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Vatican official: The Catholic Church is being ‘persecuted’ due to its anti-gay positions

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Reader comments

  1. Playing the “victim” card, right out of the handbook for snivelling would-be martyrs who are upset and frustrated that the people they have bullied for centuries have friends and are fighting back.

    May this be yet another nail in the coffin of the cult of Rome, with its cadre of pampered cloistered fools. No one is obliged to tolerate bigotry for the believers of ridiculous fairy tales.

    1. Yes, we have all heard about the priest bashing that goes on, hundreds brutally killed every year.

      1. More ignorance – if you have been reading the Guardian/Pink Der Stürmer or watch the BBC you’ll not be told about the persecutions in China , Nigeria, Iraq,Syria etc

        etc ….

        1. So religion attacking religion, how is that anything to do with the way they treat us with no retaliation.

  2. Poor them. They are nasty and vicious in their hate but be careful not to criticise them because then they cry like little girls, playing the victims card.

    1. Christopher in Canada 4 Feb 2013, 10:24pm

      Actually, it’s a proven fact that little boys cry more than little girls, especially if they have been circumcised. As the procedure is usually done without anesthetic. the male baby experiences a great pain and spends the rest of life afraid it will happen again. It’s a theory that has been discussed of late here in Canada.

      On another note, stop deriding little girls. It’s misogynistic.

  3. Garry Cassell 4 Feb 2013, 4:15pm

    Like the Catholic church had no campaign against the Jews…how f*******ironic…again, people are tired of the catholic priest molesting and raping boys around the world and spending billions defending the bigotted priest and blaming the victims, young boys. The Catholic Church needs to be desmantled and most of the clergy put in prison where other people would be if they committed such crimes against children….SHAME< SHAME……

      1. If you’re seriously trying to suggest that European anti-semitism doesn’t stem from centuries of medieval catholic persecution then you’re clearly a blind idiot of the highest order.

        Hitler inherited a country absolutely seething with christian anti-semitism. Pogroms and persecutions of jewish people had been a part of German (indeed, all European christian) life since the twelfth century and before.

        And, by the way, it’s “would have”. But actual illiteracy is no surprise, given your sense of absolute historical illiteracy. Or, rather, ability to paste in random hyperlinks to crackpot hate sites run by morons similar to yourself.

        Bottom line – hateful religious sentiment is incredibly dangerous, and must be ended for good.

  4. The one thing persecuted gays have never done is whinge. Unlike this lot. They have spent hundreds of years persecuting anyone who opposed them. Now they are being marginalised, they don’t like it. Well boys, tough. Your Wizard of Oz live appears to be over. We have seen behind the curtain and Dorothy doesn’t like the view. Perhaps it’s time to get a proper job and stop trying to tell the rest of us how to live our lives …..

    1. ‘The one thing persecuted gays have never done is whinge’

      Irony indeed

      1. Evidence for this statement please?

  5. Darren Theoret 4 Feb 2013, 4:27pm

    Being celebate is unnatural and disordered. it is atrheat to marriage, family and the foundation of civilization. They all need to see some sort of reparative therapist to deal the the immaturity and trauma they must have endure as children to result in this discusting behaviour. They would save themselves some trouble if they would just stop trying to make the rest of us celebate as well. this is of course a lifestyle choice. No one is born celebate and now they are seeking special rights and recognition. I say we need to be careful of this celebate agenda. They can’t possibly expect to be received in polite society–what will they neighbours think? Their parents must be so ashamed to have a child that turned out to be celebate.

    1. Priests are celibate NOT because of some doctrinal belief Priests used to marry but the Vatican saw wealth hemorrhaging away to the widows of priests. That’s why they don’t marry. These are the ranting of spoiled children. For centuries, they’ve had power and control and wealth. They have brutally persecuted and punished anyone who opposed them. They no longer have that power … and, like a spoiled child, they are whining. Naughty children are best ignored until they learn how to behave.

    2. Darren, good humour will always be trodden on on this site! You made me laugh anyway!

  6. These people are so used to being worshipped and adored by the moronic unthinking faithful, that they take the slightest criticism as “persecution”, and, melodramatically, liken themselves to the victims of the Holocaust.

    Catholics, swirling in fantasy and belief in the most ridiculous supernatural nonsense, are capable of the most extraordinary melodrama!

    I laugh! HA. HA. HA!

    1. ‘Catholics, swirling in fantasy… ”

      For a minute there, I thought you meant that the catholic hierarchy spends much too much money on colorful cloths plastered with completely irrelevant symbols ..

  7. Robert in S. Kensington 4 Feb 2013, 4:33pm

    Persecution? Indeed, the same Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith which was instrumental in the Spanish Inquisition, torturing and executing Jews for refusing to convert and throughout history, responsible for the deaths of gay men who were burned at the stake.

    Then came the paedophile scandal, also under the purview of the same Congregation while the present pope was its official representative and who claimed no knowledge of it. Bloody bigoted hypocrites. They deserve to be ridiculed and attacked. All self-imposed.

    1. Any more Ant-Catholic cliches available ?

      ‘gay men burnt at the stake ‘ – eh !!? Got any names from the revisionist ‘queer’ history book written by Dr Tatchell-Fibber esq ?

      1. bernard monsha 5 Feb 2013, 1:00am

        trolling again eh ray?? shouldnt you get off your mom’s computer and move out of her basement?

