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Lynette Burrows: Children should be with straight ‘sluts and drug addicts’ rather than ‘sodomites’

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Reader comments

  1. Well it’s pretty comic, isn’t it.

    The thing these “it’s natural” freaks seem not to notice is how natural homosexuality is.

    Ah well!

    1. I don’t think the discussion is about whether homosexuality is natural or not. It is about our future generations and safeguarding the family. The family is the building block of society. Children need a mum and a dad; that is hard wired into humanity. The bond that is created between the parents and a new born (especially the maternal one) is so powerful that to deny it is to harm the child, the adult and humanity. Children deprived of mother love end up as depressed adults with other mental health issues.
      This is the argument against making gay union and marriage equivalent. It simply isn’t and never will be. Get over it! Enjoy your Civil Partnerships and think how lucky you are; in many countries this would never have even got a moment’s thought!

      1. Excuse me but P155 off you bigot. There are studies that show children of same sex parents can actually do better. So can take your ‘CPs are good enough bullshit’ and f off back to the stone age.

        Oh, and what happens in other countries is totally irrelevant, as are your alleged qualifications.

      2. Paul Essex/London 31 Jan 2013, 6:45pm

        Well the straight female head of Barnardos would disagree with you.

        There are a lot of women who are incapable of loving and bonding with their children. There are others whose love just isn’t enough to stop them from putting their children in serious danger, by refusing to end relationships with their abusive and violent partners. And a great many of those children end up being cared for by gay people, because they are capable of providing a stable loving home when the child’s heterosexual parents can’t or won’t. Fortunately for those kids the people in charge of ensuring they are cared for are more concerned with the realities of this world rather than hollow self-serving principles.

      3. Brett Gibson 31 Jan 2013, 9:20pm

        Think how lucky you are that you’re not in front of me right now because I would love to tear you a new one! “Children deprived of mother love end up as depressed adults” – any back up for this or I must assume you know ALL the motherless people out there, yes? Also, “the bond between parents and a new born (especially the maternal one)” – are you telling me that men don’t love their children as much as women? That women are somehow special? Fuck off, I know for a damn fact that when I bring a baby into this world by whatever means that I will love that child JUST as much as any ‘woman’ out there. And no, it isn’t ‘hard wired’ into humanity, you clearly know nothing of your own kind or indeed what goes on in the animal kingdom. READ A FUCKING BOOK YOU BIGOT.

        1. You know what homophobia really says about you, don’t you?

        2. You can’t seriously believe that a child gets whatever goodness it needs from having parents by virtue of those parents’ respective plumbing? Surely the support and love they give the child doesn’t depend in any way on their gender, and it’s that emotional support that turns children into well balanced adults. If the parents suffered some tragedy and both became entirely sexless as a result, they’d still be the same people even if they had no recognisable gender and the child would have the same input from them and develop just as well. And if it’s that input that is needed, surely the it follows that it can be provided by people of any gender at all, like two women or two men, provided they meet the child’s needs. And since these people are adopting discarded, unwanted children who are no doubt going to struggle without parental input, are they not doing what is best for that child by being parents to it? Do you honestly think it’s better for a child to live alone and unloved?

        3. Brett Gibson 1 Feb 2013, 10:41am

          Fucking move on TROLL. I’m disease free and dare I say will be a DAMN better parent than you, you hateful religious freak.

  2. Wow, she must really hate children. Rather than give them loving opportunities in life, she’d have them stay with inadequate parents who don’t want them.

    1. Unless their lives are in danger it is always better to have them with natural parents. Hetero marriage is hard wired into society and it will always be the best way. That is the way we are designed to function. I’m a professional counselor and therapist.

      1. I refer you to my previous answer to your previous nonsense.

        I’d say you were in need of a professional counsellor and therapist, rather than being one

      2. Brett Gibson 31 Jan 2013, 9:23pm

        Here you go again, I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that you are a professional counselor and therapist – clearly not a very good one. Hetero marriage is hard wired into society, yeah by religious bigots like you. “That is the way we are designed to function” – sorry I didn’t realise you were an accomplished biologist too. You’re full of shit, just admit that you DON’T LIKE gay people and move on.

      3. Brett Gibson 31 Jan 2013, 9:31pm

        Oh I get it, she’s American, note the spelling of ‘counsellor’. Now I can rest in peace knowing that she’s just one of the many mentally impaired apes that actually cause discrimination and hurt in other people and claim to do the exact opposite. You wouldn’t have a job in this country flower so make sure you stay on the wrong side of the Atlantic.

