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Feature: How the Cabinet will vote in tomorrow’s same-sex marriage bill

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Reader comments

  1. thewildkoala 4 Feb 2013, 2:29pm

    Some good names there in support of gay marriage. A few surprises too. Very positive.

  2. Jaffawine 4 Feb 2013, 2:36pm

    IDS needs to come out and support this or is this man a complete fascist?

    1. I thought he already had?

      The article says unclear – but I’m sure I’ve seen (in the last day) IDS supporting equal marriage

    2. That There Other David 4 Feb 2013, 3:01pm

      I’m pretty sure IDS will join the Yes camp.

    3. Robert in S. Kensington 4 Feb 2013, 3:15pm

      He does support is, he made it quite clear last year.

  3. I know it’s a free vote, but I think all government ministers should vote for it or resign from their ministerial job – or be sacked. How can they vote against government legislation yet still expect to be a member of the government? That goes for all ministers in the UK and Scottish governments.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 4 Feb 2013, 3:22pm

      Although I was first opposed to a free vote, I’m now glad because it will expose all of the naysayers (abstentions and absence will count for ‘no’ votes). They can run but they will never be able to hide. A free vote could also be construed as a parliamentary referendum in some ways. It will give all of us impetus to work on defeating them in their respective constituencies in 2015 and defeated some of them will be. We should take a proactive role in making sure that happens up and down England and Wales. Get organised, get them booted out.

      1. I couldn’t agree more. I’m also keeping an eye on those conveniently out of the country or some other excuse not to be there, as well as the abstainers.

        1. Robert & Mike, I do see the point you both make about it bringing the homophobes into the open, but I think they are unlikely to lose their seat at the next election if they vote against equal marriage. I don’t think there are enough voters who’ll see it as so important that they won’t vote for that MP or MSP at the next elections.

          My point about government ministers is that they shouldn’t be allowed to hang on to their ministerial jobs if they can’t vote for government legislation. If they won’t resign then they should be sacked.

      2. It’s 2013. We have the technology. Why on earth can’t absent MPs register their vote if they know they will be out of the country ?

        I was once at a meeting with Ministers when the division bell went. The resultant mad dash of MP’s from a meeting that had taken a couple of months to set up was a complete farce.

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 4 Feb 2013, 3:17pm

    God Hates Fags, well well, the motto of the Westboro cult in America. Your alias would hardly pass for tolerance, moronic self-loathing closet case.

    1. What a vulgar, common, mentally ill bigot!

    2. It’s not “just a name”, and it is clear you have no brains. The Church has killed millions over thousands of years and threatened the rest with sending them to eternal hell if they don’t do as they are told.

  5. “Lord Against”? How did that happen?

  6. Your moniker, grammar, punctuation and tone suggest you are from a very low socio-economic group. I’m sure you deserve the life you have.Cunt.

  7. twosipsdiva 4 Feb 2013, 4:23pm

    get the help you badly need. sadly, the nhs which you probably despise, will give you free treatment.

  8. Silly boy! You call yourself “GodHatesFags” but, silly little boy, there is no god, no almighty fairy in the sky, and there are no fags either! There are only individuals every bit equal to the best of society.

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