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US: Leading sports magazine features gay kiss in Super Bowl preview

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Reader comments

  1. This is a terrific development for a popular sports paper – I’m impressed!

  2. frankly, I’m disgusted – he’s wearing his ballcap backwards

    1. Heh – but it’d rather get in the way otherwise, wouldn’t it?

  3. Of course, it could only have been a gay couple that kissed? Pulleese, let’s stop this labelling and categorization in all things. A couple kissed at a bar. Not a gay couple kissed at a gay bar. Us and them?

    1. Unfortunately it is Human Nature to label everything. That way we can all feel more comfortable…………….. Apparently!!!!

  4. Great! The more that images like this get into the mainstream of American consciousness, the more ridiculous and out-of-touch right-wing religious fundamentalists will appear to be. It is only because of religiously-inspired homophobia that so many Americans feel uneasy about images like this. If religion had never been there, bitching and spewing forth their evil about homosexuality, homophobia would not exist. So, we MUST fight back on EVERY occasion that some religious bigot speaks out against us.

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