      4. Anonymousheterosexualwoman 22 Feb 2013, 11:02pm

        My life was never in danger from being brought up by my birth mother, but it was still better I was adopted. Can you really not see that t here are things other than danger of death that mean it’s better for the child to be adopted? I didn’t have a father because he was a Yemeni sailor who never even knew I was conceived before he returned with his ship to Aden. Plenty of children are brought up without a parent of the opposite gender. I would have been a lot better off with two decent female parents than the abusive adoptive father I did end up with, as would my friend who was raped by hers as a child. It’s the parenting that matters, not the gender of the parents. You could use your argument as an argument against allowing divorce! There are also, and have always been, plenty of kids from single parent families of all classes.

  3. I wonder what happened in this person’s life, and indeed what kind of parenting she herself received, to have made her into such a spiteful, ignorant and hateful individual.

    She is walking and breathing evidence that heterosexual parenting can sometimes fall very far short of the ideal, and that it is the quality of the parenting, and not the sexuality or gender of the parents, that makes all the difference.

    1. GulliverUK 30 Jan 2013, 6:38pm

      There is no doubting that she is a very troubled and damaged individual. Who would want that for a mother – if she was my mother I’d disown her.

      1. OMG i’ve just put a negative tic and then trying to undo reported your comment, it never even gave me a chance to cancel ! I’m really sorry, I was trying to AGREE with your coment but i’m using my dam phone.

        1. GulliverUK 30 Jan 2013, 9:56pm

          Hah! :D Don’t worry about it – those things are far too close together – ‘report’ should be far, far away from the tick buttons! I think it got enough ticks – and I’m grateful for your candor and honesty. You’ll get ticks for that :)

  4. Karl Smith 30 Jan 2013, 6:29pm

    Has she got the human form of Mad Cow Disease ?

  5. She should be arrested and prosecuted for incitement to hatred.

    1. GulliverUK 30 Jan 2013, 6:39pm

      Won’t be the first time. She was cautioned by the police in 2005 for much the same.

      1. Marcwebbo3 30 Jan 2013, 8:15pm

        She is a nasty vile piece of work who has been spouting her venom for years….it was only a matter of time before she surfaced from her pit to speak out against gay parents

    2. No, she shouldn’t. Grating as it can be when the person in question has such distain for your particular group, unless there is a direct incitement to commit crime or they are harassing you, then allowing this is respecting freedom of speech. That does not mean, of course, that you have to an ounce of respect for what they actually say.
      Besides, I expect that Burrows, a woman who has devoted countless hours of her life to negatively influencing the public’s opinion of gay people/ ‘deviants’, would be ecstatic to be arrested for this.

  6. Colin Irwin 30 Jan 2013, 6:33pm

    Who cares what this hideous old crone has to say?? Is it not about time she did us all a favour and ‘popped her clogs, I thought she had done years ago vicious hag!

    1. Dear Colin, just because she doesn’t agree with you, you don’t need to attack her so viciously. She is old and hopefully you will be one day. Do you want people to wish you dead just because you lived over 60?
      I agree with her. She is wise because she knows that children need a mother and a father and that you can’t make gay union equivalent to hetero marriage. Hetero marriage is hard wired into society; it is the way things are and you can’t change that however hard you try.
      The real issue is that the family needs to be safeguarded for our future children’s mental health, and for the health of our society in general.

      1. Brett Gibson 31 Jan 2013, 9:27pm

        I think people like YOU need to be safeguarded in prison, for our future children’s mental health. It’s people like YOU who make an issue out of things like this that CAUSE mental health problems in others. There is NOTHING wrong with 2 men or 2 women raising a child. She said some horribly and cruel things in her statement, which was a VICIOUS ATTACK on gay people. Colin was perfectly justified to say what he said.

  7. That There Other David 30 Jan 2013, 6:35pm

    Is it just that the anti-equality people who aren’t 100% crazy have completely shut up or are the arguments from the other side of the debate genuinely getting madder and madder? Ms. Burrows sounds like she needs to be prescribed lithium, not given a platform to talk down to an audience.

    1. Jack Burgess 30 Jan 2013, 10:19pm

      I think all the reasonable people have already been persuaded and all the anti side have left are the “true believers” who cannot be reached with logic or reason because fear and hate fills their minds and blocks out all other input. But part of what makes them particularly crazy is that they themselves realize this to be the case – public opinion has already decided on this issue and policy is slowly but surely following. They see the writing on the wall and that makes them desperate. So they lash out and say really just stupid mean things. It’s like the 5 stages of grief for their lost ideology.

  8. Who exactly is this inordinately foolish woman? She sounds as though she was drunk.

    I can only assume she was maliciously invited to take part, since it’s inconceivable anyone so incoherent could do anything for her side of the argument.

  9. She sounds like she needs mental help.

  10. Penile-vaginamite Lynette Burrows is a lunatic crazy woman.

  11. As someone who works in social care, I find this busybody’s comments even more of a disgrace than they obviously already are.