      2. We have seen so many Holocaust deniers, now we have a Spanish Inquisition denier!

        1. Benjamin Kidd 5 Feb 2013, 12:27pm

          Actually Ray I personally cannot stand Mr Tatchell, I am gay but I do not particularly care for the man, but how you can just say the spanish inquistion did not happen and gay people have not been persecuted through the years I fail to see.. the Catholic church in particular are the worst…. we are inhuman to them, they say it themselves “transexuals are a biger threat to humantiy than the dissapearing rainforest” that was THIS pope that said that…. when the jews that survived left the camps after ww2 they had it bad noone wanted them, whent he gays left they were sent back to prison or ostrasised by their comuntiys most of which were cathoilic… sorry its historical fact, not written by mr tatchil, writen by historians… perhaps you should o into waterstones pick up a history book and read them… the problem with mainstream history books is THEY TEND TO LEAVE OUT LGBT BITS!

          1. “transexuals are a biger threat to humantiy than the dissapearing rainforest” – only NO one in the Church said this .Lies twisted quotes and a total lack of understanding of Catholic teaching + rabid anti-catholicism flung in for good measure .I’m still waiting to hear about the ‘gays’ burnt at the stake !

            I’m afraid the rest of your fantasy is too embarrassing even for a Dan Brown novel !

  8. ...Paddyswurds 4 Feb 2013, 4:33pm

    “The Vatican’s head of doctrine says critics of his faith’s anti-gay crusade are conducting a “concerted campaign” to discredit the Catholic Church that is resulting in open attacks against priests.” ….. and rightly so. The world would be a better place if the whole corrupt paedophile edifice came tumbling down in the next ten minutes. These people have some gall to come out with such utterances given thje persecution and bile they have poured on Gay people this last three years and beyond….. The cdampaign to destroy the whole Abrahamic cult thing has just begun and Gay people will rightly be at the leading edge…

    1. ….is that a quote from Dr Goebbels ?

      1. ...Paddyswurds 8 Feb 2013, 7:18pm

        Thats rich coming from a theist…. The RCC was Goebbels biggest supporter after the Catholic Hitler….

  9. Here they go again, invoking Godwin’s Law, again!

    Here’s what Godwin’s Law is:'s_law

  10. That There Other David 4 Feb 2013, 4:39pm

    They still don’t get it do they? The reason the world is turning our collective backs on the Catholic Church is because they spout on about morality whilst COVERING UP AND ENABLING PAEDOPHILES!

    This is not the fault of gay people, this is the fault of the current Pope and the culture of self-protection he and his co-conspirators fostered.

    Blame us all you want Archbishop, your downfall is of your own doing. Millions have seen your organisation for the abusive hegemony it actually is, and millions as a result want nothing to do with it.

    1. “There are cases of sexual abuse that come to light every day against a large number of members of the Catholic clergy. Unfortunately it’s NOT a matter of INDIVIDUAL CASES, but a COLLECTIVE moral crisis that perhaps the cultural history of humanity has never before known with such a frightening and disconcerting dimension. Numerous priests and religious have confessed. There’s no doubt that the thousands of cases which have come to the attention of the justice system represent only a small fraction of the true total, given that many molesters have been covered and hidden by the hierarchy.” Dr Goebbels

      60 odd years later …..Now it’s the liberal elite and their rainbow booted fascists who sprout the same old lies just because the Church speaks out against a destructive lifestyle choice .

      1. bernard monsha 5 Feb 2013, 1:02am

        do you have an off switch??

      2. hey congrats for attempting to defend a group that protects child rapers

      3. That There Other David 5 Feb 2013, 9:37am

        Except it’s not lies is it? If you honestly think that Goebbels also having seen the effects of the Vatican’s abuse 60 years ago negates all the documented evidence that’s come to light since then you need to take a damn good look at yourself. You are defending the enablers of paedophiles. Happy with that? Because that’s what you are doing.

        I’ll also point out that the current Vatican regime’s crimes against children over the past decades have nothing to do with their obsession against consenting adults marrying. The only thing that links the two is their own blatant hypocrisy.

        1. Interesting , that like Goebbels you talk about ‘Vatican’ regime crimes rather than individual crimes (mostly of a homosexual persuasion) in the Church which caused the harm.

          Using your logic I suppose the worst child abuse ever witnessed in Britain concerning the LGBT activist Jamie Rennie (he was big on attacking ‘homophobia’) and his homosexual internet chums was not an individual crime but one perpetrated by the so-called LGBT ‘community’ ?

          Interesting too is that someone with a pathological hatred of Catholics (like the Nazis) should swallow the propaganda of Goebbels the War Criminal .And I thought I’ve heard it all in this ‘forum’ ! – so much for ‘equality’ ! Yeah the new Gaystapo does exist.The Nazi party was riddled with homosexuality : ‘In his classic Nazi history, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, author William Shirer describes Roehm as “a stocky, bull-necked, piggish-eyed, scar- faced professional soldier…[and] like so many of the early Nazis, a homosexual”

          1. You do know that child abuse has nothing to do with sexual orientation and everythiung to do with abuse of power, most of the people doing the abuse call themselves straight.

            Coming on here bear bating only proves the opposite of what you are saying and proves your hatred towards a group of people.

      4. ...Paddyswurds 8 Feb 2013, 12:44pm

        You really are a revisionist idiot. Do you think that the damning reports carried out recently by eminent RC judges in Ireland, USA, Australia, New Zealand , Netherlands and numerous other countries into the paedophilia of the Roman Cult i are all just liberal plots???. You really are an idiot.

