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US: Illinois Senate to vote on equal marriage on Valentine’s Day

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Reader comments

  1. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 2 Feb 2013, 1:52am

    The Illinois Legislature which has a Democrat super-majority has NO EXCUSES at all at continuing and on-going delays on the “Equal Marriage And Religious Freedoms Bill 2013”!

    Why are they continuing the on-going delays hey?

    Are some Southern Illinois Democrats having second thoughts?

    The same with Rhode Island they have NO EXCUSES at all since they have a super-majority of Democrats in there Legislature as well!

    Maybe the problem is Dixiecrats or other wise known as Conservative (or blue “Democrat in name only”) and have the same Republican values southerners!

  2. Paul Myers 2 Feb 2013, 3:26am

    I live in Illinois and am very excited for this. Even some of the state’s Republican leaders are on board and lobbying for this. One correction in the article though: Rep. Greg Harris is also a Democrat, not Republican.

  3. Marriage is a conservative action and YET Conservatives don’t get it! Relationship recognition for same-sex couples is what the Republicans SHOULD be supporting!

  4. If Illinois passes gay marriage it would make it 10 states out of 50 , yes we could have all 50 states at onces but it is better to go state by state it does reflect how a state is and feels. I want to know where i am welcomed to differ from those who hate. I dont need to go to the religious homophobic southern state. Not that the south are haters but it did take them until 1967 to allow the last 13 states to pass interracial marriage not the most progressive people. but i think we will have 16 states by the end of 2013 and by that time we will have many other states who will want to pass it.

  5. Dimitris T 2 Feb 2013, 7:11am

    Sorry for the inconvenience to wright in an irrelevant thread, I did it because the conversation here is active and more people are likely to see this.
    What I am writing here for, is to alert the community, that Euronews has already started a 24-hour broadcast in Greek, worldwide. A month ago. In Cyprus as well. But in Greece, oh, noooooo!!! The Greek Government has banned its broadcast by Greek public tv “ERT” which has the rights. They will stop the spread of any idea, any information that does not fit their likes. Euronews has broadcasted in Greek several times topics related to gay rights.
    Are we in North Korea already, with a Right Government which was supposed to keep Greece in EU, the Left would lead to Grexit….?
    In the meanwhile we can see Euronews in Greek on the web, but it is certainly not the same as open broadcast, which is addressed to a larger part of population.

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