    These Oxford Union debates will soon become a attention-seeking joke (if not already). Get intelligent, thoroughly educated speakers who can argue from multiple perspectives and base their positions from science, rationality and education. Enough of the self-indulgent lunatics who seem to live under rocks and have no concept of how the world actually is.

    1. Just because he was in Right Said Fred that’s a little harsh!

  12. Now I see why it passed with such overwhelming majority. I hadn’t realised the case against marriage equality was being conducted by a women who, metaphorically speaking, was shouting at a bin and throwing cats at the audience.

  13. GulliverUK 30 Jan 2013, 7:01pm

    I’ve re-read her speech, and I honestly think we should thank her. She was so vile, so nasty, such a rotten human being, that although the motion would have passed anyway, she may have made it pass by an even greater majority.

    This is our Anita Bryant. Silly person.

    1. I have to agree with you there, GulliverUK.

      She was so full of hate for someone who claimed to be ‘for the children’.

      I have no doubt some that were sitting on the fence were swayed in the opposite direction from her arguments.

    2. sceptic construct 30 Jan 2013, 7:28pm

      Your quite right, its not all bad to let raving, hate filled loonies like this take the stand and rant for a couple of minutes. They do as much harm, if not more, to their own cause than the calmly worded reason of her opposition.

  14. MerlynHerne 30 Jan 2013, 7:04pm

    This woman is insane. Flat out, bloody INSANE. Anyone who goes into a rant like that needs psychiatric intervention.

  15. David Slattery 30 Jan 2013, 7:12pm

    Doesn’t she know how much child abuse happens in the home, where a child has (in her opinion) ‘normal’ parents?

  16. she looks like somebody shoved a dead lizard in a frock , and her comments are in keeping – reptilian

    1. Not exactly Lock. Even reptiles, like crocodiles and lizards know how to raise children better, both theirs and others’, than this poor excuse for a life form.

      1. Bt she does look like a lizard.

    2. Dead lizard in a frock. I am still laughing at that.

  17. Bionictadpole 30 Jan 2013, 7:19pm

    My cousin lost her mother at a very early age and was raised by her father. She did not ‘need’ a mother, just guidance, boundaries and direction from someone who loved her (who just happened to be her biological father).

    Throughout nature homosexuality abounds, prides of lions have ‘gay’ males who guard the young while the females hunt and the alpha males sun themselves! The alpha males have sex with the gay males when their female partners are unavailable due to pregnancy etc… this lady really needs a lesson in natural history before she starts bandying the word ‘natural’ about.

  18. GulliverUK 30 Jan 2013, 7:21pm

    As far as I can see she hasn’t worked in journalism since the end of the 1990s, presumably because she had become unemployable. She then appeared a few times on the BBC, and was cautioned by the police. Not having learnt she appeared on Sunday Morning Live and said anyone who teaches sex education is a pedophile, but in 1992 set up to teach English to foreign students online, a couple of her children helping out. Clearly nobody was going to employ her as she’s mad, and her irrational ourbursts were likely to be as dangerous as employing Julie Burchill, Jan Moir or Mad Melanie Phillips.

  19. Darren Theoret 30 Jan 2013, 7:26pm

    Maybe she was just being nostalgic about her own childhood. maybe her mother was a crack whore. It would explain a lot, don’t you think?

    1. Don’t be silly,Darren… her mother couldn’t possibly be a; “crack whore”
      By the looks of, Ms Lynette Burrows, she must be at least 250 years old?
      By my reckoning, she was born sometime in the 1760’s?
      So I’d say that her mother was probably off her face on laudanum (an early mother’s little helper)
      and gin (mother’s ruin)?

  20. Robert (Kettering) 30 Jan 2013, 7:34pm

    This woman should be Sectioned under the Mental Health Act. She’s basically nuts and clearly has “issues” that need to be resolved. She’s offensive and downright nasty.

  21. CH Brighton 30 Jan 2013, 7:35pm

    One can only shudder and battle on.

  22. What a sad, bitter woman. She reveals herself when she says of teachers giving sex education “anyone who wants to talk dirty to children”. To her sex, one of the most marvellous things two people can experience, is “dirty”. It’s worrying that she can’t see the difference between telling a child how people have sex (and why), and trying to seduce a child. These people are seriously scary.

    1. Liam the God 30 Jan 2013, 7:54pm

      I keep thinking of a Woody Allen line: “The Psychiatrist asked if I thought Sex was dirty: I said only if you’re doing it right!”. ;)

    2. She is a staggeringly vile woman and her comments are utterly in keeping with the madder of her sort. She clearly has no clue as to what actually happens in the real world, be it in education or life, and has invented an enormous great big fantasy world in which to live. She seriously needs some help.

  23. CH Brighton 30 Jan 2013, 7:41pm

    One can only shudder and battle on….

