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US: Dog condemned to death row because his owner thought he was gay

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Reader comments

  1. Stupid, hysterical dumb Americans are hardly a revelation to anyone.

    What is revealing, of course, is the ideation expressed in abandoning his dog to death.

    This is the consequence of religion-sponsored and easily exploitable bigotry on the chronically stupid.

    1. Americans are stupid and hysterical, says the guy flying off the handle over a dubious Internet story about a gay dog. It’s probably just as well that as an American I’m also incapable of understanding irony.

      1. Yes, you are indeed “incapable” of understanding irony, since the word you’re looking for is not “irony” but “hypocrisy”. In attempting to rebuke his comment about stupid Americans, you have unwittingly revealed your own ignorance as an American. *That* is a form of irony.

        1. Some Americans are bigots and some are not. This is a sad story on many levels but at least the dog did find a home.

        2. I blame Alanis Morissette.

      2. Check your reading comprehension, please. I did not say ALL Americans. That this person is stupid, dumb, hysterical and also an American really comes as no surprise to anyone.

        But go on, wave a little flag and chant USA USA USA !!! If it will make you feel better.

        1. Oh, calm down. I’m hardly a flag-waving nationalist. These sweeping generalizations just get tiresome after a while. And over a sketchy unsourced viral story about a gay dog? I mean, seriously. Get a grip.

        2. And why doesn’t it come as a surprise? Because you’ve already created a sweeping generalization of a demographic based on solicited information that you yourself have not witnessed or experienced first hand. If you are gullible enough to pass judgement on an entire countrt of people, imagine what type of ridiculous information they are being fed about us. Then the circle of ignorance and hatred just continues to go around and around.

  2. That There Other David 31 Jan 2013, 1:14pm

    I just hope that the person that did this never ever has children. Doesn’t even bear thinking about what abuse those kids would suffer.

  3. How did you check this story?
    I presume you checked it, yes?

  4. As an aside, this is really sloppy headlining, PN: ‘Death Row’ is best left to describe the area human inmates are held awaiting execution; and you can’t really be ‘condemned to Death Row’, you’re condemned to death.

    Dog to be put down etc would have been perfectly adequate.

    1. I think “condemned to death” pretty well sums it up.

  5. Perhaps the owner should be put down instead

  6. can we have the owner put down for being stupid?

  7. Save the dog. Put the owner to sleep. America really scares me. To think people like this still exist in a supposedly educated, forward-thinking country is truely frighteneing. But when you have religious leaders spewing out the anti-gay bile they do, is it really surprising ….?

    1. I’m afraid people people like this live here in the UK and probably other countries too.:(

      1. Yes you are right, stupidity, bigotry and plain evil aren’t the copyright of any one country.

  8. I hope this dog now has an agent….he could probably earn a fortune with this kind of fame, assuming someone’s quick enough to rescue him….

  9. This poor pup has been adopted, YAY!!!

    1. Brian, how do you know? Where did you read it?

  10. Davisonbob 31 Jan 2013, 4:13pm

    Are they putting the owner down as well????

  11. The dog has been rescued. That’s been confirmed to me by people I know in Nashville.

    1. I look forward to his appearance on Oprah & Ellen…..Perhaps he will be adopted as mascot by the American Scouts, once they’ve seen the light…

  12. Staircase2 31 Jan 2013, 4:37pm

    …Bloody idiots!

  13. john lyttle 31 Jan 2013, 5:29pm

    Jesus wept

    1. anyone who has ever owned a dog knows that they “ride” your leg sometimes, for no reason, how would this fool explain that?
      Before going to the dog pound or trying to have it killed why didn’t he show it a bitch on heat… I think everyone else knows what would have been the outcome. :)

  14. We know the type of person that owns this kind of dog. The poor pooch obviously “came out” at the wrong time, in front of some of the thugs friends. The thug lost kudos and the dog is lucky it wasn’t kicked to death there on the spot for “disrespect”.

    1. Jeez. You should try to fit another stereotype into your comment. My eyes aren’t bleeding enough.

  15. WHAT THE ………..

  16. Nick Harper 31 Jan 2013, 11:01pm

    This is sick,it seems like the ex-owner is living in the dark ages and should be banned for life for keeping any kind of pet.It should not be the dog that is put down but the owner.

  17. Paul from Australia 1 Feb 2013, 2:38am

    Well the former owner was from socially backward and retarted Tennessee so that explains it all!

    1. Do not say gay bill introduced again to the Tennessee State House and State Senate says it all too!

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