  11. The aggressor portraying itself as the victim.Sickening.I’ll lay money this man’s father was in the Nazi party.
    After all what did the Catholic Church in Hitler’s Germany ever do to stop the gassing of millions in concentration camps ? Oh,yes they didn’t know.

      1. bernard monsha 5 Feb 2013, 12:58am

        so ray what is your point besides proving how stupid you are?

      2. I would be proud to be considered a tenth as intelligent, cultured and thoughtful as Mr. Fry.
        Stephen Fry’s grandparents were murdered as Jews in a concentration camp. He found their names on a memorial plaque in Poland. Are you saying you are more knowledgeable about the Holocaust than he? Your “knowledge” comes from downmarket tabloids and Wikipedia. His from going out and actively researching from first-hand, reliable and reputable sources.

        1. Benjamin Kidd 5 Feb 2013, 12:36pm

          Well said NeilUK I would count Myself fortunate to be in the same league as Mr Stephen Fry… I was schooled in a Catholic school… said Catholic school, canned me for not eating all my dinner as it was a waste and people were starving in africa.. like they could have shipped it over there….. this kind compassionate church, I was canned for saying I had doubts I blieved in God… canned for lying… lovely. Thnk god I did not tell them I am gay and transexual eh?? funny though I am still a Christian… but… not a Catholic, I beling to the United Reformed Church, it is a wonderful church who know who I am and embrace me and my partner and are waiting for gay marraige for us. Ray.. you are just a biggoted man with no real knowledge of the world… yes Catholic church is under attack, and quite rightly too…. my parents are still catholics they still go to the catholic church AND THEY ATTCK IT from the inside.. Chane or die.. for it will

      3. ...Paddyswurds 8 Feb 2013, 12:46pm

        Is this the idiot banana man Ray Comfort..?

  12. Jason Feather 4 Feb 2013, 4:42pm

    They are so paranoid now I might actually set up a group on FB ‘Gays against the church’ lol although I suspect ther will already be one, joking aside to compare the so called attacks on the church as communist or nazi ideology is disgusting. Many gay people were executed in the same way as Jews & the disabled during the holocaust, where do they think the pink triangle came from? It’s disgusting that the church is playing the victim so they can continue to be bigoted, narrow minded God botherers ;-)

    1. I know right? The Roman Catholic Church have the audacity to claim they are being ‘persecuted’ when they themselves have persecuted anyone and everyone who don’t believe in their cultish doctrine, then, when straight allies join with the LGBTI community, they cry a river? It’s so pathetic. Like others have already said, it’s about time they had a small taste of their own medicine!

      Also, I never actually knew about the UPSIDE DOWN pink triangle and that gays were stamped with it as a marking, in the holocaust. It wasn’t until I was watching Lady GaGa’s ‘Born This Way’ music video a few days ago, and noticed an UPRIGHT pink triangle. I researched it as I figured it must be a positive symbol for the gay community, and sure enough, good old Wikipedia said the upright pink triangle was a symbol of gay pride. If only my school taught me that… Although gay sex wasn’t even taught in sex education, so I’m not surprised really… *rolls eyes*

  13. Like Nazis are persecuted about their views on Jews, or Paedophiles are persecuted about their views on children, or serial killers are persecuted about their views on murder.. nice group to be in, and yes you are in that group, as history will show.

  14. Oh, these poor, poor defenceless priests, such sad victims are they…

  15. People don’t like that we discriminate against others, poor us!

  16. Just leave people outside of your belief system alone. Is that too much to ask?
    It’s not 1220 now.

  17. William Curry 4 Feb 2013, 4:58pm

    I find it funny That the statement “that those attacking the church borrow arguments used by totalitarian ideologies such as Communism and Nazism against Christianity.” It is more of what the Jewish and Christian communities used against Nazi and other totalitarian powers.

    Is the Catholic church surprised that we ( the LGBT community) would stand up and say that we feel they are wrong. It is not just us stating this. There are many straight people supporting the stand we are taking. I really wish they would look at the 2 edge sword of their methods. We are willing and capable of standing up and saying if you do not agree with us fine: but do not continue to persecute us like bullies. Respect our differences and leave us alone. We will use as much political and social pressure as you are using against us, if not more.

    Please Catholic Church officials take a look at what you want to say, compare it to how and what you are doing and saying. Then chose your words carefully.

  18. Georg Friedrich 4 Feb 2013, 4:58pm

    He still is also the Archbishop of Regensburg (its the city in Bavaria, where certaine Herr Joseph Natzinger once has planed to live as pensioner with his attractive lover Georg Genswein and has buy nice house). And the tradition of secret gays is very strong in this beautiful Medieval city on Danube: local Prince Johann von Thurn und Taxis was homosexual too, but has married few years before his death 1990; his bigot-crasy widow Gloria is now one of the biggest private mecenates for the Catholic Church in Germany. Maybe its indeed ‘very hard’ to be persecuted for homophobia, but ‘pink euros’ is more than good enough compensation for this, is it, Herr Great Inquisitor?

