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Video: Bryan Fischer says ‘Big Gay bigots’ will force women ‘into combat to die’

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Reader comments

  1. Nothing but a grift.

    And unsurprising that some vile christian dehumanises women by assuming that they are incapable of making their own choices. Tediously predictable.

  2. I should be surprised that ANYONE would watch/listen to him. But I’m not. *sigh*

  3. This goes way beyond batshit levels of insanity.

  4. Can’t he be drafted into combat?

  5. Yet again lesbians are left out the arguments and equations, even the stupid arguments.

    1. Because they are not afraid of turning into Lesbians and secretly they wanna hang out and maybe run the risk of witnessing some Girl on Girl action…NOT! Truth is they focus on Gay Males because they are just afraid they if they are around them…they are gonna give in to their inner desires, they want the cock. fact

  6. Dave North 30 Jan 2013, 2:18pm

    With each utterance this goon commits himself to further obscurity.

    He is a total laughing stock loon.

  7. That There Other David 30 Jan 2013, 2:32pm

    Ironic considering over the Centuries it’s mostly been self-righteous fanatics like Bryan Fischer who’ve forced others into combat to die.

    He also seems to have this idea of women as pretty young girls hoisting up their petticoats and giggling under parasols until men tell them what to do. Maybe he’s suffered a bang on the head and thinks it’s still 1832.

  8. Big Fisher is a simply a bully and a fear monger!

  9. If he objects to people’s children being drafted into the military, the obvious answer is to become a pacifist and campaign to abolish the military.

  10. Marcwebbo3 30 Jan 2013, 3:34pm

    What a load of absolute BS this guy speaks every time he opens his mouth….a woman would not go into the army if she didnt expect to go on the frontline….its what the army does…it has nothing to do with being gay….the ‘man’ is a dangerous idiot

    1. I think he’s being even more stupid than that. What i took from the article was that if ‘open’ gays serve, then men who would otherwise be unafraid to face the enemy in battle will take so scared of bumsex that they will refuse to join up. This calamity will force the government to draft people into the armed forces, which, according to Reverend Dumbshit will mean that women will be forced to go onto the frontline. I am guessing then that those straight boys too scared to join voluntarily will somehow be able to escape the draft in his plan? It’s a turn up for the books that in his mind straights can get a pass for their sexuality, not so long ago it was us!

      I guess he can exlplain why this hasn’t happened in any other country where gays serve openly. nah, that would invole engaging with reality.

  11. Does this man strike anyone else as a wanna be Jimmy Saville?
    If Boy Scouts allowed B Fischer to praticipate it would allow child abuse.

  12. I’m sorry… the headline made me guffaw.

    I mean, if it wasn’t so sad, it really would be hysterical. It’s like an extreme parody of rightwing nuttery.

  13. I welcome his comments. The cause will be advanced considerably once the moderate objectors to homosexuality realise precisely who they share common ground with

  14. This chap seems more than a little, erm, simple doesn’t he?

  15. Katie-kool eyes 30 Jan 2013, 4:45pm

    So not only is he homophobic, he’s sexist too!

  16. Big anti abortion Christians are trying to force women to have babies that can kill the women if they have them. That is the same as forcing the mother to die.

  17. Bark worse than his bite syndrome!!!

    Lets hope when the dog finally catches his tail, he gives it a good long bite.

    Watch that space . . .

  18. Mumbo Jumbo 30 Jan 2013, 7:08pm

    Point and laugh.

  19. I think his observationnthat the left is out to destroy him is very telling. He is obviously aware that people of his ilkmare expereeincing a negative backlash that will put him out of business… and good riddasnce too!

  20. I am amazed that he believes we are so powerful. This man is not sane and needs intensive therapy or better still be committed for the long term

  21. Staircase2 30 Jan 2013, 8:11pm

    What a bloody fool

  22. So it’s ok for people’s sons to be darfted into the army to die?

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