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US: Churches may cease funding if Boy Scouts remove anti-gay policy

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Reader comments

  1. Who gives a rats ass what the SBC thinks of Dropping the policy of the Boy Scouts of America`s to ban gay leaders members and voluteers. This discrimination has to stop.And if Churches and church leaders are leading this discrimination then they to have to be stopped.In 2013 this is the most dispicable behavior by any Christian Organization.To continue this for even one more moment. It is time to put a stop to it.

    1. In fact it is great news that religion is going to remove itself from a position of influence. Saves the rest of us having to fight for that as well.

      The sooner religion is removed from the boy scout association the better it will be.

      1. Yes I agree.It is so disgusting to know that these bigots still hold sway over some peoples minds.With religious dogma.Truly I feel more sorry for these so called Christians.But for whatever reason ,they want to follow these bigots to their destruction like Lemings.The sooner the better.

  2. Ha Ha! love it BSA over a barrel! Left hand corporate sponsor dropping like flies. Right hand Southern Baptist church threatens to drop funding.

    Hm! wonder which hand has the ace$
    What a dilemma, money, morals or conscience?

  3. Good.

  4. So, the SBC would withdraw funding even if they were still able to discriminate in groups under their own authority. That is brazen theocratic behavior – dictating policy to people who are not even part of their religious group.

  5. Those churches who encourage hate and discrimination towards gay youth need to be shut down. I am sick to my stomach of these hate groups getting away with murder (because their hate has caused many LGBT suicides) and having so much say in who they can and cannot marry either (with politicians basing their vote on their religious beliefs rather than logic and compassion) – who died and made the churches God!?

  6. Oh dear, who are the church going to give their money to now?
    May I suggest the poor?
    I’m sure Jesus wouldn’t object.

    1. Heavens forbid that they would ever do anything that would be good. They are only happy when they are rounding on individuals who they see as wrong-uns!

  7. Clearest indication yet that the Southern baptists don’t care about bringing kids up to be fully rounded fine upstanding citizens so much as sewing the seeds of mistrust and raising the next generation of bigots.
    Their actions speak so loud I can’t hear what they say any more.

  8. What the BSA may lose in religious funding, it could more than make up for it by corporate funding.

  9. “could open the door to paedophiles”
    Same old hate and misinformation from the religious bigots – who have a disproportionate number of kiddie-fiddlers in their hierarchy.

  10. Yeah, go ahead and stop funding the anti gay organisation! Hopefully the donations you get from brainwashed people will also cease. Then you can disband.

    You, the SBC is another misguided outfit lead by a group of idiots that has parallels to Westboro BC.

    Stop worrying about sexuality for fux sake!

  11. This is excellent news! If the BSA is starved of income from both homophobic religions AND pro-gay-rights companies, it will surely die. Then, perhaps, a more liberal organisation will emerge.

  12. Mumbo Jumbo 30 Jan 2013, 10:03am

    Michael Tomasky writing in the Daily Beast nails it:

    “As I’ve written previously, we are past the point in this country now where one’s views on homosexuality can be called a “matter of conscience.” No. Being against equality here isn’t a matter of conscience anymore than having been against racial equality in 1955 was. It is just bigotry plain and simple. Enough. Piss off. Go form your own Boy Scouts. Go form your own stupid country. You aren’t America anymore.”

    Full article here:

  13. That There Other David 30 Jan 2013, 10:16am

    I’ve always made it a point to go against the wishes of anybody issuing an ultimatum over any choice I have the ability to make. On every occasion someone issuing such demands actually has a lot less power over you than they believe. The threats and noise are authoritarian drivel.

    Let’s hope the BSA is as belligerent in their response here.

  14. This is actually good evidence that many churches today have put virtually all their doctrinal eggs into the homophobic basket, inspite of the fact that organizations like the scouts are in reality aconfessional in nature and don’t have bans on other people whose lives and beliefs must logically also go against the ‘values’ of the folk threatening to withdraw funding – straights boffing without benefit of clergy and the adherents of the ‘wrong’ faith or none.
    I suspect that they feel that this is the one remaining way that they are different from the wicked godless world, and so they must make showy but ultimately hypocritical and incoherent gestures about it. Yet another good reason not to give in to them.

  15. Good to see so many devout religious folk in the US nailing their colours to the mast so unambiguously. “Christians”, my arse. (But what do you expect of people who think Christ was his surname?)

  16. douglas in canada 30 Jan 2013, 1:59pm

    I would love it if the potential loss of money were equal, no matter how the BSA decided to continue. That would put the matter in its proper place.

    It should not be a decision based on “which choice will net us the most financial support?” but rather, “which choice is the morally superior one?”

  17. GulliverUK 30 Jan 2013, 2:14pm

    SBC = that lot which wanted to keep slavery

    “In 1995, the Convention voted to adopt a resolution renouncing its racist roots and apologizing for its past defense of slavery, segregation, and white supremacism”

    The Scouts Asscoiation was a British invention, perverted in the states to be an extension of the churches. They must separate from that notion and clearly show they are open to all.

    Any funding they lose from the churches will be made up by private secular donations.

  18. Jim middle tn 30 Jan 2013, 5:52pm

    lets call them what they are bigots and haters .. if all the gay men and women
    who attended these churches especially the SBC stopped there would be no music . no laughter and no love in the building .. so if the BSA goes forward with this . there will be a big hoopla over it then this time next year if will be a none issue . but I also wonder if you are gay why would you want to join such a bigoted org .. just like being a gay republican or a gay catholic, etc .. why go where you know they preach and talk against us . working to change the policy is good but to subject gay children to this hate and bigotry I wonder if it does more harm then good

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