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Culture Secretary Maria Miller: Parliament should value people equally in the law and marriage is for everyone

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Reader comments

  1. I was disgusted and embarrassed watching the debate in Parliament just now. So many old bigots ranting on about how marriage will be ‘undermined’ by this move towards equality. It’s shameful that these old Tories have been so brainwashed by religion that they simply cannot or will not try to see how discriminatory they are being. Why can’t they just swallow their prejudice, allow the vote to go through and move on. I can guarantee that in ten years time, everyone will look back and say ‘how could this country have ever been so pathetic in wanting to retain inequality … just as we now look back on apartheid with bemusement.

    1. bobbleobble 5 Feb 2013, 5:03pm

      What annoys me is they talk about how they are not homophobic but they don’t recognise the latent homophobia by describing same sex marriage undermining opposite sex marriage. Undermining is not a neutral word, it’s pejorative, they believe that gay couples will damage marriage – that is homophobic. The language they use is homophobic even if they don’t realise it.

    2. However it has been an interesting exercise to expose who they are.

      It is now time for those in their electorates to deal to them if they feel they have not been fairly represented.

  2. I agree, I have been reading the comments from them, they are sickening with a few voices of reason. The same old rubbish is being peddled again by mindless people, delay delay, the end of the world is coming. Such a shame, I really dont know how the vote will go but I still hope.

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