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Mali: Two men saved from execution for being gay, following French intervention

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Reader comments

  1. Robert (Kettering) 4 Feb 2013, 3:38pm

    See what happens when you let religious facist, bigots run things. This is exactly why the UK government MUST make sure religions are not allowed anywhere near equality and human rights laws.

    Let this be a warning!

    1. Lynda Yilmaz 4 Feb 2013, 3:42pm

      I can only say ‘hear hear’ to that Robert. Do you know that there is already limited Sharia law in the UK? Muslims seeking divorce can attend a Sharia court rather than an English court of law. Funny how the ‘flood gates’ principal is so often applied in a court of law, and yet the Blair government didn’t see anything wrong with allowing this situation.

      1. That There Other David 4 Feb 2013, 5:21pm

        That’s always been the case for minority religions in the UK. Jewish Beth Din courts exist for exactly the same reasons.

        Mail is still 90% a Muslim country. LGBT rights are not going to happen there any time soon. However, I’m glad to see some religious extremists prevented from inflicting their poison onto ordinary people just living their lives.

        1. David Waite 5 Feb 2013, 5:31am

          I presume you missed reading this in the article. “Despite homosexuality being legal in Mali..” Clearly, this statement by you is in error: “LGBT rights are not going to happen there any time soon.”

  2. Oh yes. Religion has so much for which to answer ….
    Thank goodness their selective use of their old rule books has resulted in them ignoring the bits which advocate the burning of witches and the condoning of slavery. Funny how they cling so ferociously to the anti-gay bits … what’s THAT about …?

  3. Can you tell me how you checked this story?

    1. Troll.
      is this all you do? troll gay websites and post and repost “did you check this story? did you check this story? did you check this story?”

  4. Mali will now declare war on France.
    You should keep your nose out of other countries and their laws.

    Watch this space.

    1. “Mali will now declare war on France” – lol, good luck with that!

  5. These so called Muslim LGBT groups are perfect joke. Since when can they interpret Quran in such way when it’s said black and white that sodomy is prohibited? They are sticking to an religion and they are already mispresenting their gods word. I’m always wondering why these group don’t stand up to the religious bigots in East London Mosque and say enough is enough.

  6. Fagburn is Richard Smith, who infamously got kicked out from GT for writing a review on an Elton John record without having listened to it. Ever since then, the bitter queen attacks anyone, like a parasite – trying to make others look bad.

    Hey Richard, mud sticks mate! Kisses…

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