only this Sunday.

  4. There is no such thing as Satan, the only evil is from religious people.

    1. Dave North 5 Feb 2013, 1:18pm

      “Satan” is the fictitious being they have set-up to project their own evil onto.

      Very convenient…

      “It wasn’t me, it was the devil that made me do it.”

      1. Liam the God 5 Feb 2013, 1:46pm

        The concept of “Satan” is a Jewish idea. “Satan” was the name given to angels that were checking out how righteous Humans were, so there was never one single entity called “Satan”. It’s all bollocks! :D

      2. Or like David Berkowitz’s dog. “It wasn’t me, the dog made me do it !”

        Take the whole example of David, make an anagram of the noun “dog” and you’ll have the history of the Abrahamic religions through the whole history of mankind.

    2. So the pope then, yes he appears to fit the bill nicely.

  5. So, I take it that closeted Gays would be ok to join the scouts then Matt???

    1. He hopes so, he probably is one of them.

  6. Why do you give them the name “Christian?” If anything we should be referring to groups like this as Pseudo-Christian or So-Called Christian. The Christ never preached hate or intolerance, did he not heal the servant of the Centurion?

    1. Christ never actually preached at all or performed any so called earthly acts. it is a spiritual concept that one strives towards. If he existed at all, Jesus was supposed to have preached and did those thing you speak of. It has become accepted that Jesus achicheved the concept of christ.

    2. That’s why I like to call Christianity, Judaism and Islam by the generic name of “Abrahamism”. They are all pretty much the same, not only in their supersticious rituals and dogmas but also in their intolerance, bigotry, narrow-mindedness and blatant immorality.

  7. Dave North 5 Feb 2013, 1:23pm

    Matt Barber is an evil dangerous warped little man and should be stopped at all costs.

  8. Nixi Otemba 5 Feb 2013, 1:24pm

    good work, satan

  9. Liam the God 5 Feb 2013, 1:44pm

    Is he saying that his ALL POWERFUL CREATOR is being beaten by Satan? Does he know the origin of the word “Satan” means “Adversary”? Probably not; another Cherry Picker of religious scripture.

  10. Am I the only one who have noticed Matt Barber gaining 10-15 pounds every year of his wasted life??

  11. sylvatica 5 Feb 2013, 2:10pm

    Hey Barber, did Satan compel you to stuff your face?

    1. He only does that, so the demons don’t jump into his mouth!

  12. douglas in canada 5 Feb 2013, 2:15pm

    Hmm, it would seem then that Satan is more powerful than their God, which would make me think that they are actually worshipping the second-most powerful being in the universe.

    If their god is so powerful, let him snap his fingers and have done with it. Obviously, this doesn’t fit into his plan.

    Hopefully more of them will wake up to the sham that they call “faith”.

    And yes, why do so many christians (especially the American ones) eat so much?! Man – they must have to reinforce the seats in church, so they don’t fall apart – and wider doorways – nice way to treat your “god-given” bodies.

    1. Liam the God 5 Feb 2013, 3:10pm

      “I was in a church and there was a rather…. “Hefty” woman in the pew. I said ‘Can you move along please?’, she said ‘I was here first!’. I replied ‘Well, I figured they’d have to have built around you!’!” – Emo Phillips

    2. In the church I grew up in, I was taught that Satan’s plan for humanity, which was rejected by God, was to take away our freedom of choice so that we could all be saved. From that standpoint, this boob is a Satanist.

    3. A fat Christian can’t run far from Christ!

  13. This is coming from an “educated” person?

    1. Barrybear1980 5 Feb 2013, 8:57pm

      That is what I was thinking, inst worrying, it sure as hell scares me.

  14. Janet Lameck 5 Feb 2013, 3:19pm

    How can a Lawyer, Barrister or whatever they want to call themselves even admit that “Satan” exists? Are you sure it isn’t Santa C;aus or the Tooth Fairy, maybe the easter Bunny?????? Get with it guy this is the 21st century not the 13th!!!

  15. If this deranged person were British, I would suggest Broadmoor as a solution!

  16. Stuart McDonald 5 Feb 2013, 3:50pm

    Actually, evil, filthy-rich lackey, bigoted, scapegoating, pseudo-Christian Nazis like these lawyers are bullying the Boy Scouts into excluding gay members.

  17. Frank Boulton 5 Feb 2013, 3:53pm

    Isn’t Matt Barber so absolutely wonderful? With enemies like this, who needs friends? Surely, this semantically void hate rhetoric wins our cause more allies than it does theirs. And they wonder what’s emptying out the pews!

  18. umm..I am so tired of these ignorant people grouping homosexual people with pedofiles….um no one caught on to the Sandusky comment…He was a straight man from what I knew.

  19. Just sad that that people still believe in devils, talking snakes, men walking on water, virgin births, turning water into wine turning into blood of christ, evil apples…. Given their illusions are so weak, I completly understand why they defend them with their lives and their lives of others.

  20. I think you’ll find people of his persuasion would also have said that Lincoln was influenced by the devil to abolish slavery and the Ku Klux Klan have God on their side. Isn’t it sad – and not a little scarey – that religious brainwashing can be carried through to adulthood by so many Americans?

  21. Brett Gibson 5 Feb 2013, 6:08pm

    Your mental deficiency is causing you to believe in Satan. I pity these unenlightened people.

  22. “Mr Barber brought up convicted paedophile Jerry Sandusky.” Should the BSA cave beneath the weight of sexual anarchist intimidation, Scoutmaster Sandusky joins the jamboree.”

    Convicted self-identified HETEROSEXUAL, MARRIED FAMILY MAN paedophile Jerry Sandusky who would face no problems entering the BSA under the current ban against openly gay members. A fact that Christofascist homophobic demagogue Matt Barber conviently ignores and misrepresents.

  23. Staircase2 11 Feb 2013, 5:30pm

    What an ungodly idiot!

  24. If that’s so, thanks Mr. S !!

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