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Whitney Houston’s mother would have been ‘bothered’ if the star had been gay

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Reader comments

  1. A) Who cares? B )… well, actually, points b – z are the same. Who gives a crap?

    PN is printing guff about the thoughts of a a dead woman’s mother over a situation that didn’t happen and never will.

  2. The comments about having a problem with her over who she might have been are distasteful, a mother trying to make money of her daughter’s death is disgusting so much for unconditional parental love.

  3. All so she can cash in on the dead daughter.

    Nice motherf……

  4. What do we expect? The Houston family have deeply held religious beliefs, so of course Cissy would say what she said. She may have had ‘a problem’ with the potential for Whitney being gay, but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t have loved her just as much or that she wouldn’t have learned to deal with it the way most parents do. Let’s hope so anyway. RIP Whitney. x

    1. Bullsh!t. Not all religios people are homophobic. The right answer is “If she was happy I would have been ok with it.” She didn’t say that. She had a problem with it. Many parents reject their Gay children. Her daughter is dead. I hope she finds her bigotry comforting.

  5. It’s Mothers like her that cause people to die of drug overdoses.

    1. Mark I agree and have wondered since her death if that might have been what drove her to mask her pain literally to death…we will never know. No different from my own mother, who I refuse to speak to….I don’t need her poison in my life after all the damage it did as I was growing up.

  6. Robert in S. Kensington 29 Jan 2013, 8:04pm

    No surprise there, she’s a baptist. One more reason for me to throw out a vinyl recording of hers from the 70s.

  7. MerlynHerne 29 Jan 2013, 8:17pm

    But marriage to a creep like Bobby Brown was just fine, right?

  8. Poor Whitney, no wonder she had so many problems with such a terrible, bad mother.

  9. Lion in Winter 29 Jan 2013, 10:43pm

    Sounds like Cissy didn’t take the time to “Think It Over”.

    Oh well, god loves her. She doesn’t have to be a good parent. She’s “saved”.

  10. Seeing as I have not seen the interview, can the Scott Roberts reveal more of the conversation.

    In other words, did Oprah press Cissy as to why she wouldn’t have liked it?

    It feels like this article is only half written.

  11. PantoHorse 30 Jan 2013, 8:52am

    You know, that’s such sh1t to drag her mother out now to say she would have been ‘bothered’ had W turned out to be a lesbian. It’s utterly disrespectful to W, for a start, and paints the mother as someone unable to love their child for being who they are had W come to her and come out.

    It annoys me that, after someone’s death, people crawl out of the woodwork to say ‘absolutely no way were they gay’, like Fashanu’s brother, or like this and say yes they would have had a problem with it.

    Let these people rest in peace with dignity!

  12. Why has the mother suddenly come up with this when we’re approaching a year since her death?

    How would she have been ‘bothered’?

    Does it really matter? There are many gay artists/musicians out there. Whats the problem with having gay musicians?

  13. Oprah is one sick lady, she has totally milked Whitney’s death and also Micheal Jackson’s (a man who she slagged to death while he was alive)

    1. Did she slag off MJ?

  14. … but presumably, less bothered than if she was dead? Or perhaps not.
    That’s the power of religious conditioning for you.

  15. burningworm 30 Jan 2013, 2:28pm

    I think there is a lack of compassion when it comes to a generation who were educated to believe that being homosexual was not a favourable position.

    So a mother who would have found it problematic if her daughter was a lesbian is a genuine position. ~She may have changed her mind but she is speaking from her truth. There should be no reason for you listens to be upset (groupthink is not on).

    For those who state that she is trying to make money off her daughter fail to realise that Sissy Houston’s career is impressive and lucrative.

    1. It’s a shame then that the lucre of her impressive career didn’t engender some less backward views, isn’t it? So much (as has been pointed out above) for one of the other orthodoxies of her generation, that parental love is unconditional.

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