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US: ‘Gay’ dog saved after being condemned to being put down

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Reader comments

  1. If this is true, well done Stephanie. Explain to the dog that it’s previous owner was a moron please.

  2. I only wildly speculated it before but now it appears to be true, the world *has* gone mad! What a terrible world for anything gay to come into. Gorgeous dog, ugly world.

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 31 Jan 2013, 3:24pm

    Thank goodness, poor thing! What can you expect though from a bible belt state like Tennessee which has one of the lowest education rates in the U.S? Religion has always kept people ignorant and this is a brilliant example of it.

    1. Robert, I live in Memphis, about 90 miles from Jackson, and am the proud human servant to two gay cats. I adopted them as a couple and despite being neutered, they are both very “out” about their preferences–and I wouldn’t change or give them up for the world. There are a great many of us in Tennessee and the “Bible Belt” who are quite well-educated, thank you, and who think the cretin that surrendered this poor dog is an utter moron. Say what you want about the idiot who gave the dog up, but please do not unfairly generalize about the people of an entire region. That’s something an uneducated person might do. (And I am thrilled the dog has been adopted–a group of us were on our way to get him when we heard the happy news.)

      1. What do you mean your cats are “out.?” Your cats would hump a chair leg if you let them. Their actions are simply their expresion of dominence over each other (usually a behavior more associtated with dogs), especially pack dogs. i.e., wolves.

        1. Catherine 1 Feb 2013, 1:51am

          My family has run a shelter and rescue for over 20 years. Cats are not dogs–they would not “hump a chair leg” as you say, though they do at times show dominance thru mounting. However, animals of many species do bond as pairs or couples, including dogs and cats. My two cats, both males, were not litter mates, were not born in the same household, and were not introduced to each other until they were well past kittenhood. As I said in my previous post, they are both neutered, but, without getting graphic, still show openly affectionate and often sexual behavior toward one another–and only each other. The other neutered males in the household, when they do occasionally assert dominance, will almost always do so with females. Their behavior has been observed and noted by not only me, but their previous owners, two vets and an animal behaviorist studying same-sex pairings in nature. There are several articles online about same-sex bonds in the animal kingdom–give them a look.


    “Over the years Michael has worked with thousands of dogs of all breeds. ”

    Wonder is any of those dogs were actually gay, or was it always down to a nonspecific sign of arousal ?

  5. In my opinion the (ex) owner should be put down. What an INHUMANE, revolting human.

    1. Most pet owners will say pets “love unconditionally” too bad the same can’t be said about their “humans”

  6. The previous owner should be put down for ignorance or, at the very least, shouldn’t breed!!!!

  7. I suppose that fear of further tarnishing their already sketchy reputation prevented them from accusing the dog of sodomy and putting him to the question via torture.

  8. Shelly Stow 31 Jan 2013, 5:07pm

    Thank God the moron gave up the dog; let us all pray he never gets another. I have never heard such ignorance. Hope the sweet dog has a long, happy life.

  9. This IS true! And thanks to phenomenal Animal Advocates, he is alive!

  10. Even if for some reason this dog was gay…why does the owner have the right to dump him & have him pts. Thats the most ridiculous crap I’ve heard. It’s sad in todays culture people have no moral fiber and can just throw away a creature of God, who shows more unconditional love than humans ever could. That person should be ashamed.

  11. Charlie Owens 31 Jan 2013, 5:57pm

    Suggestion to the pup’s new owners: Name him “Milk”, after the late SF councilman Harvey.

  12. it’s hard to think some people can be that stupid and ignorant! i hope the dog is happy in his new home with a family that loves him.

  13. Wow! such ignorance… if you consider the illogical reasoning of the dogs previous owner for condemning it vs nature, every species in the world would be on an endangered species list.

  14. 3DOLLARBILL 31 Jan 2013, 6:55pm

    What, the dog’s only worth saving if he’s not gay? Even the explanation of the attempt to save him is weirdly homophobic. Most animals exhibit homosexual behaviours, some more so than heterosexual behaviours. Only humans have managed to invent something as unnatural as homoPHOBIA.

  15. Richard the Big Bunny 31 Jan 2013, 7:33pm

    WOW. I find this a staggeringly sad comment on the morals & priorities of rural American society. People like this would round up and kill all the gay humans, too, if they could. And much (if not all) of that sort of thinking comes ‘straight’ from the pulpit.

  16. The OWNER should be put down for being SO STUPID!!!!!!

  17. Wow this is just to much = first they say homos ain’t even natural then when it’s pointed out just how natural homosexuality is they take it out on animals , so even with out the sex issue any fool who would get rid of there best friend to make some silly political statement deserves no best friend at all , well what go’s around comes around as the right wing christians are now finding out = yes it’s there time to be hounded out of public sight and forced into silence from hate speach laws just like the anti homo laws they and there kind forced on us and our homo ancestors

  18. Food for thought! just as an example.

    Every day we encounter bigots, I wonder how many of them might work in animal shelters? and yet as animal lovers, how many of them would have in a moment of detachment form reality, laughed at the imaginary perception that “this dog is gay” made the dog any less lovable?

    Life is so full of double standards!

  19. Brett Gibson 31 Jan 2013, 9:12pm

    Americans are just a bunch of actual retards. There are no words for this level of stupidity. My guess is this beautiful dog has a higher IQ than it’s previous owner.

    1. Christopher in Canada 31 Jan 2013, 10:11pm

      Pity me – I have to share a continent with these idiots.

      WHY WHY WHY did the British let them go? To think that North America could be one big Canada if they hadn’t…

      1. That There Other David 31 Jan 2013, 11:24pm

        Or Canada (and Britain) might both be now part of a great big United Kingdoms of America, with our own countries overrun with their religious fundies and all the ignorance that goes with them.

        Putting it that way, I’m happy we can celebrate 4th July as much as they can :-D

        Nice to see the dog has found a new home too :-)

  20. Tennessee love there “Do Not Sat Gay Bills” into there State Legislature again and again and again!

    Ignorance is bliss to these people, the owner should be put down along side the Pope and all peadoplile priests as well!

    Tennessee have for far too long only teach Creationism to there students and not Evolution!

    The bill is called the Classroom Protection Bill!

    How fucking funny is that!

    It should be called and have another title called the:

    “I Am Stupid, Ignorant And Dumb And Ban Free Speech In the Classroom Bill!”

    Obama needs to introduce a bill called the “Classroom Protection Bill” into Congress – about banning guns in all US schools and classrooms!

  21. We know what kind of people have this type of dog. The dog obviously picked the wrong time to “come out”, embarrassing the thug that owned him in front of his gang. It’s likely this dog has been irresponsibly raised. I hope the people who rescued him are careful for a while.

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