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Ed Miliband: Why I will be voting for same-sex marriage tomorrow

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Reader comments

  1. Suddenly Last Bummer 4 Feb 2013, 6:17pm

    Would the chinless wonder be this vocal in his support if he were actually ensconced in No.10 and not just hanging around by the back door.

  2. Thank You Ed, welcome words. I hope that any crypto theocrats in the labour party refrain from using some technicality in the legislation as a pretext to vote against?

  3. In response to “Suddenly Last Bummer”, there is no reason to think otherwise. It seems to me quite credible to suppose that he would have fought to introduce equal marriage had he been elected. He strikes me as being someone who understands the importance of social equality (in the widest sense) better than Mr Cameron.

  4. He, and other party leaders, still have to explain why this isn’t a whipped vote

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 4 Feb 2013, 7:03pm

      I used to think that way but this is more of a referendum for MPs by having a free vote. At least when it passes and it will, they can’t ever conceive of trying to repeal it. WIth hindsight, it was a wise move by all three parties. We’ll get a closer look at the opponents after the vote, then we can concentrate to get them out of office come 2015 and do it we must for all the crap they’ve been dumping on us this past year and getting more than their fair share of media coverage, undeservedly so.

  5. Thanks Ed. We’ll see ya right at the next election.

    1. theotherone 4 Feb 2013, 7:54pm

      yup because caving into his own right wingers and allowing a free vote was great

  6. theotherone 4 Feb 2013, 7:20pm

    and did you feel proud when you where part of a party that voted to allow schools to teach homosexuality was wrong, that allowed get out clauses for bullies in both the workplace and schools and that stripped trans people of their rights?

    none the less i welcome your words and hope you can be a firm believer in equality in the future.

  7. Jack Holroyde 4 Feb 2013, 7:22pm

    All three parties are playing a pointless and disappointing game with this vote. It is not a vote for equal marriage, that will come *much* later. This is a vote for the bill to be taken to committee stages. The tories decided to try and kill the bill here and have tried to make a stand, but they are in the minority.

    The real battle will be at the third reading, after the committee. then the bill must pass the Lords before being past back to the commons before becoming law.

    Everyone is pretending that this vote is really important – it’s really not and acting otherwise confuses people and leads to (further) distrust in the political system

    1. Jacob Dugan-Brause 5 Feb 2013, 6:51am

      Six years in this country and a recent naturalised citizen and I do know a bit of the rough play that necessarily follows politics having been engaged with it in the states.

      Thank you for this reminder, Jack. The circus is still very much in town.

  8. What about Rob Flello? He’s in the Shadow Cabinet!!

  9. Short and sweet but a very strong message of support from Mr Miliband which is most welcome. Although I have always been impressed by David Cameron’s support for equal marriage and pleased that the Tories are so clearly ‘shedding a skin’ as they proceed with it, I am increasingly of the opinion that what they are running with is only a three-quarter-way house (the Civil Partnership Act being a half-way house). As they seek to placate a few noisy bigots in the church and the remaining nasties in their party, the Tories really are making a simple matter too long winded. The bill as it currently stands often eschews the rhetoric of equality and leaves much to be desired in terms of content ( I hope Mr Miliband recognises this and takes an even more proactive stance as the bill makes its way through parliament. Perhaps he can help tidy it up a bit.

  10. Despite party politics, and on this issue it should be beyond that, I welcome anyone prepared to demonstrate support for equal marriage. Rather than bicker about this and that, lets unite and get this through.

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