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Tory MP Anne Milton furious as anti-gay marriage group uses photo without permission

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Reader comments

  1. The C4M propagandisers in Guildford High Street were also claiming to be there representing the Tory Party on an official basis. When I (and a couple of others) brought this to Anne Milton’s attention, she delivered a bollocking to the C4M lot.

    Amazing how these Christian fundies are perfectly content to lie, cheat, distort and promote hatred. I’m sure their alleged messiah would find their actions as nauseating as the rest of us do.

  2. A face for radio

    1. WTF is with the personal attack?

      1. Typical James! comment I’m afraid. He’ll probably come back and tell us we both hate ourselves and should commit suicide – he’s *that* good a contributor.

        1. I guess i made an impression i have no idea who either of you are! and you should kill yourselves

  3. She should sue them for everything they have … and more!!! The only message they understand is the one that hits their bank balance!!!

    1. I’ve been in a similar situation myself, where my photo was used to illustrate a leaflet and a newspaper article in a way that made it look like I was endorsing the opinion expressed in them when in fact I was vehemently opposed to them. I took legal advice but was told that, practically, there was very little that could be done.

      In this case, I assume the leaflets that the C4M were distributing didn’t explicitly state that Anne Milton supported them, and it was just implicit from her photo being there. Likewise, I assume they properly licensed use of the image. If so, those are the obvious grounds for legal action gone. A charge of libel would be difficult to prove.

      1. Frank Boulton 31 Jan 2013, 8:40am

        It might be very difficult for anyone to take legal action against C4M without them explicitly claiming someone’s support. However, C4M’s deceitful tactics, like the Protect Marriage organisation’s deceitful tactics in New Zealand, will certainly lose them support and win support for same-sex marriage

  4. So she is “absolutely on the ceiling” that a group used her photo. I’m “absolutely on the ceiling” that something so important as my rights are influenced by the views of the general public.

  5. I guess that she would not mind if she had said that she was against SSM but as she has not yet decided either way, it is wrong of the C4M to use her picture.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 30 Jan 2013, 1:01pm

      Same as Sarah Newton. Not many of these waiverers in the Tory party are capable of doing the right thing, please or offend their constituents. Newton I recall said she will listen to all opinions. The debate she attended had a majority of opponents including an Anglican cleric. Those on the fence will vote according to the majority view of their constituents, especially if they are Tories even if he or she may personally support equal marriage. So a conscience vote really isn’t a conscience vote at all, it’s a sham and a cop out to allow bigots to get away with it without any backlash and keeping their jobs come 2015. If they’re voting against it, I suspect the majority of their constituents are conservatives, so they feel comfortable enough to vote no. If the majority wanted a ban on divorce, Milton and her ilk would support it.

  6. Jason Brown 30 Jan 2013, 11:32am

    How dare they!? I’m not anti-gay, I’m just very neutral towards gays!

  7. If anything, this has done nothing more than highlight the fact that Anne Milton is yet another MP happy to sit on the fence and wait for her constituents to tell her what to do, rather than behave like a human being.

    “I personally have no strong opinion in either direction on the concept of equality for all”

    1. Mahasamatman 30 Jan 2013, 12:13pm

      Toto, I’m somewhat confused by this comment. Isn’t that what MPs are supposed to do – represent the views of their constituency?

      1. No, in a representative democracy they are supposed to use their own judgement, listening to the arguments of their constituents not obeying their opinion.

        1. Mahasamatman 30 Jan 2013, 1:14pm

          Fair enough, a finer distinction that I’d made.

      2. Robert in S. Kensington 30 Jan 2013, 8:02pm

        So if her constituents said they wanted to disenfrahnchise an ethnic group, deprive them of their rights even though it would be morally wrong to do so, she should support it?

    2. That There Other David 30 Jan 2013, 12:17pm

      I have no problem with her taking that attitude, providing she doesn’t give “gays make me feel icky” or “my favourite book of fairy tales says no” equal weight with the rights of all British citizens to be treated equally under the law when she considers which way she will vote.

  8. Bill Cameron 30 Jan 2013, 12:04pm

    Maybe Ms Milton is “on the side of the angels”, or maybe she is just sitting on the fence, knowing that she will lose some support whichever way she votes. Why doesn’t she have strong views, though? Don’t the rights of her gay constituents (and I assume there are some) make her want to fight for them, or is it only a question of waiting until she has judged which way opinions are moving and how these may affect her own electoral prospects at the next general election?

  9. C4M disingenuous as usual. See vid of “Dr” Sharon James on their website . You’d think ooh! Sensible looking person and a doctor ( of medicine) to boot , now She’ll know what she’s talking about. Sorry to burst yer bubble – she gained a “Doctorate” in government family policy , a McDegree if there ever was one – might as well be in cat piles .
    As for them using Ann Milton’s without her permission – the excuse is laughable – try submitting a planning permission request using fraudulent info and you get prosecuted

  10. She’ll probably vote against.

    She voted against IVF provision, and she abstained on vital legislation to protect us in goods and services.

    She’s no angel. She also brought in the homophobic blood ban changes – where partners who are in a committed sexual relationship cannot donate blood unless they abstain from sex for 12 months. It’s still a blood ban, except you can get around it if you abstain from sex for 12 months – which defies all medical reasoning.

    Don’t imagine Milton is some kind of friend to the LGBT community.

    How bl&&dy ridiculous – people form stable monogamous relationships and they still cannot donate blood. But we’ll point that out endlessly before the next election. It’s still homophobic, it’s still blatant discrimination, unjustified discrimination.

  11. Robert in S. Kensington 30 Jan 2013, 12:53pm

    Bloody liars. C4M most certainly does represent conservatives. It’s leader, Colin Hart is a staunch Tory and so is one of its key spokespersons, Dr. Sharon James.

  12. I am keen to hear the views of my constituents

    SO some stranger I do not know , has a say in how I am percieved and how I live my life. No thanks , just get legal and leave me alone. EQUAILTY NOW

  13. Personally I hope she votes against gay marriage

    1. Why is it pink news that is so easy to post anti gay comments, put anything for gay marriage that stick within the guild lines gets booted of

  14. Robert in S. Kensington 30 Jan 2013, 2:39pm

    All of this fake outrage, same as Sarah Newton’s. If the majority of her constituents are against it, so too she will be. This notion of a free conscience vote is nothing more than a pass card to avoid a backlash against them and safeguarding their jobs in 2015. Of course she’ll vote no. The clue is when they say they have no strong opinion either way. Bigoted twat. She can’t even be honest about it.

  15. Why bother having MPs at all if they are like this lady? Just enable interested constituents to register a vote on any issue they want at the local library and the majority wins, irrespective of the rights or wrongs of the issue? We could save lots of money that way.and be shot of people like this who just go with what they think is the majority view.

  16. So the Tories haven’t made their minds up about SSM. That must be news to their leader and the team putting the legislation through Parliament!

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