    1. You know some interesting German inside-info, Mr. Friedrich. Thank you!

      1. Georg Friedrich 4 Feb 2013, 6:22pm

        Thanks! (But Friedrich is one of my names, not family name) Anyway, how ironic, that exactly head of Congregation of Faith and Sciences, or successor of Great Inquisitor (‘Oficium Santae Inquisitionae’ – that was real name of this organisation until decision of Pope Paul VI – who was gay – to rename this 1965), speak now about ‘persecution’! Its incredible. And honestly: my secret dream is actually, that one very beautiful day his words will became a reality, as very late hour of justice for Catholic Sect for all crimes against humanity. Sad, but this day still is very far from now, I think …

        1. Yes, George, but that day IS getting closer! When I think how the Catholic Church used to rule when I was a child, compared with how most people think of them now . . . well, it’s just wonderful progress!

          On the other hand, whenever I catch footage of Rome and see all those nuns and priests walking about the streets, unashamedly, in their habits, it’s clear there’s still a long way to go!

          Some years ago I got into a convent of nuns in the heart of Rome, in the company of a trainee priest, and I managed to outrage a whole dining-room full of them. It was one of the delights of my life! :-)

          If we keep at it, we’ll eventually win.

          1. Georg Friedrich 5 Feb 2013, 3:03pm

            I hope so much too!

  19. You just can’t make this up. They’re the victims for persecuting us? Unbelievable.

  20. The Vatican deserves to be attacked, the less support they have the better.

    1. That There Other David 4 Feb 2013, 5:16pm

      There’s a major schism coming I reckon. It’ll begin in North America then spread across the Atlantic via Ireland as it pushes south via Mexico. The Vatican hierarchy is actually despised by many Catholics. That’s not been the case since the Reformation, and look how that turned out.

      Time to renovate the palace in Avignon perhaps?

      1. Two Catholic Churches! One is bad enough!

  21. well they would know all about persecution having been the champions of it for many years ….and they havent had nearly enough of their oewn medicine . !

  22. through to the homophoic stance of the catholic church gays get persecuted in Countries like Uganda or Kenia, and other poorer countries. On one side live its getting easier for gays on the otherside its getting worse (e.g russia, quite a few african nations) and a lot of this has to do with that damn catholic church. Bigots and hatefull old men

  23. Hold on. They attack us for being who we are and then they play the persecution card when we stand up for ourselves?
    Beggars belief!

  24. George Broadhead 4 Feb 2013, 5:22pm

    In case posters to this website don’t know, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith used to be called the Inquisition. Also, there is plenty of evidence to show that the Nazis supported the Christian Churches and conducted a concordat with the Vatican which gave the Catholic Church special privileges.

      1. bernard monsha 5 Feb 2013, 1:04am

        go on ray keep talking shit ill keep on reporting your dumbass comments until you get banned

        1. The screaming typeface of the link says all you need to know!

      2. Ray, I hope you heard the Today programme this morning, with the dreadful first-hand tales of young girls being deliberately deprived of food by the Catholic nuns and priests who had been charged with the task of “caring” for them. I almost wept hearing these (now elderly) women tell their tales of abuse at the hands of Catholic clergy.
        A MAJOR scandal of cruelty and connivance in its concealment between the then Irish Government and the RC Church is brewing, and it will reverberate all the way back to Ratzinger’s Palace.

        1. Yeah the BBC that impartial news agency ! :) Still what about ‘modern’ and ‘progressive’ Britain where 7 million children in the womb have been attacked in the womb, murdered, and genetically ‘screened’ of the ‘unfit’ …then burnt in incinerators – you can see the smoke from your local ‘hospital’ – we are told it’s only ‘surgical waste’ or just ‘clumps’ of cells .It’s called ‘choice’ I’ve been told .

          Getting back to Ireland – an attempt by the liberal elite to discredit the Church to make way for abortion, pseudo-marriage, infanticide , euthanasia etc .And no abuse happened in work houses in this country, old folk homes , disabled tied to beds etc etc ?? BBC ?

          We are still waiting to hear about the homosexual abuse ring based at Elm House .

  25. The Catholic Church has been attacking the gay community for generations and now, finally, the tables are turning.

    Did Catholics honestly think they could get away with these attacks forever and with immunity?

  26. Well, I’ll give it to him, it takes one to know one, given the countless times the Catholic Church have persecuted anyone whose ideals do not conform to their own bizarre, self-serving doctrine.

    They claim to be the ultimate organ of Christ, yet these Generals of the Church ride roughshod over Jesus’ primary tenet: love thy neighbour. I know a lot of loving, Christian Catholics who have their faith tested on a daily basis by the bile and vitriol that spews forth from the Holy Sea.

  27. Grenville Smith 4 Feb 2013, 5:52pm

    These so called members of the catholic Christian hierarchy should realise that they are attacking their fellow human beings whose relationships are based on love. Their words are evil and demonic, they show little or no love for those who have a different sexuallity. God will hopefully sort out these human bigots whist they create a hell on earth!

  28. Robert (Kettering) 4 Feb 2013, 5:53pm

    So then how does it feel Archbigot to be the one being persecuted for a change? Not nice is it. Tough is what I say. The sooner your nasty, evil cult is dismantled the better for all of us.

  29. Don,t you think you should be persecuted popy due to the amount of peadofiles you employ.

  30. And who did the vatican get its land from? The vatican was GIVEN to them by Mussolini for their support of communism. I think they need to give that gift back if they don’t want to be treated like them.

    1. That There Other David 4 Feb 2013, 6:24pm

      Erm….no. The Vatican is all that’s left of the Papal States, which used to extend to cover large parts of central Italy. In the mid-19th Century the King of Piedmont-Sardinia, Victor Emmanuel II, decided to reunify Italy. He conquered pretty much the entire country, leaving the Pope just the Vatican. Personally I wish he’d completed the job, but by leaving the Pope in his own rump country he hoped to avoid any civil war in his newly conquered Roman territories. The Pope, of course, acted the victim, proving that nothing really ever changes….

