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Ghana: Anti-gay critics say new children’s minister will ‘promote homosexuality’

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Reader comments

  1. While this seems like a fairly minor piece of progress, it’s actually very positive news. There is this irrational fear in so many African countries that homosexuality is a “lifestyle choice” propagated by the “gay lobby/agenda”. I just hope more people like her come to positions of power in order to stand up for the rights of gay people.

  2. GulliverUK 4 Feb 2013, 7:41pm

    I came across this

    in the early hours of the morning. It shows a disturbing lack of understanding, brainwashing even, as to actual facts. Disturbing if these misinformed views circulate widely in Ghana.

  3. They need to evolve a little bit…

    1. Unwise use of the word evolve. It can be deemed to be racist in a context like this.
      After all we only got rid of clause 28 very recently which also made it illegal to promote homosexuality in schools, and there will be quite a few people on this comments section that voted for Thatcher, the lady that did that.

      Would we have said that Thatcher needed to evolve?

  4. Will someone get rid of these morons, once and for all??? There is no more promotion of homosexuality as there is of heterosexuality. it’s not a cult, it’s not a religion, it’s just nature. Someone please put these people on their knees and a bullet in the neck! Enough is enough!

    1. despicable comment. Homophobia is vile, but this response are unhelpful, unnecessary and completely uncalled for

    2. Do you mean get rid of everyone in Ghana specifically? Wouldn’t that be genocide?

    3. Just fack off…ignorant prat.

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