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China: ‘Two Old Men’ stream footage of their wedding but are disrupted by son

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Reader comments

  1. I presume the one in the dress is the bottom? ;)

    1. very nawty :)

  2. Cynic, you should know better

  3. They should have both worn a tux suit! The bottom wearing a white gown kinda make a mockery of gay men in a China that’s not as ‘developed’ about LGBT issues as much of Europe, Canada, Australia and the US. It is sweet to see them as a couple though!

    1. If he can’t wear what he wants on his own wedding day, when can he?

      1. True, but strapless is rather daring!

      2. He should if he wants to but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t look absolutely ridiculous.

    2. Dinner jacket for a wedding? What is the world coming to?

      Seriously though, I don’t find it attractive when one partner in a wedding feels obliged to dress up in the costume of the opposite sex – it takes mockery of wedding rituals (already teetering on the ridiculous much of the time) to a whole new level. Not to mention confirming in the minds of the ignorant that gay men just want to be girls all along.

      1. I agree. It’s their choice and I support their right to it but it does make me cringe. I hate “which one of you is the woman” type questions that gay couples get. This doesn’t help.

        1. I think we have to bear in mind that socially on issues like this China is probably where we were in the fifties. This would not have seemed so out of place then to us in the west.

          Of course if this happened in the UK in the fifties it wouldn’t have got much publicity and would have been confined to the guests as it could have provoked police enquiries and also there was no internet.

          Having internet will probably make social change happen much faster in places like China today.

          1. Well, in the 1950s the police would have been around quick as a flash if they had known about it. Neighbours regularly tipped off the cops if they thought there was a gay party, or two men engaging in sexual activity. Discreet clubs, cottages and private residences were constantly raided. It was the life blood of the tabloids to report such things, too. There was usually publicity surrounding arrests.

        2. Next time someone asks ‘which one’s the man/woman’ say its like asking which chopstick is the knife/fork.

      2. Agreed. And it’s not just gay men. I personally don’t like it when a lesbian wedding couple have one in a dress, the other in a suit, and, yes, it does ‘confirm’ fallacies in the minds of the ignorant.

        But I also agree it’s their choice, of course.

        1. I’m so glad you think so about lesbian weddings too, Iris – it’s something I’ve had to bite my tongue about so often.

    3. Only a discussion about an interrupted wedding stream footage… could turn in to dialogue about fashion choices! lol

  4. ‘not as ‘developed’ about LGBT issues as much of Europe’

    ‘developed’ ?! – it’s a pseudo ‘marriage’ and a sad parody no matter where or who take part (or what they wear).Retrograde more like .Using the word ‘marriage’ in connection with same-sex attracted people is absurd .

    ‘ China does not recognise same-sex ‘marriage’ ‘ – so they were just dressing up like toddlers then ? Is this news in the so-called LGBT ‘community’ ? So sad …..

    ‘it takes mockery of wedding rituals (already teetering on the ridiculous much of the time) to a whole new level’ – yeah it certainly does , maybe the fact they are of the same sex might have something to do with it ! :)

    1. I am not really to sure what makes a mockery of weddings in china, but it seems like there are examples every where! “you just can’t win”

      1. Steve_R is cringing! sorry PN readers. posted to the wrong “Ray!”
        were it not for the reference to pseudo marriage, I would not have posted here!

  5. Yangtze Current 31 Jan 2013, 10:33pm

    They should have kept the daughter…

  6. Neon Genesis 1 Feb 2013, 1:10am

    Why is it a big deal if he likes to wear dresses or not? No one would complain if it was a girl in pants. No one complains when Scottish people wear kilts. Yet for some reason it’s considered “undeveloped” if a man wears a dress.

    1. Not so, women’s trousers are usually cut differently from men’s; and kilts, sarongs, djellabahs are all garments designed for and worn by men: I think it’s extremely unlikely you could say the same about an off-the-shoulder white wedding dress.

  7. Personally I think the greatest concern here is how this couples lives is being effected and not who is bottom or what they. CHOOSE to wear on what should have been a special day.

    Frankly remarks such as I have read here I find both offensive and shaming….grow up!

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