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UK: Lesbian couple found guilty of torturing pensioner to death

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Reader comments

  1. More cheap lazy reporting from PinkNews. Their sexuality has nothing whatsoever to do with the story so why publish it?

    I’m sure PinkNews just search the news sources for keywords like “gay” and “lesbian” and copy/paste the stories across without thinking about the relevance at all.

    They get criticised here and on Facebook every time too, yet nothing changes. Do they even read these comments? I doubt it.

    1. FFS…get a grip. We have druggies and murderers in our so-called ‘community’ – it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows you know!

      We want equality? Well, we have to take the good and the bad. If they were a married straight couple they would have been referred to as a married couple who were violent druggies who mutilated and killed a pensioner and robbed him.

      THAT is all this article says. They were a couple in a civil union who were under the same SURNAME who were violent druggies who mutilated and killed a pensioner and robbed him.

      Get over YOUR OWN double standards and wise up.

      1. I understand all that. And yes we are no different than anyone else who is straight. We’re not all law abiding citizens. What I find offensive is this need, in a LGBT news paper, to add lesbian couple. I’m not blind, I can see it’s two women, ergo, a lesbian couple. It’s. A gay paper, so unless it’s was an elderly gay women who’d been killed and the picture was of a straight couple who’d done it, why add it to the flipping headline at all?!

      2. PantoHorse 1 Feb 2013, 2:51pm

        Give over, Adam. I can’t see any double standards in what Paul has written and agree that the headline doesn’t need the ‘lesbian couple’ part. All that does is play into the hands of people who think there is something sinister about being lesbian/gay/trans [delete as appropriate] and such sensationalist headlines only serve to ‘prove’ their point of view.

        It’s Daily Wail stuff.

  2. thelostdot 1 Feb 2013, 1:15pm

    Thanks for the story I like to know what is going on with everything if it has LGBT relevance.

  3. What a truly appalling story.

    And ‘scorn’ is too mild a word – ‘disgust’ is probably better – to describe what I feel about the one who claims to have been ‘forgiven by God’ and tried to use a bible as a prop to gain sympathy.

    1. PantoHorse 1 Feb 2013, 2:55pm

      Kind of clever on one hand though – she knows, or has been told, who’s pulling the strings in so many powerful institutions.

      Hopefully that’s on the decline though. And I think Norfolk came out in the last census as a place with the most people of no religion, so maybe she/whoever suggested it to her should have thought it through a bit more.

      1. Gay or straight. They are just plain evil. How many children do they have. What of their lives — and who pays. Us. Throw away the key.From a gay Norfolk man.

  4. Disregarding the paper this is in…would we EVER see “heterosexual couple who are married……” me thinks the word ‘unlikely’ comes to mind…..and as this is ‘pink’ news was the word ‘couple’ not adiquet enough….unless the couple were. Straight and it was a gay women who’d died, I see little point in adding their sexuality!

    To me this makes Pink News little better than The Sun with ridiculous headlines such as this! Personally I find it very offensive!!!

    1. I would like to add that what these two women have done it just appalling and they should throw away the key. They don’t just so much as bring shame onto the LGBT community, but onto human society itself in general.

  5. Yes I did read it..just for some reason I automatically put elderly women! I guess because more often than not it’s. A woman :/

  6. A horrible story.

    How has being Lesbian in q hostile society afected theie lives?
    Has it contributed to their alleged drug habits?
    Their relationship with old people who are largely homophobic?
    I what way has religious authority condemning homosexuality as an abomination afectwd their respect?
    Knowing the answers to these questions could in no way qualify this crime as acceptable.

  7. AnnaSmith 1 Feb 2013, 4:22pm

    Give yourself more chances. I would like to recommend you to the world’s best lesbian seeking&dating site for world wide lesbians.

  8. If you think about a story about a different couple on the BBC News website (for instance), chances are they’d start it with “Married couple Bob and Jane Edwards were today found guilty of murder…”

    Tis exactly the same sort of wording, except that it’s a civil partnership and two women. Nothing unfair about it. Bob and Jane’s marital status wouldn’t be relevant to their crime either, it would just be mentioned as part of the story.

  9. I am kind of confused why Pink News reports stuff like this. This is supposed to be news for the gay community. Just because someone’s gay it doesn’t mean we want to read about them.

    In fact, why is their sexuality mentioned at all?

    1. Bill Cameron 1 Feb 2013, 7:10pm

      Because not everyone in the ‘gay community’ is worthy of respect. These two individuals are monsters. I’ve met far too many gay ‘racists’ in my time, too.

      We are all just human beings (gay or straight) – some of us have character and moral defects. That’s what this very sad story is all about.

  10. The reference to this pair of horrors’ sexuality would not have looke out of place in The Sun or Daily Heil. Shame on you.

    1. My you are a delicate flower. Get real.

  11. Common sense 1 Feb 2013, 10:26pm

    Only goes to show that we are no really any different to the wider population and have good uns and bad uns it he same way.

  12. Why report such negative news under the umbrella of LGBT? Those two women are clearly evil, whether gay or otherwise, and if it were up to me would be put to death for their crime!

  13. A truly revolting crime, of course, but does anyone else get an odd feeling about the victim’s family?
    Why no contact for two weeks (or was it longer? We are only told the lapse of time after the date of the attack) with a frail isolated father?
    Just curious. But I can’t help wondering if the killers had been watching the man and had worked out just how isolated and neglected he was.

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