      Mussolini, who came several decades later, was a Fascist, not a Communist. He used to execute Communists.

      1. With respect, David, Mussolini and the Vatican signed the Concordat of 1922, whereby the Catholic Church tacitly supported the Fascist coup d’etat in return for the establishment of the Vatican as an independent city-state. Before that, the Vatican was simply a district of Rome, but could have mustered, or at least encouraged a counter-coup, had it the backbone and moral integrity.
        The Pope took a bribe, albeit a hefty one!

        1. Nixi Otemba 5 Feb 2013, 2:35pm

          but the nazi’s and communist are still not the same

  31. Funny how the people who dish out the dirt often can’t take it in return. Losers.

    Oh and last time I visited the Vatican (Was seeing art, nothing to do with Jesus despite him being in all the paintings) it had more retail opportunities than Disney land. If their going to run god like a business then maybe they should be reaching out to their consumers a little more?

  32. How they have the audacity to whinge and whine, and theyve been the arch persecutors throughout history. Now there getting a taste of their own medicine. My heart bleeds for them…….not. Bigots and hypocrites the bloody lot of them.

  33. And who had a hand in persecuring Jewish people during World War II…. Oh that’s right, the Catholic Church (when they weren’t to busy kiddy fiddling!)

      1. Re-posting nonsense does not make it any less nonsensical!

  34. The people who brought us the Inquisition are feeling persecuted? Welcome to our world.

  35. I’ve never heard such a ridiculous argument. When the persecuted fight back against the persecuters they are accused of being persecuters themselves. At the basis of all this nonsence is the refusal of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church to admit that they might be wrong. Whereas anyone with an ounce of common sense would ask the question: “When have you ever been right?” On birth control? On artificial insemination? On celibacy? On mixed marriages? On divorce? And these are just heterosexual concerns. Why should their track record be any better on homosexual concerns?

  36. Marriage Equality will become fact in both
    Italy and Germany within 5 years.

    The Roman Catholic Church, at Vatican City, will still be allowed to burn gays at the stake as they have done in the past .

    1. Rome is a schizoid town these days. I understand there is at least one club in Rome currently offering late-night naked sex-revels to those who are interested. And I understand that these events are extremely well attended! Wouldn’t even be surprised if the odd priest slips in on the quiet!

      An old priest friend of mine went on to teach at a Catholic university in Rome for many years and when I eventually visited Rome I thought it would be interesting to look him up. Maybe I was foolish to think I would find him living a “good” and chaste life, but I was shocked to find that he was living no holy life at all but was in fact having a very hot relationship with a very very handsome young Italian lad called Mario!

  37. Well it’s about time they got a taste of their own medicine.

  38. Formerpriest 4 Feb 2013, 7:24pm

    Those little cockmonsters have some gaul playing the persecution card. Years of their own persecution and tyrrany have caused the vast majority of wars. Maybe when the likes of the Roman Catholic Church are defeated, mankind may truly begin to know peace.

  39. The Nazis were anti-gay and anti-abortion. In Christian Right Newspeak, this makes them “pro-family” and “pro-life.” And incidentally, Pius XII, pope at the time, did bugger all to halt the Nazi Holocaust.

    1. The Nazi’s legalised abortion, euthanasia(all making a come-back folks) and their party was riddled with a homosexual culture .In his classic Nazi history, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, author William Shirer describes Roehm as “a stocky, bull-necked, piggish-eyed, scar- faced professional soldier…[and] like so many of the early Nazis, a homosexual”
      You are a revisionist it seems .

      1. bernard monsha 5 Feb 2013, 1:08am

        wow ray seeing how you know so much bout the nazis it makes me believe you are obseesed with em i bet you have a waffen ss uniform in your closet and a nazi flag hanging on your wall and im guessing you have a hitler moustache too

      2. They did not “legalise” them, they made them compulsory! BIG difference. Think it is yourself who is the “revisionist”.
        Also Roehm was gay, (and was shot, with that “crime” as the excuse), but Himmler, Mengele, Goebbels, Goering, Bormann, Hess and Hitler himself were all incontrovertibly “straight”.
        So does that makes all heterosexuals Nazis?????

    2. ...Paddyswurds 8 Feb 2013, 1:05pm

      Th pope agreed to keep quiet about the Holocaust if the Naz1s spared Rome and didn’t do what they should have ; bombed it to oblivion, or at least vatican city….

  40. Gerhard Ludwig Mueller, how dare you say the RC Church is the victim of a persecution! The vile RC Church has been persecuting all kinds of minorities for centuries and the LGBT community worldwide has not been spared it’s lies and hate speech! The RC Church has lost (if it ever had any) it’s credibility! I could never trust an old man in an utterly silly looking halloween hat, especially in the 21st century! You and your deceitful Church are a joke!

  41. Paul Starner-Tate 4 Feb 2013, 7:53pm

    The catholic church has been using the same “clobber passages” from the Bible that Evangelicals have been using for years, all taken out of context and not one actually saying anything specifically about homosexuals or lesbians. Jesus never said one thing, according to what is in the scriptures, against homosexuals. Sodom and Gamorrah were destroyed because of excesses such as sloth and gluttony, not sexual excess. Until we start looking at the Bible as a book of stories written by people about things they didn’t understand so they assigned the causes to a single deity, we will never be able to get away from the unnecessary punishment of gays and lesbians by churches who think they actually know what God said about anything.