  24. Seems to me that this woman shouldn’t be making any decisions of any kind, to me, let alone being allowed near children in any way, shape, or form.
    It also seems that she needs a deluxe suite at the happy hotel, with one of those luxurious jackets that make you love yourself a little more.

  25. It seems to me that she just hates men, gay or otherwise. Firstly, she doesn’t address what should happen to a child should its natural mother die/leave and it is left just with its natural father. Should he be forced to marry? Forced to give up the child for adoption so it has a “mother”?

    What about lesbians? She doesn’t touch this subject because her argument is tosh, arrogant and bigoted.

    What about a bisexual woman who is in a relationship with a man and has children with him? What if he’s the father and he’s bisexual?

    What about the rest of the sexuality/gender spectrum?

    Oh forget it, she’s just the whole picnic short of a picnic. It’s just her sitting in a park, all alone, having a picnic in her head with her imaginary friends. I am so glad that there are less and less of these uneducated bigots around!

  26. Louise Haig 30 Jan 2013, 7:45pm

    This woman is a vile excuse for a human being….

    1. A vile excuse for a life form, actually. Tapeworms show more humanity than this bunch of molecules poorly assembled.

  27. Homosexuality is as natural as breathing. Two loving same sex parents are much better for the child than two drug addicts or drunks or bullying parents. She Should watch Jeremy Kyle sometime and see some of the revolting excuses for parents on there. I’ve yet to see gay parents appearing on the show.

  28. Liam the God 30 Jan 2013, 7:50pm

    Sorry to be personal, but she looks like a prune that was left in the sun and shat on by a rabid squirrel! Sometimes the inside is even uglier than the outside, though; this is one of those times.

  29. Robert in S. Kensington 30 Jan 2013, 7:53pm

    So by her deduction, since infertile hetero couples can’t procreate and have children of their own, their adopting children would be wrong too because it would be the pretend mother and father. Bloody stupid ignorant twat.

    This passes for debate at Oxford? Standards are falling.

  30. Mumbo Jumbo 30 Jan 2013, 7:56pm


    1. Beware !! The creature probably bites !!

  31. Biological origins matter more than whether children are actually loved and nurtured.
    This is Militant Catholic morality. Take note.

  32. I didn’t know this woman and from the headline I thought she was a comedian, which was on our side.
    I didn’t come to my mind that she could be serious.

  33. “All sodomites are wicked! Damn them! Imprison them!”

    Calling for the imprisonment of LGBT people seems more shocking than what the headline points out.

    1. I don’t think Burrows was directly calling for homosexuals to be jailed, just at this point getting more worked up against an audience who she felt would have applauded her in the past. (Doubtless finding a way to work “sodomite” into the speech was a bonus). Still, pretty laughable that she thinks this kind of hellfire and brimstone language would have filled the hall as recently as the early 90s.

      1. I have to disagree. I think it is exactly what she is saying.

        1. Whichever it was, she definitely pines for a lost age when being homosexual was far more frowned upon generally. It eats away at her that this is no longer the case.

  34. The woman is too stupid and ignorant to realize her actions actually give power to our cause for equality. Any rational and healthy of mind person sees her as the reason to bring justice and equality forward.

    What a hatefilled drunk.

  35. She definitely needs therapy. Her psychological issues are obvious.

  36. I would like to point out to Mrs Burrows that, as a person who was raised by a drug-addicted slut, I would be more than happy to trade the bitch I haven’t spoken to in 5 years for a gay or lesbian couple who can pass as huuman.

    1. Your comment actually deserved more than just one thumb up per person, Donth, but one was all I could give you so far. Well done.

  37. Daniel Moreau 30 Jan 2013, 8:31pm

    lost complete connection with reality…her entire argument is based on wives’ tales and false claims…she has obviously not seen a study conducted in the last 50 years…not a serious contendor…

  38. It was presumably a mischievous ploy on behalf of the Oxford Union to allow this strange form of Pond Life to speak against same sex parenting.

    I can only imagine how infuriating it must be for those who are still struggling to present some kind of intellectually and morally coherent case against gay parenting.
    You do wonder how 21 people could bring themselves to support her.

    Sadly most of our enemies are not such pushovers.

  39. “Adoption happens, […] because the parents are drug addicts, because they don’t care, they’re delinquents”

    What a lovely thing to hear if you’re an adopted child. She obviously cares very deeply for children…

  40. Paul Essex/London 30 Jan 2013, 9:01pm

    Wow! I’d actually like thank Lynette Burrows for her spectacular delivery of her argument. Peppered with so much offensive language and blind acidic outrage that she actually shows the argument by those who oppose children being raised by gay people for what it is, blind illogical fear and hatred.

