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US teacher tells class full of students ‘I don’t like queers’ and ‘Michele Obama is fat’

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Reader comments

  1. Here’s a hint – if you don’t want to be called things like “despicable hateful probably-a-bit-racist” then how about you DON’T say the things that make people see you that way….

    Trying to deflect with all this “know my heart” drivel is meaningless, your words are on record and all the arse-covering in the world won’t take that back.

  2. Jesus moran 1 Feb 2013, 4:17pm

    Investigation? It’s crystal clear fire his homophobic racist ass now!!!!!

  3. scene1_take2 1 Feb 2013, 4:22pm

    I especially love the part where he says that what he said “doesn’t reflect his views.” Unless I’ve missed something, calling the first lady fat, & calling people queer’s DOES reflect someone’s views.

  4. He doesn’t believe in us? I’ve always wondered if we’re mythological beings!

    1. Always thought I was a Unicorn! ;-)

    2. His problem is that there is a lot of evidence for our existence and none for that of his god.

    3. Well… I’m a fairy!

  5. At first I read this as Fort Lauderdale, gay friendly area, but then realised its in Alabama.

    Misspoke indeed!

  6. People like this arsehole and the sportsman Culliver seem to think thatshatsomeone says doesn’t reflect their views. Who is going to take that seriously? What does it even mean? “I don’t like queers” is what it says on the Tim.

    1. Some bizarre typos there. Sorry.

  7. “I don’t believe in queers.”

    Well I am real, where’s your god, stupid? He is making a woman with a “fat butt” first lady. Get over it.

    1. Brett Gibson 2 Feb 2013, 1:00am

      Aw snap! Nail = head. BOWSH!

  8. That There Other David 1 Feb 2013, 6:20pm

    Sometimes you wonder how these religious types don’t accidentally stab themselves to death several times before breakfast. I mean, is this guy thick or what?

  9. “I don’t believe in queers”…. hmmm… perhaps he’s confusing us with fairies, and thinks ‘Peter Pan’ is a work of reference (like the Bible) giving instructions on how to get rid of us….

  10. It’s Alabama, folks. They fly the confederate flag and believe the South should have won the Civil War. And no, he’s not sorry about anything he said. Racism and institutionalized homophobia go hand in hand in Alabama.

    1. Hmmm….Someone is prejudiced against Alabamians perhaps? Southerners: the last group of people that it is still ok to hate. Maybe one day we can all love each other regardless of race, religion, or mailing address. Geez. Hypocrite.

  11. It says a lot about society! A teacher, a person who is supposed to mentor, educate enlighten and inspire says such things.

    A teacher in an environment where zero tolerance for bullying is becoming the norm, speaks hate and disparagingly of others, this is supposed to be a role model?

    A student who knows better, who records the dialogue and takes it to the authorities and exposes the teacher for what he is, Now that is a role model!

    When parents raise children to know the difference between right and wrong, Those parent have done their job well and raised this child with a conscience! A child who spoke out, and clearly know better than many adults. This child show there is hope for the future generation.

  12. I have a feeling that the school authorities are going through the motions and that nothing will be done, maybe in part because such attitudes and language are unremarkable in Alabama. Sadly.

  13. Great thing about being gay is that we don’t need anyone to believe in us being gay, we just are…

  14. Recognising he’s from Alabama makes me think he probably deserves all the hate he’s getting.. but I’d want to know the context of the “debate” before passing judgement. Clearly what he said was crap and wrong, but was he trying to make a point about how stupid it was? Or was he serious? As an educator, he could have been trying to make a point..

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