  42. PeterinSydney 4 Feb 2013, 8:40pm

    What total bullsh*t!!! They are being called for the bigots and gay haters that they are. These deserve to be named and shamed too.

  43. aaahhhh did the superstitious, cross dressing pedo not like the nasty Gays picking on him –

    well tough! You need to look up the word Chrisitan and read up on the persecution you’ve been handing out for centuries – dick breath!

  44. Har Davids 4 Feb 2013, 8:44pm

    Germans of a certain age should be very careful when invoking the persecution of the Jews, especially with all the scandals they’re trying to handle right now. On the German sites he even dares to mention a progrom against his Church, as if people don’t know how involved a fair number of upper-echelon clerics were with the Nazis.

    1. It is ironic, that the Vatican, which for years now has been slandering gay people and – through its nunzi (ambassadors) to many countries and at the United Nations – does not cease to pressurise governments into discriminating against gay people, and which has never uttered a word in public against the persecution of gay people in Africa and elsewhere, now claims itself to be the object of persecution by gay people! The Persecutor is crying out that it is being persecuted, because it is finally not getting its way in Europe and America in blocking the movement to recognise the rights of gay people. Shame on them! The Vatican enabled and encrouged paedophilia and sexual abuse for decades even centuries, but does all in its power to oppress and suppress voluntary expressions of love between persons of the same sex. When will the Upper Clergy of the Catholic Church finally recognise, that same-sex relations are not their secret prerogative, but are the right of all gay persons?

    2. *waits for ray to post some shit to defend the crimes of the church*

      1. Or re-post the same stuff yet again!

  45. It is ironic, that the Vatican, which for years now has been slandering gay people and – through its nunzi (ambassadors) to many countries and at the United Nations – does not cease to pressurise governments into discriminating against gay people, and which has never uttered a word in public against the persecution of gay people in Africa and elsewhere, now claims itself to be the object of persecution by gay people! The Persecutor is crying out that it is being persecuted, because it is finally not getting its way in Europe and America in blocking the movement to recognise the rights of gay people. Shame on them! The Vatican enabled and encrouged paedophilia and sexual abuse for decades even centuries, but does all in its power to oppress and suppress voluntary expressions of love between persons of the same sex. When will the Upper Clergy of the Catholic Church finally recognise, that same-sex relations are not their secret prerogative, but are the right of all gay persons?

    1. ‘has never uttered a word in public against the persecution of gay people in Africa and elsewhere’ – more lies

      Said Father Philip Bene, legal attaché to the UN’s Holy See Mission, “The Holy See continues to oppose all grave violations of human rights against homosexual persons, such as the use of the death penalty, torture and other cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment. The Holy See also opposes all forms of violence and unjust discrimination against homosexual persons, including discriminatory penal legislation which undermines the inherent dignity of the human person.”

      1. But it does support ‘just’ discrimination, as it sees it. So its still morally bankrupt.

        1. Just discrimination : no driving licences for blind people(blind-o-phobic),barring adults from being members of nurseries (ageism?),cervical vaccine jabs for men (sexism)etc etc

          There is NOTHING barring , or discriminating against people who label themselves ‘gay’ from getting married – in order to be married of course your spouse has to be the opposite sex and not related to you .Marriage is the union of one man and one woman.Civil partnerships for the same-sex attracted have the SAME legal rights as married couples .Oscar Wilde got married and joined the Catholic Church so there’s nothing stopping you folks , only your own self-created limitations ! :)

  46. “Catholic baiting is the anti-Semitism of the liberals.”

    1. Christopher in Canada 4 Feb 2013, 10:27pm

      It isn’t, but calling a spade “a spade” is.

    2. Don’t be ridiculous, Ray. Attacking an institution for its policies is nothing like attacking an ethnic group, and in the case of Nazi Germany ultimately putting them to death. What you call “Catholic baiting” is a perfectly legitimate response to the illiberal pronouncements of the Catholic hierarchy (bishops, etc.). It is not an attack on every individual Catholic merely for having been baptised a Catholic.

      1. The Church has not got ‘policies’ it’s not a political party ! – lobby groups won’t change it !.Attacking Bishops or the Pope(Bishop of Rome) because they teach Catholic doctrine and the Gospels is attacking catholics.The Church is not a few Bishops sitting in a room making up the rules as they go along (like the C 0f E) – it is the people who make up the body of the Church(Church Militant,Church Triumphant,Church Suffering)The teaching is an unbroken chain all the way back to when Christ himself founded the Church by appointing Peter .All other ‘churches’ have been founded by men.

        What you think is ‘illeberal’ is in fact true freedom , unlike the relativism , damaged lifestyles supporting to be ‘freedom’ .

    3. Benjamin Kidd 5 Feb 2013, 12:44pm

      I was baptised a catholic Ray… my mum and dad are and still practise, get it through your thick head… it is not the people we are baiting it is the heirachy and their disgusting dogmatical nasty things they say about US we are attacking.. what God says that they claim they KNOW and is NOT true.. its their interpretation… Jesus said NOTHING against homosexuls NOTHING…NOTHING understand that yet.. I am a CHristian.. I do what Jesus said not the pope.. he is a man. not god

  47. Well I’m sure that they know all about the Nazi persecution of the Jews in Germany, since they were involved in it. If people are trying to discredit the Catholic church unfairly then the solution is pretty straightforward. Counter with the evidence. That’s going to be a bit difficult when there is so much evidence of child torture and rape and then protecting the criminal priests and sending them to pastures new for fresh victims.