    So it’s an experiment akin to subjecting new borns to complete sensory deprivation. And biological mothers have a right to gratitude from their children no matter what they subject them to – does that include the likes of Baby P?

    Her speech would be comical if she didn’t mean every word.

  41. She needs psychiatric help. I can’t believe she’s not getting any. What a mad rant! Shocking – for its content and for the fact that she’s disturbed enough to say such things.

  42. As Voltaire famously said, “oh lord, I pray only that you make my enemies ridiculous”

    And boy did he deliver on this one…

  43. What have we done to make her hate us so much?

    1. Liam the God 30 Jan 2013, 9:40pm

      She don’t need no reason, yeah, coz she are fundamentally (and mentally) detached from Reason! Innit, though! Standard! (CURSE YOU, Armstrong and Miller!)

    2. She has said numerous times on TV and radio that she has an “instinctive revulsion” against homosexuals, especially the men. That’s fair enough – I find her pretty revolting, to.

  44. Old woman yells at gays?

  45. According to her own website, “Lynette is largely free of the modish opinions that encumber our social attitudes today”…who would have thought it?…And apparently her book ‘The Fight for the Family’ (which “concerns how very small, unrepresentative pressure groups have used the Trojan Horse of ‘children’s rights’ to crush an increasing number of adults’ rights” – surely she can’t be referring to the catholic Church?) “is currently being re-published in Russia”. I wonder if that’s because no publisher in the UK would touch it? No mention of whether she has kids herself – would be interesting to see how they’ve turned out if she did….

  46. I can only assume this poor woman was raised by two hetrosexual beings who practiced the wonderful and lesser known childrearing process called the Bung Hole Effect. This practice was used primarily in the Deep South, and the Prairie States of the continental US and was studied for many years by college and university professors as a new and enlighted way to raise children. Particularly when the adults of the family would be otherwise occupied with the constant daily chores of bringing up a family in difficult times.The concept was truly not new but was used by many civilizations going back hundreds of years.As a matter of fact many European Royal families used this method and found it to be very useful in providing their offspring with the very useful and neccessary educational requirements to one day take over as rulers of the Realm.Althouhg it was used extensively amongst Royal Families, it was not exclusive . Many ordinary europeans also used this method aswell.

    1. It seems the origin is a little murky, however some scholars harkin to a time near the 15th century. In a small hamlet, where wine was being produced.One of these enterprizing Vintners had the brilliant idea a truly Eurica moment.that if wine could be aged in a wooden cask to bring forth such a beautiful vintage , why not a child aswell. So he proceeded to put one of his prodigy into the cask and close up the lid. the only problem was he could still hear the child protesting its prediciment. So he then closed up the small hole in the barrel with a cork.For those of you who are unfamiliar with wine making this is known as the Bung Hole. after many years of seclusion and deprevation the desired effect is achieved. The child emerges with no understanding of the real world or its surroundings. This method of childrearing was superior especially within the Monarchies of Europe in producing some of the worlds most enlightened rulers. Nothing like sensory deprevation to bring forth the most.

      1. studious reprobates the world has ever known. Ofcourse the method also brought with it some undesireable side effects such as ,having skin like a prune and a weird sort of attachment to all things mildewed and sour.It also brouhgt out an inate ability to offend and repulse all those who came in contact with this person. Still to this day their are societies mostly those professing to be true Christians that are still practicing this form of childrearing. To be assured you can tell them apart because of the disticnt odor of Sour Grapes.

  47. Owd bitch….

  48. And to think that just a couple of weeks ago this woman was being seriously interviewed by Eddie Mair on the Radio 4 “PM” current affairs programme!!!

    Surely the BBC couldn’t have thought it relevant to have broadcast her homophobic opinions?????

  49. Tanning salons, just say no.

    1. She didn’t go to a tanning salon…!
      That tan is natural, I think she’s from the very bowels of hell…!
      She’s probably been scorched by the flames of eternal damnation?
      Actually, she hardly looks as if she has a tan…
      She looks more like a roasted turkey…!

  50. Poor Lynette….her features seem to have ‘matured’ considerably since the photos on her school website were taken (…I notice that she appears to run this little venture with her two children – each of whom also seems remarkably fresh-faced, considering her son started teaching in 1990 and her daughter has 5 children (curiously, no mention of her son’s children – could there be reason for that?) One could only imagine the loving environment they were brought up in, such that they both decided they would earn their livelihoods by working for her…..It would be interesting to hear their opinions of her speeches and articles, which seem to have stopped around 1998 (

  51. Jeremy Wheeler 30 Jan 2013, 10:05pm

    As someone has already pointed out, Burrows hasn’t (accordding to her own webpage) written much since the 90s. She describes her writing as “…a breath of bracing air for those who despair of our boneless and unprincipalled governing class.” Hmmm… maybe those traditional values kicked in amongst her readership and they abandoned her when they saw she can’t spell ‘unprincipled’.

