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Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw sees drop in breakfast show audience

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Reader comments

  1. PantoHorse 31 Jan 2013, 3:43pm

    So? If a whole bunch of Moyles fans left when he did I don’t see that as a problem. Nick Grimshaw and the management of the show probably always knew he’d have to build up his own core of listeners as, thankfully, he’s not another Moyles. As Cooper says, it’s a brand new show.

  2. I’m not surprised. The dull is as dull as they come and somehow full of himself to boot.

    Not an attractive combination.

    1. He is awful , no personality at all. The audience will be getting younger as older listeners who know better will no doubt just switch over.
      It may not go down well but I miss Moylesy and all his co hosts including Aled – I feel even though some if his tongue in cheek comments upset some I don’t believe he is homophobic at all

  3. barriejohn 31 Jan 2013, 4:16pm

    I’ve got to ask again: why the hell am I being sent this sort of “news” again? Why on earth would this interest me? I’m flabbergasted!

    1. As I see it, PN’s remit is to report or relay any item of news that involves or affects gay people, regardless of whether it’s what could be considered important news or not.

      Sometimes it’s interesting to be alerted to these news items just to see if the subjects’ sexuality is referred in other media, and how it’s handled.

      1. This does not “involve & affect” gay PEOPLE, just the career of a single, not very able but mightily ambitious young man. Pink News covers it because the site love celebrity culture, not because they give a moment’s care to if it matters to ordinary gay people.

        1. But it involves a man whose sexuality is a matter of record. And doesn’t celebrity culture exist precisely because ordinary people crave it?

          There are a number of PN articles that don’t particularly interest me. So I don’t read them.

          1. “A matter of record”? Hundreds of thousands of gay men & women are out, it’s not a big thing at all – except for those who wish to make a profession out of it.

  4. “Gay BBC Radio 1 host Nick Grimshaw”

    If TheSun or Daily Mail had written that as an opener to an article, people would soon be there to slate them with good cause, why should his sexuality matter… so why do Pink news feel the need to get away with it?

  5. he ain’t funny and his show is dull and rubbish !

  6. I like Moyles better.

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