  48. If they are going to play the martry card let them shed blood for their beliefs. They have to whip this white martrydom frenzy up to rally the troops.

  49. The BNP is being persecuted due to its racist positions. The Nazis are being persecuted due to their anti-Jewish positions. The Catholic Church is being persecuted due to its anti-gay positions.
    Spot the difference? No? me neither.

    1. Oh yes the famous ‘anti-gay’ position of the Catholic Church that no one seems to hear above the anti-catholic hysteria.Here it is in the official :

      ‘They must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided. These persons are called to fulfill God’s will in their lives and, if they are Christians, to unite to the sacrifice of the Lord’s Cross the difficulties they may encounter from their condition’

      The rainbow gestapo have other beliefs it seems ….

      1. yet last year the pope goes onto to call homosexuals flawed sub-humans. Nice try at piss poor apologetics

        1. quotes please – these are not the same as what YOU think – there is a difference ! :)

      2. Actions speak louder than words. Besides its all about interpretation. They arent ‘discriminating’ against us in their view, they are trying to ‘save’ us. Its typical religious circular reasoning. Flawed and incorrect thinking.

  50. oh, come on, Mueller…

    it’s not as if you are being thrown to the lions

  51. “Those who would move from tolerance to the legitimization of specific rights for cohabiting homosexual persons need to be reminded that the approval or legalization of EVIL is something far different from the toleration of EVIL” ……

    Got you attention?? Yes, the above quote is taken directly from the “congregation for the doctrine of the faith” on their official vatican website

    Who are the real victims?
    Why does the catholic church hate gay people, claiming to “hate the sin while loving the person”?

    I respect the catholic church’s right to a voice but I wish the for the right to merely live my life and be completely equal before the law/state.

    1. Cue Ray, accusing you of making up the quote!

  52. Michael LaRocca 5 Feb 2013, 12:53am

    Damn straight we are persecuting them and rightly so. And, boy do I have a behind the scenes story to share:

    1. When I was a child my mother told me not to play with fire.

      Cults wreck lives. This cult is no different from the rest.

  53. Eugh, such an utter corruption of the simple idea of Christianity. Gold and jewels everywhere, influence in politics, a city-state of their own. It’s just disgusting of them to suggest that *we’re* the ones perverting human nature/history while they parade around with trappings paid for by the blood of the individuals it has crushed over the centuries.

  54. Hmm, let’s see…
    I am a male, 24, I have a college degree and a career (well, I’ve started it). I pay my taxes, give to charity, have an active social life, and enjoy several hobbies.
    I also happen to be in love with another man.
    As it stands now, I cannot marry the love of my life. If he were to pass on, it would be as if our entire relationship meant nothing. I cannot visit him in the hospital, nor can either of us benefit from the other’s insurance. To the government it is as if the two of us do not exist together.
    If the Catholic Church were to have their way, it would stay like this. They cry out about being persecuted and I say, “What about me? Are you not persecuting me right now, at this very moment? By denying me equal rights as everyone else, you label me as something less than human. If you are being persecuted, then what am I?”
    So to the cries that they are being persecuted, this is my response: No s**t. Stop persecuting me and I shall stop persecuting you.

    1. Brad it worse than this. Not only do they not want us to have equal rights – they do not want us to have any human rights. They demonize us – and support criminalization of gay people and release a constant stream of hate speech.

    2. Hopefully, the marriage ban will end today (unless you want to be married in Church, in which case become a Quaker). That is, if you are British.

  55. Boo hoo. They love to dish it out, but they can’t take it. Cowards.

  56. Tom (Wpg) 5 Feb 2013, 2:20am

    A taste of persecution, huh? That’s just great! You silly religious bigots!

  57. I think their being persecuted because they run the worlds largest child rapist protection racket

  58. There is a saying “what goes around, comes around”.

  59. Quote:- “concerted campaign” to discredit the Catholic Church that is resulting in open attacks against priests. As it should be. there is nothing in the bible or the doctrine of the RC’s to say homosexuality is a sin. it is the old fogies in the church that are carrying out this campaign.

    1. CATECHISM OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH – you’ll find that homosexual behavior is a sin – if you do some research .The teaching has remained unchanged and is unchangeable .Must of been that old foggie Jesus giving Peter other old foggie the authority – ‘‘You are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it;”

      “And know that I am with you always; yes, to the end of time.”

      1. ...Paddyswurds 8 Feb 2013, 1:17pm

        Hell ; yet another man made concept invented 1500 years BEFORE the advent of the curse that is christianity…. by the Persians.

  60. nothingpetty 5 Feb 2013, 3:20am

    No- This is why we’re playing closer attention.

  61. They need to read their history books again; this is nothing like the persecution the Jews faced.

    1. ...Paddyswurds 8 Feb 2013, 1:19pm

      ..not forgetting of course the persecution and expelling of the Jews from Iberia in the 12th century by the Roman Cult….

  62. Despicable and nauseating.
    We have families too you ignorant bigot!

  63. Hmm – a bit like the BNP complaining they’re being persecuted because they’re racists…..

  64. This is typically bully behavior.

    The abusers trying to make out they are victims.

    The problem is they have over played this hand before. Largely the public have wised up and see through this.

    What a sad, desperate bunch of ineffective men the clergy are. They are truly a pathetic examples of humanity.

