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Obama says Boy Scouts ban on gays must end

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  1. Out Scouts 4 Feb 2013, 2:21am

    Started by an Eagle Scout, is providing a supportive environment for LGBT scouts, leaders and their supporters.

  2. GingerlyColors 4 Feb 2013, 7:49am

    I am pretty sure that if Lord Baden-Powell was alive today he would be opposed to the ban on openly gay people from joining or working with the Scouts. The Scout movement should be open to all regardless of religion and encouraged as it gives young people something to do other than hanging round on street corners.

    1. The UK’s scouting movement from which BP started the world-wide movement already has an inclusive policy, so hopefully you are right. BP himself may well have been gay, so it would have been hypocritical of him to be otherwise. Of course, if it’s true that he was gay, the American Scouts would have expelled him….

  3. bobbleobble 4 Feb 2013, 10:26am

    There are no actual proposals to end the ban they’re simply shifting it from a national policy to a local policy. Local scout organisations will still be able to prohibit gay members and volunteers if they so choose. This is quite a cynical ploy to make it seem like they’re being inclusive so they can get their funding back whilst not really being inclusive at all.

    1. Richard the Big Bunny 4 Feb 2013, 7:38pm

      That is correct. And even if they allow gays, the BSA have avowed to continue to shun atheist children. It’s not just teh_Jesus now … but ya gotta believe in some old god or other! Makes no feckin’ sense.

  4. Janet Lameck 4 Feb 2013, 3:34pm

    They’re letting girls into the Boy Scouts I agree banning gay or bi scouts MUST end! If not remove their charitable status.

  5. Obama just gets better and better…

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