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Senator John McCain: Same-sex family immigration protections are a ‘red herring’

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Reader comments

  1. That There Other David 30 Jan 2013, 5:48pm

    More proof of how the USA dodged a bullet back in 2008. Can you imagine what the last four years would have been like under McCain/Palin?


    1. What a crazy house it would have been, a very nasty and dangerous crazy house. If Iran had a christian theocracy instead of an Islamic theocracy they would hold Iran up as a model society.

  2. Is he not dead yet?

  3. And I foolishly though McCain was a moderate.

    People love using the excuse that there are more important matters to be dealing with rather than LGBT issues; that they should be put aside for other issues. Does McCain have so little faith in his country and government that he thinks it is unable to tackle multiple issues at a time?

  4. bobbleobble 30 Jan 2013, 6:56pm

    He asks what’s more important LGBT or border security. Well McCain answer your own question. Is it more important to you stand against comprehensive immigration reform because it would allow people like me the possibility of settling in the US with my boyfriend of 5 years who I intend to marry as soon as I can simply because of your own homophobia or is it more important to you to secure your borders? You’re the one making this controversial, Obama is simply seeking to put right an injustice that currently exists.

  5. GulliverUK 30 Jan 2013, 7:52pm

    The GOP are only doing this now because they are realising they have no option. They lost badly in the last election because they were way behind their prediction. They thought they deserved the Latino vote and were utterly trashed. Their own political strategists are now telling them they have to sort immigration, and they have to sort “gay marriage” now, get it out of the way, get it off the table before the next election.

    It’s not that they want to pass these things, they have no choice, they will destroy the GOP’s chances unless they’re settled.

  6. I used to have a modicum of respect for him as a war hero who would at least have been far better than GW Bush, but not any more.

    This really shows what a nasty little man he really is. – No sense of empathy or of what it might be like to be forcibly separated from your life partner.

  7. “Which is more important, LGBT or border security?”

    It’s not an either/or question, McCain, as you well know. You can do both – allow same sex partners entry while reserving the right to grant visa to those who pose a risk to the security of US borders.

    The bit about abortion was just insane. How many other non sequitur questions can these people think of? The mind boggles at the depths of their stupidity and hate.

  8. I always knew he was a closet homophobe. Now the cat is out of the bag. Imagine had he been elected back in 2008, perish the thought.He would have made GW look like a boy scout .Oh wrong analogy.Truth be known they would all look like the BSA. What a bunch of drivel. These cats come off as looking out for America`s interests. They have only one agenda, save the status quo. Circle the wagons and protect your womenfolk.They are right out of some . Western from the 40s. Please if there is a god, smite these bastards before they breed anymore.We really need their kind to die out for the sake of the planet.

  9. Senator John McCain just shot himself in the foot! LGBT rights or border security?

    Both are in fact one in the same, if LGBT rights were addressed a significant percentage of “Border Issues” immediately disappear!

    Government policy made borders a problem! LGBT, Hispanic and Latino separated because of DOMA and immigration law, are the ones living and crossing the borders twice a day from cities in Canada and Mexico, egally and Illegally to see loved ones . Deal with Equality you solve many border issues.

    John McCain is in fact the one throwing the red herring by being less than forthright.

    Obama is correct! Immigration reform is a vital part of any equal rights bill or Equal marriage. At present only heterosexual couples who marry, or meet and marry in the US or while overseas can apply to be reunited by permanent resident status. The repeal of DOMA is a very vital part. Senator John McCain just seeks to undermine the integrity of making all these vital issues unilateral.

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