  65. Catholic crimes are not restricted to sexual child abuse.
    No doubt Ray will call this “Catholic baiting”. No, you need a small child to bait a Catholic.

  66. Benjaimin Kidd 5 Feb 2013, 12:17pm

    ERm what can one really say to this? I think they started this one with their, we are a threat to humanity card? their, we are endargering humanities existance, a worse threat to humanity than the disappearin rain forests??? It’s not being horrible to them it’s self defense…. Get a grip of yourselves if you do not like it do not start throwing stones!

  67. Too fecking right, religious freaks do not deserve to live, let alone have a voice.

  68. The pope claiming gays are persecuting the Catholic Church? This coming from a long line of pedo priests who have persecuted gays since day 1… gays have never debated anyone’s heterosexual marriage, so why are the Catholic Churches so anal about shit that doesn’t affect them? I just think it’s all a bit ripe coming from those who claim to be holier than thou. It’s ok though, the ignorant generation will die out eventually and soon enough everyone will be treated equally. Thank God!

  69. so sad that these poor priests are being picked on when i go to mexico the sign translates into beach of the dead where they spanished killed the natives to bring back money for the church

    1. You are talking about the Conquestadors who robbed and enslaved for themselves (not the Church!) and who rejected Catholic teaching , just as ‘modern’ Spain has abortion and gay pseudo-marriage through rejecting the same teaching ! :

      “by our Apostolic Authority decree and declare by these present letters that the same Indians and all other peoples-even though they are outside the faith-who shall hereafter come to the knowledge of Christians have not been deprived or should not be deprived of their liberty or of their possessions. Rather they are to be able to use and enjoy this liberty and this ownership of property freely and licitly, and are not to be reduced to slavery, and that whatever happens to the contrary is to be considered null and void. These same Indians and other peoples are to be invited to the said faith in Christ by preaching and the example of a good life.” Pope Paul III

      More anti-catholic lies exposed ! :) Any more Rome-o-phobia to come ?

      1. You mean real and equal marriage which has nothing to do with your cult. Just as it should be.

      2. ...Paddyswurds 8 Feb 2013, 1:27pm

        @Ray ….
        ……” absolutely and there is much more to come for the Paedophilia cult of the Vatican. The world would be a better place if the whole corrupt paedophile edifice came tumbling down in the next ten minutes. These people have some gall to come out with such utterances given thje persecution and bile they have poured on Gay people this last three years and beyond….. The cdampaign to destroy the whole Abrahamic cult thing has just begun and Gay people will rightly be at the leading edge…” And destroy it we will, of that you can be assured.

        1. “And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”

          Will keep you in my prayers

          1. ...Paddyswurds 9 Feb 2013, 1:52pm

            Prayers; The useless utterances of the dim of mind and weak of intellect….

  70. “They don’t like it up ’em!” do they? But perhaps it’s because they DO like it up ’em…..and don’t want anyone to know!
    “Whited Sepulchres” methinks!

    1. ...Paddyswurds 8 Feb 2013, 1:28pm

      No they only like putting it up children Alan…..

  71. The Catholic. Church is being persecuted. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out!

    1. we’ve been taking it for the last 2000 years , this is nothing new ! :)

      Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when they insult you and persecute you and utter every kind of evil against you (falsely) because of me. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward will be great in heaven. Thus they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

      1. St Peter; martyr; 42-67

      2. St Linus, of Tuscia (Volterra?); martyr; 67-78

      3. St Anacletus I, of Rome; martyr; 78-90 (?)

      4. St Clement I, of the Roman Flavian gens; martyr; 90-99 (?)

      5. St Evaristus, of Greece (or of Bethlehem); martyr; 99-105 (?)

      6. St Alexander I, of Rome; martyr; 105-115 (?)

      7. St Sixtus I, of Rome; martyr; 115-125 (?)

      8. St Telesphorus, of Greece; martyr; 125-136 (?)

      9. St Iginus, of Greece; martyr; 136-140 (?)

      10. St Pius I, of Italy; martyr; 140-155 (?)

      11. St Anicetus, of Syria; martyr; 155-166 (?)

      etc etc …….

      1. Rubbish lies from a fintional story book.

      2. you have locked yourself in a system of self-perpetuating lies and you’ve thrown away the key.

  72. Brian Dean 5 Feb 2013, 5:28pm

    My heart bleeds for the Holy Roman Church of Pedophilia. Persecuted? Yeah, let’s continue persecuting them. I went to Catholic High School. If there really is a group that needs persecuting, it is the institution of the Roman Catholic Church (not Catholics, of course, because they aren’t involved in institutionalized child rape, misogyny, and persecuting the LGBT community).

    1. are you the new pink Julius Streicher ?

  73. They feel persecuted because… Surprise! – they get a reaction to their own policy of persecuting open-mindedness and human diversity. Remember, dear persecuted fathers – what goes around, comes around.

  74. filthy vile pedophile says WHAT?

  75. Oh Wot a shame! How long have they been persecuting the LGBT community? ‘As you sew so you will reap.’ ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’
    Love thy neigbour as thyself.
    Go and learn what that means

    1. These comments are mostly childish, and the spelling in some pretty bad. I have never once heard a priest persecuting or defaming any gay person, either at mass, school or in the media, so you’re all getting worked up over nothing. Because they are against gay marriage they are now your only sworn enemy? I think not. Be rational, it’s not the RC church that have been the lawmakers all this time. they are entitled to their view.

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