    That apart, she does seem a very odd fish indeed.

    1. Dave North 31 Jan 2013, 2:44pm

      “a breath of bracing air ”

      More like the dank stale fug of ignorance and hypocrisy.

  52. I’m just about sick of these ignorant, discriminatory morons who go around spouting nonsense like this. I’m not even gonna bother writing all of the reasons she’s wrong or mention all the holes in her argument. It would take too long.

  53. and look what God did to her neck as his punishment for her homophobia..

  54. Vile bigots like Burrows are dangerous because they encourage other nutters to engage in extreme hate acts. She needs locking up in Broadmoor.

  55. She looks and acts like a victim of traumatic accident. Was she hit by horseshoe while trying to have dirty sex with the horse

  56. Jack Burgess 30 Jan 2013, 10:33pm

    I think all the reasonable people have already been persuaded and all the anti side have left are the “true believers” who cannot be reached with logic or reason because fear and hate fills their minds and blocks out all other input. But part of what makes them particularly crazy is that they themselves realize this to be the case – public opinion has already decided on this issue and policy is slowly but surely following. They see the writing on the wall and that makes them desperate. So they lash out and say really just stupid mean things. It’s like the 5 stages of grief for their lost ideology.

  57. Thank god this woman is about 400 years too old to ever breed again.

    1. I can see her in the mirror each morning…

      “Ancient spirits of evil..
      Transform this decayed form…”

      Or words to that effect…

  58. I like the caption under her photo. Do we have a tally for how many drinks she had with dinner prior to this spewing of hate?

    1. casparthegood 30 Jan 2013, 11:42pm

      By the look of her it probably her rotten liver doing the talking anyway

      1. Actually… I think you’re right!
        She looks pickled in that photo…
        I wonder if she needed help to stand up?

    2. The captions don’t usually get that specific. I think they really meant to imply that the woman was drunk! It partially explains her nonsense.

  59. Helen Wilson 30 Jan 2013, 11:16pm

    Is this David Skinners wife?

  60. Louise Lloyd 30 Jan 2013, 11:16pm

    She seems very defensive about a child needing it’s mother, “even if the mother doesn’t fulfill any of the criteria of ..a good mother”. Perhaps she had a mother who let her down, or perhaps she has children and has let them down…
    I’m a mother and I’m gay. My children are lovely and beautiful and it’s not a hard task to be their mother. And they love me. So what’s so difficult for her to understand?
    I feel sad that Lynette Burrows feels so bitter. Her life must be hard to make her so bitter. Pity her.

  61. The crazy is strong with this one.

    1. Liam the God 1 Feb 2013, 2:29pm

      “The Force is WRONG with this one!”

  62. You should know….

  63. Christopher in Canada 31 Jan 2013, 12:00am

    On our side of the Atlantic, she is known as Ann Coulter.

    1. I thought she was masquerading as a bloke called Bill Whatcott in Canada, Christopher. Or is that Charles McVety? Or Gwen Landolt?

  64. Apparently, she’s written a “book” entitled “The Fight for the Family” which was published by a Christian Right outfit entitled the “Family Education Trust” back in ’98. It is now apparently being reprinted in Russia. Oh, what a surprise. Not.

    I wish New Zealand could claim that we don’t have any such pustules within our body politic. Sadly, we have our own raving right too.

  65. she doesn’t sound particularly bright [in the contemporary sense of the word]

  66. Well done Lynette Burrows !! You see ? We need more women like that !! By showing the absurd and the ridiculity of the usual tired anti-gay fallacious arguments, showing how they are only based on hatred and fear, she is making a great help for our cause. This is an ally to congratule !! Well done Lynette !!

    Wait, that was her intention, right ?

  67. Now what if the mother dies at child birth…the child will have no mother only a father. This fact sharers Ur argument.

  68. Not only was her speech vitriolic even her references were incorrect.

    ” you mentioned Elton John okay, very sad, he said last year that he was heartbroken to see that his son realised at four that he didn’t have a mother”

    Zachary is indeed an accomplished child. if he can express his thoughts as a 4 year old (last year) to his fathers… when he only recently became 2..

    1. From the look of her, she had clearly been ‘communicating with spirits’ (of the Gordon’s variety) for some time before she gave her speech, hence her clairvoyance……..A pity an additional motion ‘This house would be happy to have Lynette Burrows as a parent’ weren’t proposed at the end of the debate:-)

      1. Mark, I like your psychic ability to communicate with me about the “spirits”
        I had wondered why it was necessary convey the following banner message below her photo…
        “Lynette Burrows, pictured before the speech but after drinks and dinner. (Image: Oxford Union)”

  69. She should be grateful we live in a time where many ancient customs have been abandoned. Otherwise she’d get burned at the stake for being a WITCH!

