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US: Mayor holds ‘wedding’ for 13 gay couples to protest against proposed equal marriage ban

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Reader comments

  1. Justice delayed is justice denied – MLK. The Supreme Court dragging its feet over this important civil rights matter is something of a disgrace.

    Good for this Mayor though, he places principle before the political expediency of ignoring or turning his back on LGBT residents.

  2. How refreshing to know that there are people of courage and integrity holding political office.

  3. Dear Pink News: Thank you for reporting on this event. The same-sex wedding was a “flash mob” action that occurred as part of Bloomington’s 10th annual LGBTQ film festival. I’m on the steering committee for the fest and we are thrilled to know that our message has reached so far. Indiana is VERY conservative: politically, religiously, and socially — and the fight for same-sex marriage will be difficult. We OPPOSE HJR-6, the proposed amendment to Indiana’s consitution, and are encouraged that our local elected officials stand with us on this issue.

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