    Loony old piece of gristle.

  70. Frank Boulton 31 Jan 2013, 9:12am

    Mrs. Burrows’ speech makes my blood boil as a survivor of abuse. I survived eight years of daily violence, rape, slavery and social isolation from a drunken father after my mother died. I went on to live in a number of loving alternative family structures, which Mrs. Burrows would condemn as “pretend” families. If I had had the choice, speaking as a child rather than a gay man, I would choose without any hesitation to be brought up in a “pretend” family with two gay fathers rather than the “real and “natural” family that I had no way of escaping from. I think it’s time to tell my story.

  71. Jock S. Trap 31 Jan 2013, 9:19am

    What a vile person… another one!

    Wonder if she just says these things to attract attention!

  72. What a vile, stupid, crazy bitch.

  73. How can these so called well educated people be so ignorant of the real world and be so nasty and unfeeling in their condemnation. How horrible our world would be if all Mothers were like her.
    I am the parent of two sons, one straight and one gay. My eldest son Matthew who is gay and his partner have had twins by way of surrogacy. They area proving to be wonderful parents.

  74. Oooo! Nasty! Wonder what HER issues are that she’s so tormented by the idea of ‘love’ between two people ….?

  75. Timon Goode 31 Jan 2013, 1:14pm

    That speech is really something. Thank you for printing it in full. A soaring paean to human solidarity from a grief-destroyed member of the Living Dead. I can only imagine the pain she’s in. I hope it ends for her, and all of us, soon.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 31 Jan 2013, 1:51pm

      I hope she ends a bit sharpish.

  76. well done Lynette

  77. One of the finniest speeches ever. I’d love to have seen her degenerate into a angry mess.

  78. I agree with Ms Burroughs. As a professional therapist, counselor, mother and grandparent I state categorically that to produce a child you need a mother. The close bond and the care of a the mother is essential for the mental health of the adult. Deprive children of that mother love and you mess them up for life. She isn’t spiteful, although you may feel that. She is speaking the truth in protection of our precious children. I know this is hard for you to hear. Hetero parenting often does fall short Gazza but my experience is that it is still better to have the natural mother in the child’s life. Your vision would simply screw up society even more and create even unhappier children and miserable adults. I suggest before you comment, spend a few years studying psychology, midwifery, medicine – or anything that will wake you up to the reality of the subject.

    1. Dave North 31 Jan 2013, 2:40pm

      The only people keeping children of gay couples miserable and unhappy is having to cope with discrimination and bigotry of some “straight” parents.

      And the key phrase you used is ” but my experience”.

      Well “your experience” is only 1 of many different experiences and holds no more validity than any other.

    2. PsychStudent 31 Jan 2013, 4:01pm

      Sincerely doubt this person is either of the things she claims to be; they do not teach what she’s saying on Psychology degrees, the BPS and APA do not take this position and a proper consideration of empirical research would not allow you to draw this conclusion; in fact studies have shown that children with two parents (regardless of sex) have better outcomes than kids raised by a single parent (even the natural mother). Other studies show adopted chldren actually have an increase in IQ after adoption.
      Personally I think you’re telling porkies; of course you can prove me wrong if you can tell me the conclusion you would draw based on this statistic F(2,19)=1.08, p=0.02, alpha=0.05, cohen’s d=0.5. Let’s say the equation is a MANOVA. It’s second year psychology stuff so I would expect you to know this (if you don’t you’re not qualified to read papers critically which as I understand it you would need to do if you were BPS licensed).

    3. Well said… And at least it’s not the nasty vitriol on many of these comments. Apparently she used a vile argument to which the only response is vileness in cartloads ….Gay Marriage… It might become lawful but it will never change reality. The sadness is that (civill partnership being fully equivalent in ‘rights’) a war has been caused wholly pointlessly by liberal bigots calling others bigots… Equality has become an empty word. ‘equal in value’ does not mean by any logic ‘Identical’

      1. And once again for those who are hard of thinking – CPs are not ‘fully equivalent’ in rights – look up the details of pension entitlements for one thing. Nor are they recognised abroad even in countries which do recognise Equal Marriage, with all sorts of inheritance tax consequences.

        The inescapable inference of the anti-equal marriage brigade is that they think gay relationships are not good enough to join their club. Therefore, you can bleat all you like about ‘liberal’ bigotry, but as for people like Chrissie, well if it walks like a bigot and squawks like a bigot, then I’ll call it a bigot.

    4. I call bullshi*te, Chrissie. If you’re a professional therapist, I’m Winston Churchill’s bastard great-grandson. I’ve probably got more letters after my last name than you’ve had hot dinners.

    5. ‘Professional therapist indeed!…So was Leslie Pilkington, of course, until she was struck off for her homophobic bigotry. Who gave you your diploma – the Westboro’ Baptist Church? In truth you sound more like a narrow-minded evangelical Christian bigot rather than a professional therapist, who I would be most surprised to find spouting such ignorance in public. If you want to try to pass yourself of as a ‘professional therapist’, at least attempt to acquaint yourself with the kind of contemporary empirical research that any 1st year counselling student is required to know. You might try learning a bit of basic logic too, and get your head around the difference between ‘necessary’ and ‘sufficient’. Good mums may be sufficient to produce healthy kids, but they ain’t necessary: good dad’s can too

    6. Well of COURSE you need a mother to PRODUCE a child. That’s biology; but then a mother and father should be of the nurturing, loving kind. NOT a slut, drug addict, drunkard or a bully. If you think that that is preferable to having loving and caring same-sex parents then God help you and your warped thinking.
      You and people like you who wrap their bigotry up in this type of pseudo academic BS disgust me.

  79. They actually allowed her to say this shit…it’s Hate Speech, and a mom who is a slut is prolly more likely to sexually abuse their children or their children are more likely to be sexually abused by her multiple partners, and this woman thinks that would be okay, because “at least the child has a mother” it’s bullshit, I’d rather have my children with a same-sex couple than an unstable drug addict and slutty straight parents. I feel bad for her, this lady must have had a miserable life.

  80. All sodomites are wicked! Damn them! Imprison them!

    This woman is clearly insane. Why give her a plateform to spew her hate for gay people?

  81. I’m really surprised by this woman. Homophobes usually aren’t good for a laugh but this woman is hysterical. She should take her act on the road and travel far far away. To somewhere like Iran, Iraq or Jamaica. You know somewhere where her kind of view would be appreciated more. If she’s what having a mum and a dad gets you then she’s really a good advertisement for gay people having children. She’s doing a good job.

  82. Chrissie you are taking it upon yourself to speak for people whose voices are not present and who are not being heard. When you say things like that woman is right and that a child needs a mother you are not taking into account that there are children who have been successfully raised by gay parents. I really don’t think that the genitals of a parent make them either good or bad. There are other factors which you of all people should know about. What reality are you taking about? The reality of your very closed mind and limited knowledge. To say anything categorically you need to know more than just psychology, midwifery and medicine. Being educated doesn’t made you fundamentally right. How many gay parents have you actually spoken to who are raising children or for that matter single parents – not to mention parents who aren’t parents at all like grandparents who are raising their child’s child.

  83. I misspoke. I meant the children of gay parents, single parents and grand parents

  84. This vile excuse for a human being has been spouting this crap for years….it has even been allowed to breed. We can only it’s offspring are of a more balanced nature

    1. She and her two offspring appear to run the ‘Byron School’ (presumably named after the well known bi-sexual lecher) in Cambridge, so she seems to have kept them close….

  85. I thought she was dead. She looks it. I’m sure no one would take a zombie seriously anyway.

  86. “Mary My poor little child that’ll have no father!

    Mrs Boyle It’ll have what’s far betther – it’ll have two mothers.”

    Juno and the Paycock, Sean O’Casey, 1924.

  87. I think by the state of her mind she may have been sodomized atone time in herlife. Perhaps by her own father,being that he would have been hetrosexual. Since she believes this is only praticed by homosexuals she can only relate that .her father therefore could only have been a homosexual it could not have been done by her hetrosexual father. She is so sad and this I believe explains her deep hatred of homosexuals.thinking that her dad must have been one. Why else would he sodomize his own daughter.

    1. “Homosexual” and “Pedophile” are two completely different things.

      1. Katerina I;m well aware of the difference. My rant was how she would see the world . Not how I see it.

  88. You know Lynette Burrows runs her own private school from her home…look. What a great education for our young.

  89. Is that a 120 year-old self-hating tranny? Why be so hateful to children and gay people?

    1. Adele Magee 2 Feb 2013, 1:03pm

      The tranny comment is offensive to transexuals. They don’t deserve to be lumped in with this nasty woman.

  90. I’d much rather two loving gay parents than a mother who doesn’t give damn about me. This woman is completely wrong and completely insane. If this is what religious education does to people, I think I may have found the problem causing the “country to be falling apart”.

  91. “Mummy, why did God make me gay? Was it to test me?”
    “No, dear, of course not, there’s nothing wrong with being gay. In fact, it’s kinda special. It was to test the others.”

  92. This women constantly talks bout the gay community solely as male, saying no child can be without a mother does this complete idiot realise there Re also lesbians out there. I guess not she’s all ready ignorant enough as it is with her backwards views.

  93. Dumb ugly stupid bitch!

    She must have been the lost child that came out of Julia Gillard’s Vagina!

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